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December 7 2011 at 12:47 PM

hey people, whats the whispers on this seat? whos running and who's not?

electoral commission projections


December 7 2011, 1:26 PM 

The latest word is that approximately 99.8% of the people in the Imbonggu electorate will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be running.



December 10 2011, 12:13 PM 

Let the OLD man die on that seat

Boogy man


January 7 2012, 12:21 PM 

I heard both Paias and Joe Alopea were standing against each other!


Alopea's were labelled MP on birth

January 14 2012, 9:40 PM 

The Alopea's were born labelled on their forehead to be MP of imbouggu - same on you guys - what are you fighting for - do you thing you guys own the Imbouggu people and the electorate?. What is the population of Kou Warena's. Guys stop acting primitives when you are in the 21st century. This is typical greed in the most literal and formal presentation. Dont make a mockery of the good people of Imbounggu speakers - Imbounggu's are sensible, educated and well behaved. Where did your guys come from - maybe its your origin from the Meamus hey......Wake up the Alopeas and come to sense.

Branded at birth just like the Somare family?

Re: Alopea's were labelled MP on birth

February 13 2012, 10:53 AM 

What do you mean when you say they are 'sensible'?

Don't our most corrupt pollies also tell us that they are 'sensible'?

U Call us Meams

Election Time's Not Yet!

February 13 2012, 11:30 PM 

Has Paias & Joe Alopea both nominated to contest for the Imbongu Open Seat already? A big No! So you guys out there might as well shut up for the time being and comment after the nominations when both Pais & Joe nominate. Warenas are not stupid. You guys out there reckon both brothers will contest? Would that make sense? Nominations are not open yet. How big the population of Warenas doesn't matter, they are heart winners. You guys wait and see! Pasin ol karim ya na bai ol kisim lo pasin tasol. Ino moni o bikpla population hauslain-thats nothing! Warenas are forever united!


Re: Election Time's Not Yet!

February 14 2012, 5:11 AM 

Warenas ARE stupid - look at who they've elected in the past!!!!


Re: Election Time's Not Yet!

February 14 2012, 3:23 PM 

I am not generalizing the Warena's - get it clear and loud. I mentioned the Kou Warena's. The likes of leaders like late Glaime Warena was great. The Kou Warena's have a hidden family issue that has not been resolved and now its surfacing to the public scene of the election - please dont bring your family issue to the elections - what sort of leadership skills are you guys demonstrating here???


Re: Election Time's Not Yet!

February 14 2012, 3:25 PM 

In the name of transparency (the #1 way to fight corruption), NOTHING should be kept hidden. ALL should come out and that includes hidden family issues.

See the Transparency International lessons for success.

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lockim na lukim

January 25 2012, 9:32 PM 

that imbongu seat is going to kaupena dis election.. (period)


Re: lockim na lukim

January 27 2012, 8:20 AM 

That seems to be the case. If it did, should be in capable hands.


Using GOD in Greed desires

January 27 2012, 9:23 AM 

One obeservation I made from the last election.My Tribesmen were on a campaign run on the Mendi/Walume road and came upon the oppossing canidate. Stopped and the contesting guys from my village and the other had a chat and my tribesman was give a big parcel containg huge money.
Later after the election I found out that they had all planned in POM to do what they did to disrupt.From this observation I am very suspcious of Canadates coming in from POM to contest - even my tribes man. Using Churches and GOD to advance their Greed for Power. Pastors and Churches are directly involving - what a shame. If Church group accepts monetary gifts from political parties- all we do is Praise GOd saying our prayers are been answered to finished our church project bla bla ... .The biblical principle is not to sit around lazy and expecting God to perform miricles for you. A couple of Churches in Imbonngu have had a list with their Church member number and names to intending canadates. Is this right as church - body of christ doing these things ?? Don't throw our integrity in GOD we have to the devil.


Take a deeper look!

January 27 2012, 10:10 AM 

If you look deep enough and hard enough into the heart and soul of people; intending candidates in this respect, you can see the telltale signs that tells your their true desires and purposes.

We should be slow to react but quick to reason. I would not personally categorize everyone to be bad or good. I believe there are some individuals out there with great intentions; intentions emanating from an oasis deep within their heart and soul fueled by a desire to do their part in mending broken bones and healing wounds; with a healthy hatred for the crooks and the corrupt; to erase the painful memories of deprivation and negligence; to give back what truly belongs to the people.

