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Please EHP Candidates stand tall

July 31 2012 at 10:57 AM

I read with interest the move initiated by Unggaii Bena elect MP Bena Allan to lobby all EHP elected MPs to unite as an unit and join force with Peter O’Neill bossed camp so they can get the favour from that group when they form the government. It is a good move but of course Benny as PNC member is party bound to lobby these folks.

With argument of ‘change” to remnants of old forces in previous government (ie Somare’s gang) , it would be a test for the elected MPs especially the independents (Ron Ganarafo, Robert Atiafa, Johnson Tuke) and possibly Mehrra Kipefa to show they can be a force to reckon with and actually effect a government forming side. I say your numbers be considered of a “power breaking” value by aligning as a unit with other independents and actually form a government instead of giving numbers value that easily away. Inap long doing the usual “followers” and brief case carriers jobs.
Form the coalition of independents and invite THE party to form the new government.

chance yah....Lukim, sikelim and tintin...yu lida nau..think big from the very start!!!!

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