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April 29 2012 at 5:50 PM
Laipian Wan 

Response to Re: Supporter of Nathan Piari

Nathan is a crminal and a murderer and a warlord. Be careful careful Sande Talita and Ipatas when you come around to Laiagam, especially Niugu.

Laipian, Kaimuli, Sambe, Pyain, Walin, Tia and Lyain we know who Nathan Piari is. He can't be even a councillor like his brother Philip Nauwen or a village court magistrate.

Even his own Councillor Philiph Nauwen is a die heart supporter of Peter Ipatas. Where is Nathan getting his votes from. We the Sambe's are for Action Governor.

People don't vote for criminals and warlords or so called "Rambos." Nathan would perform well with the Talibans in Afhaganistan on the International battle field.

In 2012, we are talking about leaders to lead Enga not criminals and warlords.

Pretending to be a SDA Church pastor following his father's foot steps is even degrading and irrating for us geniune SDAs.

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