I know you thinking I am sugarcoating things here but there is no other way we will be able to find good, honest leaders with integrity. We must make the effort to look deeper.

Red Karanas

Re: Take a deeper look!

January 29 2012, 3:17 PM 

Wanbel em stap bit this would be the case in a ideal setting. We PNG are not up to that level yet. It is easier for people to sell their votes for K20 and suffer for five years than it i to vote on conscience. I wouldn't pin any blame on anyone. We are victims of our own ignorance and laziness.

Simply on the basis that it would be insanity to retain an under performing MP for another five years, I wish someone totallu new gives a shot.


Clear Conscience

January 30 2012, 9:18 AM 

Two election back - I voted for The Late Peter - (he was contesting as a first timer) out of the people who were contesting I just saw he was the only guy who met my minimal requirement. Elections later never voted because there was no guy I could cast my vote to. My conscience was troubling me not to give my mandate to corruption. I'm glad I did that not to compromise myself. This election I may vote but to a guy who has moral and good standing,has Faith.Guys with multiple wives are not not my list.
Some section of the community say by not voting you are infact giving a deaf hear to fixing the ills that prevails in our electrate. Very good and valid view but the question I have - shoud I really stand with Evil to fix evil. Give my vote/mandate to evil,corrupt persons. My conscience dose not serve me right just to do that. My vote and those of my family will not compromise - its very minority votes but keeping your conscience clear by doing right in GOD's face is more important than giving into free money/materials that are dished out by aspiring politicians.
I rather live in poverty and suffer consequence from tribesmen for not supporting our tribesman who is contesting.
Please I need names who are contesting so I could make a informed choice and do bit of research on them.



February 4 2012, 5:15 PM 

Fellas...let the old man die on the seat! Every young leaders will only contest to get their share of the cake from the PNG LNG project royalties...bla bla...the old man has enough money and he can live his life...however, he wants to serve....let him...let FA die on the seat!!!!!

Am never supporting a University Graduate or Young Leader or who so ever.......you will only go to build your own empire see Timothy Tala? he is a failed politician and a failed young leader... learn from such people.

Over to you voters!

Naiko - Pundia/Limbiale

Leadership going to Kaupena

February 8 2012, 3:04 PM 

I have done a quick research regarding peoples movement. This is was I got out of the screening process.
Mr Peipul has left the world - he has left his supporters (huge) behind - someone will have to pick this votes up. Lets think of who the likely candidate who will pick these votes. The guys who have contested for the last election will never record one single vote from Mr Peipuls supporters. They were contestng and racing against him and dismantled his winning spree and he is finally dead . Pius Alopea, Joe Alopea, Pila Nining, Awesa will not smell any of his supportors votes.
Pila has sold his leadership - everyone knows that he got money from Awesa - his dignity and trust is dead and gone. He does not have any loyal and diehard supportors he used to have due to this even. He also announced openelly he would never run for elections again so why would he run again?
Awesa had failed to deliver. Yes we know he has the money but what has he done or offered to the people of Imbouggu. Selling Mendi river to Australia was all rubbish. He has never been there for people when they needed him - eg the electricity cutt of in Yombi area, Police raid in Kaupena etc. The Imbouggu district office in run down, tall grasses, broken gates and windows etc. His own tribesman and family is broken down - supports are being widthdrawn. Influencial candidates are contesting from Mendi - reducing his primary votes.
Joe and Pius Alopea - blood brothers - who does this?? are they serious. After all who is Pius and who is Joe. Pius was the Provincial Project Officer under Agiru - what has he done for Imbouggu - he has set up a community hall somewhere but not in the centre of the District office Walume- what sort of leadership has he domstrated to have it built in his home Kou village. Every businessman does not neccessarily portray and good leader.
Eric Tamo - this guy appears strong from the interviews - he has worked with people/grassroots as a HEO in the past around Imbouggu area. A Pilot with Royal Flying Doctors of Australia. Working for the Federal Goverment of Australia and New Zealand. He has a good connection to Peipul's voters - his got a good base vote around Kaupena area to which no other candidates are contesting. He seems to have all youth support as well: -so watch this guy.....


