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April 12 2012 at 5:39 PM


There is a rumour going around in PNG and even abroad that most of Engans are behind the protest march. Let me take this opportunity to clarify this to those hooligans who are hellbent on going around tarnishing the good name of Enga. From an elites point of view, it is the least thing one could expect in this late 21st century to make genralized comments that tarsnish and smear the good name of Engans. We Engans are very good perople despite quite few outsiders' perception that we are aggressive and arrogant. Thats why young girls who leave Engan boy friends behind to marry others normally live with the pain of missing the only man that can't be found in anywhere in PNG. Pasin em mipla karim so thats why mi save amamas even when there is political tension between Ipatas-ABAl-Polye or Kikala for that matter. There are still unexhausted rooms for brotherly concensus at the end.

I praise God that we were created unique than other PNGeans. My statement is premised on most comments, research, study confirmations and viewpoints captured from other PNGeans as well as overseans friends. From wherever you are feel the coolness and the peace that you could inhale from being an Engan.

Be reminded that a time is coming! We are gradually approaching a moment when PNG will sail safely in the hands of very fine and capable Engans and make no mistake its not very far. Its the moment when there wont be such groupings and divisions like Nabis, Highlands, Sepiks, NGI's, Engans, Southern but we will live to see the real fruits and colours of being a PNG in diversity. Rich and poor, highlands and nambis, young and old will be playing in a flat playing field according to the same rules.

And to get us there, qualities such as humility, patience, humbleness, cooperation and the very traits of "friends to all and enemy to none" are the very pillars that both leaders and citizens of Engans need to establish upon right now.

You may not agree with me on the basis of your own varying opinions but I am not God to be absolute. However, from a mere human point of view, the coming election will be championed by the T.H.E Party, a very young and successful party that is an home-grown and wholly owned by Emgans. Folks be proud that its first in our history that Engans are owners of this young party right now when the election is set to roll within a few months time. United party under Rimbink Pato, Peoples party under Ipatas, Peoples Heritage Party under Dr. Samuel Kopamu, PNG Advance Party (now defunct) under Pundari and another party under Ronald Rimbao have been in existence but the magnitute, popularity, membership (quorum), leadership, vibrancy, vision, ability, and the stamina of their (party's) leadership was what mattered most.

I for one I dont believe in any particular person or district. I believe in ENGA and I am also happy and will die a simple and content Engan citizen. If you are an Engan, it is my plea that we desperately need the unity in this election so that all differences must be set aside and look forward to a new and united Enga to change the picture and stain that has tainted a bad image for the last years. I am warning you that other people are fearing that if we, including our leaders are united we can make a move and the impact, I guarantee you will be for the good of PNG. The answer to all political, social, economic and even religious disorder, infighting, anomalies, belittlings, and indefinite question mark's answers lie with Engans.

Naim paka kaepom op wambake Somare mu, O'Neill mu, Namah mu, naim ikae wanbel lapenge gii silyam la! All our politicians though never attend service actively, belong to a sect of a Christian religion..What does your priest, pastor, elder, bishop, catechist, laymen, minister and deacon preach to you. Regardless of varying sects, yet the fundamental doctrine is common across all Chrsistainity, on the premise of LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Can we practice what is preached to us??

Finally, Don Pomb Polye is a young leader that we Engans have in our era. We have had Tei, Malipu, Jeffery, Ipatas and Tindiwi but Don I see is someone that Engan can count upon. Just look at his political skills and traits, others may say he's corrupt but who is a pefect Engan. Dont point fingers and if we have been doing that its now history. Please I waste this precious time of mine to stoop to this PC buttons to remind this very fact that we seem to forget and others have capitalized upon our unconciousness.

I am blowing the trumpet and if you pay heed and believe my words, KARAMBi if you leave them KUMAMBI..

See you all and hope we will make an impact in PNG history by rewriting a chapter.


Political observer

Kiwi Land

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