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Re: Nape will retain his seat..

May 2 2012 at 11:57 AM

Response to Nape will retain his seat..

Very true. I agree with you. He has rocked the district with plenty tangible developments that his people are now well off and laughing away. The people of sinasina yongomugl are sitting enjoying healthy meals from lots of cash handout outs put into their pockets/ hundreds of sustainable agricultural projects/ well maintained sealed roads all over the district/ new sealed feeder roads to the remote areas/ fully stocked medical supplies/ building of new aid posts and schools all over the district/ well maintained and reburfished schools and aid posts/ computers for all schools/ sponsorship of tertiary students like Ipatas does....the list is endless. He has done so much that he's coming back. He has brought too much development to his people that he has rocked them big time.

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