Re: Leadership going to Kaupena

February 8 2012, 8:19 PM 

Awesa's vote is torn up into shreds.Imbongu seat is going to the people of Imbongu - The momentum is picking up by looking at thing on the ground. Its a blessing because for the first time, we will have someone who is genuinely concerned about the people of Imbongu. For the first time we will see changes; real change that people , grassroots can see, and feel and benefit from.

You know who I am talking about. Thank God, as they say there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Mr. Tamo


Eric Tamo

February 9 2012, 1:47 PM 

Its great to express and view concerns regarding the election here. Election is everyones business. We all have a duy and obligation to raise out voice and votes for good leaders into Parliament to represent everyone - not only the elite or upper class people but for all.

I thank God we have a good choice of a young and vibrant leader in Imbouggu now. Eric Tamo - a simply but well educated, he is someone who can work with any group of people, from young to old, grasroots to the elites and local to the international levels. I knew him as a small boy going to primary school when he worked as a Medical Superintendent of Ialibu Hospital in 1990s. He was so young but was serious with work, had a great professional attitude, worked so well with all his collegues and subordinates. He even became very good friends with disables, sick, grassroots, street boys etc.

He deserves a good run for this election. I know that despite being overseas educated and so on, he never forgets the fact that he is a "mangi long ples' always contributing to his family, tribe and people at home who need assistance all the time. He is a guy with big heart for people. Go Eric go - all the best of luck....my only and one vote will come to you knowing that I am doing the right person. God Bless


Eric Tamo

February 9 2012, 1:53 PM 

Its great to express and view concerns regarding the election here. Election is everyones business. We all have a duy and obligation to raise out voice and votes for good leaders into Parliament to represent everyone - not only the elite or upper class people but for all.

I thank God we have a good choice of a young and vibrant leader in Imbouggu now. Eric Tamo - a simply but well educated, he is someone who can work with any group of people, from young to old, grasroots to the elites and local to the international levels. I knew him as a small boy going to primary school when he worked as a Medical Superintendent of Ialibu Hospital in 1990s. He was so young but was serious with work, had a great professional attitude, worked so well with all his collegues and subordinates. He even became very good friends with disables, sick, grassroots, street boys etc.

He deserves a good run for this election. I know that despite being overseas educated and so on, he never forgets the fact that he is a "mangi long ples' always contributing to his family, tribe and people at home who need assistance all the time. He is a guy with big heart for people. Go Eric go - all the best of luck....my only and one vote will come to you knowing that I am doing it the right person. Even if you dont win - I will least be satisfied that I have casted my vote to a right person. God Bless You


Eric Tamo

February 9 2012, 1:54 PM 

Its great to express and view concerns regarding the election here. Election is everyones business. We all have a duy and obligation to raise out voice and votes for good leaders into Parliament to represent everyone - not only the elite or upper class people but for all.

I thank God we have a good choice of a young and vibrant leader in Imbouggu now. Eric Tamo - a simply but well educated, he is someone who can work with any group of people, from young to old, grasroots to the elites and local to the international levels. I knew him as a small boy going to primary school when he worked as a Medical Superintendent of Ialibu Hospital in 1990s. He was so young but was serious with work, had a great professional attitude, worked so well with all his collegues and subordinates. He even became very good friends with disables, sick, grassroots, street boys etc.

He deserves a good run for this election. I know that despite being overseas educated and so on, he never forgets the fact that he is a "mangi long ples' always contributing to his family, tribe and people at home who need assistance all the time. He is a guy with big heart for people. Go Eric go - all the best of luck....my only and one vote will come to you knowing that I am doing for the right person. Even if you dont win - I will least be satisfied that I have casted my vote to a right person. God Bless You


Re: Eric Tamo

February 9 2012, 2:23 PM 

What does Eric Tamu do today?

Is he married? How many wives? How many kids?


Re: Eric Tamo

February 9 2012, 11:58 PM 

THis guy can very well identify with people at all levels. I think most of that is attributed to his profession. He deals directly with people on the ground; this will work in great favor for the people of Imbongu.

His credibility, experiences and education is unquestionable if you know him will but for those of you who might wonder, I think Mr.Tamo is one of the best among the elites of Imbongu.

It would be very wise if the people don't take second chances and elect this guy. It will be one of the wisest things we will have done.


Re: Eric Tamo

February 10 2012, 12:23 AM 

What does Eric Tamu do today?

Is he married? How many wives? How many kids?


