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May 3 2012 at 8:34 AM
shakin mah lil het 


You are naive and gullible. Here you go, on and on, saying stuffs like: Please Godfrey and David you talk now. Your in-fighting will also affect Nathan's votes. Nathan has to give some of his open votes away to get some Governor seat's votes. Let us be sensible about all these.

Don't you understand? The votes are going to be switched AFTER everyone has voted. Pogera electorate is not going to have a free or fair election. Thus, all your strategising is a complete waste of time.

Why on earth would you continue this ridiculous assumption that the voter rolls are fine, there won't be lots of dead people voting, and there won't be any monkey business with the vote boxes and the final figures. Why would you assume that, did you come from heaven or what?

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