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Kundiawa Gembogl Potential Candidates for 2012

November 9 2011 at 12:18 PM

Who are the potential candidates for 2012?

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Intending Candidates versus Voters

March 28 2012, 11:53 AM 

There are some intending candidates out there like:
> Paul Gende
> Peter Waieng
> Mattew Siune

It is their constitutional right as we all know.

the other side of it is let us look at the perspective of the voters. the people now want development and change. they do not want politics. the difference here is that development is something tangible that people will really see, feel and enjoy the results of it both physically and emotionally. Politics is intangible and abstract. we only get satisfaction from all kinds of sweet promises and little bribes.

Honorable Kulang delivers developments now and play politics by assuring people that he will complete what he is doing now. here is a new mix of politics and development working side by side. therefore the honorable member is hard to beat now.

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Re: Intending Candidates versus Voters

March 28 2012, 12:29 PM 

tru tumas, Simbu n PNG voters must see this.

Kulung is the man

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Man Simbu


March 31 2012, 10:42 AM 


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rait man


March 31 2012, 11:19 AM 

I hate to enlighten you, but you're choosing a leader, not cheering on a sports team. Try to include some substance and evidence in your postings, rather than look like a zombie that says "rah rah" whenever someone pushes the right button on your body.

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Local Turist

Call Home And Get Update

March 31 2012, 11:36 AM 

Rait Man. Please call home and get the latest update whether Hon. Kulang is performing or sleeping.

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Re: Call Home And Get Update

April 6 2012, 9:47 PM 

Lokal Turis, if you had done yourself what you're advising others to do, you'd be able to spell out some of the accomplishments. But you haven't and so you can't, and we can all see that as clear as day. You're a humbug!

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komboko mombuno

ol papa lus tingting,larim pikinini mekim wok..

April 13 2012, 9:06 PM 

we are the pople of kundiawa gembgl,dfernetely we are goiing to make sure that kulang come back on 2012 general election. we are sorry abovt the canadates who are going to contesting to challed kulang.bai mipela bai kaikai money bilong youpela,dont think that we are going to give you vote 1,2,or vote 3.sorry tumas,larim pekinini blg youpela karim sevis i kam.

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Leadership of substance and evidence

April 3 2012, 3:24 PM 


a leader with substance would be someone with integrity, vision, fortitude and of good social standing or status. do we see such factors of making a better leader in Kulang? I personally see some of these in him that is why i am posting. but if i am wrong i stand to be corrected.

a leader with evidence would be someone who can talk and actually deliver what he or she talks about. i think i have seen more than enough of these evidence since he took office vacated by another of our great leader in Late Joe Mek Teine. Again i stand to be corrected if i post false evidence.

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list of all intending candidates

April 3 2012, 3:38 PM 

could someone update this forum with latest and ovious candiates for Kundiawa Gembogl seat,

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Re: Leadership of substance and evidence

April 7 2012, 4:47 AM 

You write that you can see SOME of the preferred qualities in the candidate yet you can't be bothered by telling us which ones. I mean, really!

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July 21 2012, 1:25 PM 

how do you perfectly sure Kulang is an Action Man. he just try to show colour to Gembogl people for that short period of time as such to go back to Parliament this new term again. you and i never know... this is politics prematurity. he might show off to us to get Kundiawa/Gembogl seat this term, does he, or he might be a Action Man. NOKEN GURIA LONG SOTPELA TAIM MEMBER ACTION. he is not a full term member of the parliament like ACTION GOVERNOR IPATAS. quiet dude.

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Pastor T


May 26 2013, 4:56 AM 

Action governor is busy blessing many women

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Mathew Siune

April 5 2012, 9:53 AM 

Plis noken kolim nem blo Mathew Siune ..........am very sick to hear his name....Cant he give change to other young politicians? em No seat MAMA KARIM U NA PUTIM YOU LONG EM>

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all of us ignorant

Re: Mathew Siune

April 6 2012, 9:49 PM 

It's very depressing to see how very little any of us actually know about the candidates for the seat, even the candidates who we support we don't seem to know enough about that we can even share their qualifications on this board.

In other words, we're voting as ignorant citizens. Don't be surprised if we get surprised about what those we elect start doing the moment they get into power.

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Locl scribe

Kundiawa Gembogl Projects update after by election

April 7 2012, 12:58 PM 

A total of K40 million of projects have been secured during the last 6 months by the new member. K30.6 has been received/secured and balane have been secured in committments. Summary is as follows:-

K25m - Yuai to Gewa road sealing. work already started and expected date of completion is May 2013.
K2 m - secured in 2011 for rural roads
K2 m - additional rural roads funds secured in 2012 for all 4 LLGs
K1 m - RESI funds secured in 2012 for education infrastructure.
K.5m - for rural electrification from Dulpagl to Gogme
K.12m - Rural Market Project
K7m - Committed by PM for Mt Wilhelm Secondary, Agriculture and Health
K2.5m - Committed by former Minister for Finance for District Treasury Roll out.

In addition to securing the above funding, MP has secured the first Secondary school for the electory after these years. Mt Wilhelm high will start taking Grade 11 next year.

Exciting times for Kundiawa Gembogl.

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Hon. Kulang Performing

April 12 2012, 1:19 PM 

Hi "Raitman & Laughing" read the 'Kundiawa Gembogl Projects after by election' posted by 'locl scribe' for your education.

The National dated 11 April 2012 stated K2.5M for upgrading Mt. Wilhelm High School to Secondary has been given to the school.

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Tolukuma Heyap


April 13 2012, 10:06 PM 

Dr John Tonar is a Senior Medical Doctor (Specialist Physician) from Kundiawa/Gembogl. He contested the bye-election and did very well. He is a better educated, experienced public servant who has been at forefront of leaderships at both his student days and working as a senior doctor.He has the energy and determination to offer his service for the benefit of his beloved Kundiawa-Gembogl people and PNG at large.
He is now ripe enough to be in parliament and the people of Kundiawa-Gembogl must sent him in now.

Thank you.

Souths Pawa

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Power hungry

April 25 2012, 4:33 PM 

History speaks loud and clear. Peter Waieng, what has he achieved? Mathew Siune, what has he achieved? Why they never give up contesting? They have seen, felt and tasted power...the power bestowed humbly up on them by Kundiawa Gembogl people...Noken pasim eye na vote.

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Power Hungry!

May 9 2012, 2:47 PM 

In Simbu culture Reciprocity (NERE TERE/NENDRE TENDRE) is an important concept as it provides a flatform where win win negotiations and solutions are made and participating parties are happy at last.

so we put our culture into our politics then we experienced this culture, but in a very bad way. bribery and corruption was traded for the simple peoples' political rights and after all their trade contract was not honored properly. evidence shows through lack of service delivery through our preceding MPs from whom Waieng and Siune were part of...

Now that Kulang delivers it indicates that our contract through our votes to him was well honoured.

so at last reciprocity deal through our votes earned something good that all people of Kundiawa Gembogl see now! Besides, Bribery and corruption over shadowed the impact of political power that would have influenced the lives of so many, in the past. Now it is clear as we experienced huge amounts of money that converted to basic services and actually impacted the lives of so many.

Now if we wanted more of these services to come we must trade our votes right. Before Reciprocity was seen as NERE - TERE /NENDRE -TENDRE (kaikai pastaim mi givim) Now we must change to TERE - NERE /TENDRE-NENDRE (Givim pastaim na kaikai bihain) time to say no to corruption and bribery so we make sensible decisions at the polls...

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