Re: Eric Tamo

February 10 2012, 10:47 AM 

Eric is a serious contender for Imbonggu Open. In his heydays as a professional health worker,he worked and lived in remote Komo Health Center, dedicated his young life to the people of Komo. That was 1990s. He also committed a good number years in Ialibu, overseeing Erave, Kagua and Pangia health centers.

He had to move on in life so went abroad, but frequented home every Xmas. He has made a decision to contest this election, the only candidate Karilpoi Tribe is posting to the number of candidates vying for Imbonggu Open. Karilpoi Tribe has 6 councillors and that makes Eric Tamo an evenly contesting candidate.

Other intending candidates we hear (names witheld) from the Imbonggu Proper and Ialibu Basin have secretly met with the sitting member and we know they are leverage forces to damage the vote bases for genuine Imbonggu Proper and Ialibu Basin candidates. If they are after money, they better stop becoming traitors and foolish magots to the people of Imbonggu.

We will put them on the spotlight, where and when necessary during campaigns. Imbonggu need genuine candidates, not guys with poor vote base, pullling others wealth to destroy votes and the legacy of peace Imbonggu enjoys!



Re: Eric Tamo

February 10 2012, 11:17 AM 

Voters must not allow their freedom and rights to services to be compromised by scam artists and blood sucking maggots. Enough is enough! Make your vote count, express your constitutional rights and elect people like Eric Tamo; someone who will deliver to the needs of the population and make every dollar spent count.

Cash splashing candidates are coward; they are not interested in serving people.They see politics as the shortcut to fame and fortune, at the cost of our socio-economic health and well-being. We must sum up the courage to rebuke these type of individuals with the strongest possible terms.

Take the first step to change; elect the right person.

jail bird

Eric Tamo is the Change we seek!

February 12 2012, 7:55 AM 

I don't speak everyone, so for me and my family, Tamo has our vote. I am not voting for the seating member; I am not foolish, so why should I render my vote meaningless by voting for a non-performing MP. That's wasteful at best and hazardous to the future of the people of Imbongu. All the rest have lost their credibility,one way or another; why waste my vote on them?

I don't know what will change within the next four months but at this point in time,only Eric Tamo deserves my vote. Ill leave it at that.

Mountain mangi


February 12 2012, 2:13 AM 

That seat is definitely going to kaupena but not where you want it.... its going straight to 5:30..hehe


Re: Smile

February 12 2012, 3:50 AM 

thanks, we needed more meaningless tok nating nating.


Re: Smile

February 12 2012, 2:37 PM 

Late Peter Peipul did a great job, he had calculated vision to development Imbonggu as a career diplomat. He wasted no time in clearing and buldozing infrastructure in building the Imbonggu District Office (not just ground breaking ceremonies we see in other MPs).

He could have retained his seat and complete other necessary services (banking, postal, hospital etc) that make up a District Headquarter. Its the Ialibu Proper and Imbonggu men, full of jealousy, some of who were "funded", others joyriders, who do not understand development that allow Imbonggu Distirct Office to grow back tall grasses now. Plain negligence right under the sitting MPs clock. How many times has Francis Awesa conducted a budgetary or planning meeting in the Imbonggu District Office?

Eric Tamo see that Peter Peipul's vision is something we should uphold, to develop our societies and the district. Having being worked with villagers in remote societies, Eric Tamo has plans in place and he will start off with road infrastructure in the district as a key lockdown to development.

We will campaign and appeal to those who are reportedly soliciting for individual endorsements from the sitting member to backdown and seriously support Eric Tamo to bail our people our of poverty. Poverty, poor health services, bad roads remain a big challenge and Mr. Awesa has his reasons to neglect our people.


Koromi - Kuli

Re: Smile

February 14 2012, 3:16 PM 

Great forum here my fellow Imbougguans. It is vitally important and healthy to discuss candidates and issues concerning the 2012 election. Eric Tamo is the candidate who will give a good run to the sitting MP Mr Awesa. Some other candidate are after money, jobs or are directly endosed by Mr Awesa to smash Eric's votes. Eric is neutral, straight shooter, no-nonsense leader and has a big heart for the people of Imbouggu, SHP and PNG. This is guy has every thing going for him - has a good career - manages 50 plus Australians for the Federal Government of Australia, has been pilot with the Royal Flying Doctors of Australia etc etc. He had rejected the offer to become an Australian Citizen by the Government of Australia because he wanted to remain a PNG and always a PNG. He has deep dreams and vision for Imbouggu - he can see from outside how PNG is being ripped and raped in broad daylight. He is coming back with all his heart, mind and soul to fight for the people and provide opportunity for everyone. He is even paid more than a PNG MP salary but he is humbling himself to serve the people.

