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May 4 2012 at 9:22 PM

Response to Re: NEW LEADER

@ Barawagi, I am not generalising nor am i being vague. I am talking projects that are on teh ground and seen and felt. In your case, you tend to deny these services. While there may be elements of service concentration in one area, it is based on the needs basis. for example, the 08 Mobile Barracks being moved to Ganige, that is to free up land at Kerowagi to ensure future develoment of teh town is not squizzed. besides, Ganige is a hotspot for holds and where Dages, Kumais, Graikus, Endukas including Kamemnuka to certian extent have history of tribal fights...the Barracks is very strategic to ensure peace and to stop highway hold-ups for travelling public.

There is never a time, Kerowagians so-called elites hiding under pen-names acknowlding this simple fact. now this not not generalisation, the list of projects is endless unless, you really havent been in Kerowagi then i can list them for ya!...otherwise like i said, the people will decide their leader through the electoral process which i am sure the sitting MP is leading the race in this front. I am not being biased in this statement because i can see what is on the graun. We are not talking somting vague or not existent...

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