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June 11 2012 at 9:07 AM
Pro Souths Supporter 

Hello all brothers & sisters of SHP. In respond to previous discusions about Mark Buka for SHP Governorship, I can assure as a brother and colleague to Mark Buka from what I see of him. Am from Simbu but spent most of my school days with students from SHP and even work with them at varoius private mining companies domestically.

First of all, Mark don't have the money to facilitate his politics campaigns but he is outspoken and equiped with visions to demonstrate once given the peoples' choices. He has the heart for the poor people of SHP. I witnessed him one time crying during a discussion last month March in POM about SHP and why he wanted to contest for the governor's post. He described the bad policies and poor selfish leadership and the massive out flow of public funds via unnecessary and unconstructive projects around the province to their political cronies. The poor state of infrastructure and government services are bad to worse currently. he said it with tears. He felt the pain in his heart, I should say.

As an outsider and a brother from Simbu, I strongly believe on Mark Buka for the post. He has the qualifications, experiences and the visions to take SHP into a new era and most of all he's a GOD fearing individual. SHP will never regret their votes casted to a potential candidate like him. You will enjoy when leaders become servants to the people they serve and meet the necessary requirements of the province. "With Mark, SHP will never be the same tomorrow." A tru son of Southern Highlands.

Remember, we have 3 x votes to elect only 3 candidates who we believe will deliver this province from poverty, lack of basic services, run down infrastructure, inflation etc. Some of those contestans are thieves and robbers of public money pretending to be a good person but not. I believe you knew who they are. Don't be blind or foolish whilst you have the power to decide on your governor; you better be on the right direction to elect a leader that will be with the people for the next 5 years of deliverance.

The onus is on you strong and elect a good leader for a better tomorrow.

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 get lost with your mark bukanaiko!Jun 13, 2012, 11:11 PM
  Re: get lost with your mark bukathere are already too many bukas in SHPJun 14, 2012, 10:57 AM
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