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April 27 2012 at 1:03 PM


I agree with the chap who is tired of sex campaign. Don't waste time in Peter Ipatas's sex life. whether he dies of aids is none of our business. All of us will die whether out of sickness, accidents or natural death.

If Ipatas has taken your wife or daughter take him to court.

I am happy that he has built Ipatas Centre, paying school fees, built Pili Kambi High, Irelya Teachers College, Pilot Training for Engans, Aipaus General Hospital, promoted our council Presidents, formed political party, putting his hands up for the PM's position. What more do we want from him?

How much have our other MPs who have been Deputy Prime Ministers, Acting Primisters and Ministers have done for Enga.

See what Philip Kikala is doing for people of Laiagam whilst having two wives in just one term of Parliament when John Pundari, a man with one wife in Parliament for 3 terms has done little or none for the people of Kompiam-Ambum.

Does a leader having more than one wife or having extra sexual relationship matters? After all Enga was and is a polygamaous society just like Israel where King David had 12 wives, King Solomon had 1000 wives, even Ambraham had 2 wives and our Neng Pausul of Kandep had 100 wives. King David and Ambrham were mighty men of God.

Peter may be a man of God so don't become judgmental on his sex life. I am a worst sinner than anyone of you but I thank God that he is always forgiving me. Who is an angle here? I believe none of us. If you are an angle, please let us know in this column. The bible says everyone has fallen short of the glory of God in the book of Romans.

We assess candidates based on what they can offer to us and are able to perform.

If you want to elect a Christian or a priest, pastor you have the opportunity now. You have Pastor Tony Yanz, Priest Paul Kanda and Elder Kenneth Koriakali. But first of all you you pray to God for his direction ab=nd wisdom.

Let us tallk straight and be matured persons both in the physical and in the Spirit. Don't talk garbage in this column.

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