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Kerenga Kua is the answer

April 23 2012 at 3:15 PM

Response to Thieves become more profession and rich become richer while I become poor and poor

We all have our personal problems and it’s childish to bring it out to public. What Kerenga does with his wife is personal and there is a reason to it which is none of our business. What has his marriage got to do with him becoming a member? Saying that he was a thief is also a complete nonsense and i can say its comes from people who are self cantered scum bergs.
All i know and based on facts is he become successful because of his hard work and commitment. One has to be smart to survive and Kerenga has done that. Kerenga has earned respect from the simbu community and PNG as a whole because of the way he respect and treat others.
Why will he be appointed Chairman’s, board member, president, director, CEO etc for large companies in PNG? Well it all comes down to his character, visionary leadership and management styles. He is someone who can defend and wants to see real change. He is a real patriot for this country. He was a man of principle, and someone that always have time for everyone from small to big. Countless donations he has made to people of simbu origin and other province. We need people like him and I really want him to win 2012 election.

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