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April 25 2012 at 10:21 AM

Response to Chuave Open Potential Candicates -continue

To all you Chuave, this could be the race according to information collected from Chuave -Wide. The research has taken nearly a month to complete. The findings are outlined as below.

Top 5 on the race.
1. Wera Mori
2. Michael Dick
3. Teimai Timothy Komane
4. George Goi Mume
5. Jim Nomane

The selection criteria were based on number of wards/LLG, Total Candidates contesting per LLG and supporters views.

1. Wera Mori
-A bigname in Chuave Central and Simbu including entire Highlands region
-A leader with the capacity to manage his company well -can do for Chuave too
-Has been playing so much money -people say 'kaikai na givim'
-Has been dishing out so much money lately. People from all over chuave have come and go as individuals & in groups to receive.
-His home is right at the Gateway (Whitehouse), hence this puts him at the spot of attraction especially for those who need money.
-Like any other intending candidates, he has been on the front line assisting in funeral services, and other community related issues
-Has come to the top of my list regardless of some allegation on the Highlands Highway Rehabilitation Plan. This is a national issue and people in the remote villages and those who do not have access to the media are unaware of this issue so he is the choice for 2012
according to people interviewed so far
-Eventhough he does not have big base vote, he is sure to collect from all over Chuave
-His challence will come from Kumo Peter Launa -once Simbu Governor. Peter said, when he was the Governor, it was Wera Mori who teamed up with Joseph Onguglo to oust him so now is time for payback. However, from the gound work, Peter's Clan (Komogam) of Kamare are fed up with Peter's lies during his term as Governor. Seems that they all moved to Were Mori.
-He is sure to collect Most 2's from Chuave Central which is made up of 13 wards.
-Of course will definitely collect 2 form other Wards with his buying votes strategy

2. Michael Dick
-He has made into the top 5 form nowhere. The ground work into Siane took so long to conclude which most people interviewed had shown their support for Michael Dick
-He has been a big name in Siane as well as Chuave & East/Weast Elimbari
-Has contested past elections and has supporters and cronies all over chuave
-Siane having the highest Population in Chuave electorate and is made up of 27 wards, he's ward made up of 1/4. He has a solid block vote.
-Having learnt from previous mistakes, he had been putting his foot, hands, eyes and ears where he had never done before expecially in Siane wide.
-Among many intending candidates for Siane LLG, he was tipped for 2012.
-His challenge will come from Current sitting Member -Hon Jim Nomane & Former Chuave MP. Mr Yauwe Riong
-Among the many potential leaders of Siane, Michael Dick was tipped for outstanding leadership at the community level.

3.Timothy Komane
-A leader in West Elimbari
-Bigname in West elimbari Siane, and Chuave Central. Has contested many elections and has many cronies and supporters from all over chuave
-Has humour and is gentleman -can listern to small people as well as big people. His presence disperse all negativities and gathers people like bees
-Can talk and convince people
-Has integrity - does not spoil his name. He is careful in all his dealings both in secret and public.
-Been with the People and he knows what the people's wishes are
-Does not bribe people to vote for him during his past elections
-Since West Elimbari lacks basis services -a block vote from his ward and surrounding wards will decide their 2 on this man.
-He is sure to collect 2 and 3 from all over chuave and Siane
-Philip Khon Digan has NOT stepped aside. The Geologist said he is "Contesting the Chuave Open 2012"
-This will give a real challenge to Teimai Timothy as both are from the same Ward.
-There is a big split in the East -West Elimbari LLG which currently has Wards 1-16.
-The number of Candidates sprouting up especially form West is alarming. This places a big threat to Teimai Timothy. His has dropped to 3rd place.

4. George Goi Mume
-A Bigname in east Ealibari
-Has contested past elections and has cronies and supporters all over chuave
-Has to work hard to win votes 2 & 3 from chuave wide
-Like west elimbari for Timothy, he is the choice for East Elimbari
-He still maintains his position.
-To place this Candidate on the forth place took so many ground work. He could be a on the third place according other sources but this will depend on how many 2's he would score from the Chuave side.

5. Jim Nomane
-Current MP
-Has cronies and Supporters all over chuave but now many candidated from his base votes are raising their hand, however still has the chance to collect 2 & 3
-His the man for O'neil's Party in the come 2012 election. He was out of the top 5 but since people are now looking towards the O'neil givernmet -he made his way back. He will be pushing for free education & health care in the O'neil party's policy if he make it back to parliament.
-It was a race between Yauwe Riong and Hon. Jim Nomane for the 5th place on my list. Sadly Yauwe Riong has dropped and Jim maintains the post.
-Additionally, Jim has a down-to-earth character which most people interviewed expressed their 'easy to talk to' attitude towards Jim.

All, please feel free to put up your opinions for debate. I will give another update after I collect few more outstanding information. This time, it is likely that there will be some changes to my ratings.

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