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WHo is Nathan Piari?

April 29 2012 at 1:18 PM
Sambi Wane 

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Can anyone give detail background of Nathan Piari?

I have heard of him but don't know him personally although him and me come from the same rest house. We are waiting to castrate this culprit as he always comes to give problems to the community for his own greeds and benefits.

How qualified is he to contest for the governor seat?

We are frastrated because he just burnt down the Kamul Councilor's guest house during by-election in Kandep and thats a different electorate. How can he just do that to our community leader?

I am refering to Kamul Councilor Mr Philip Nauwen. He is just like a MP and do things beyond any one councilor can do. Ask some one from kamul to prove me right. Nathan Piari burnt down his properties but we didn't retaliate because we knew that one fine day he is going to be crucified.

This is the time and people wait to see. Don't waste your vote on such criminals.

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