The Karilipoi's - its good to see you guys make your stand and provide that base votes of the 6 council. We the others will top it up for him. I hear that he has made inroads into other areas as well - including the Mokagomo, Kambegomo, Kunukumbiye, Koke Tangik, Pekai Aluwe, Bune Nomu etc and Mendi side as well. Atleast we have someone who is serious like late Peter Peipul in bringing services to the grassroots and ground level people. Go Eric Go...........God Bless you.

Walume Kembo

Imbonggu possibilities

February 14 2012, 4:21 PM 

1. Pila Niningi [Kole-Perai] (won't be supported by Peipul base)
2. Joe/Paias Alopea [Moka Gomo] (won't be supported by Peipul base)
3. Eric Tamo [Karilpoi] (karilpoi 6 council base)
4. Jame Tira [Moka Gomo] (withdrawl posibility)
5. Samuel Era [Moka Gomo] (withdrawl posibility)
6. Samuel Aiye [Moka Gomo] (soliciting endorsement from MP)
7. Samuel Mambo [Bune Nomu] (soliciting endorsement from MP)
8. Micah Moke [Olgai Welail] (Olgai Welail base)
9. Timothy Tala [Limbiale] (leadership failure)
10. Francis Awesa [Logo] (financial strength)

They may be some, i can't recall but.......intending candidates from Imbonggu Proper/Ialibu Basin who are in negotiations with the sitting MP, should declare that, cause they are NOT GENUINE, they are after money! Pamuk meris behanim moni!

Red Karanas

Let the Tamo Mania begin!

February 14 2012, 6:26 PM 

Imbongu Seat is Tamo vs Awesa. All the others can vanish. I think we the people should do the right thing here ; look to the future and vote Mr. Tamo. There's something about the guy that so different. Something reminiscent of the late Peter Pepul and some more.

I have never been more excited about politics or an intending candidate but Eric Tamo, man lets wait until the real campaign begins. There will be a Tamo mania in Imbongu, unlike we've never seen before and I am looking forward to be part of it.

Let it begin.

Mania Without Substance

Re: Let the Tamo Mania begin!

February 14 2012, 7:22 PM 

There's something different about Eric Tamo, but you can't tell us what. You're SO EXCITED about Eric Tamo, but you can't tell us why.

Could it.... could it.... could it..... could it be that you're a wantok raising your little flag and shouting empty headed praises of him because you know that if he gets in, you'll be in the money too?

I wonder.


Re: Let the Tamo Mania begin!

February 15 2012, 5:59 AM 

You have your bet.As for us we see him as a hope for Imbonggu, he demonstrates he is willing to lead Imbongge for a change. He has 15 yrs experience living in dirth and traversed the mud just to provide a better, yet affordable health services to pregnant mothers, old woman, and a aged folks in Komo, Ialibu, Kagua, Pangia.

Look at todays graduates, they prefer working in cities, town neighbourhoods. Eric Tamo has a living testimony, be believes in services starting from rural areas - and thats from demonstrated experience!

Nothing to hide, Eric is your alternative choice for a change in Imbonggu.



Re: Let the Tamo Mania begin!

February 15 2012, 6:15 AM 

What's the bet you're talking about, I can't see any bet??!?!?!?

Giluwe Kagom

Re: Let the Tamo Mania begin!

February 15 2012, 8:33 AM 

We know, it will be positive change forward if we elect Tamo, but again its still early days so lets wait and see. From a base vote perspective, he has the largest undivided base votes; if atleast half of the Peipul's vote goes to him,which is highly likely and he picks up secondary votes elsewhere, it will be game over for the others.

The real message will be out in three to four months time so lets wait and see.

Giluwe Kagom


Re: Let the Tamo Mania begin!

February 17 2012, 1:11 PM 

Something looks fishy here.. You must be a relative or someone who stands to gain if this guy Eric Tamo wins. I mean seriously its like your campaigning for the guy online so that can only mean that your Eric Tamo's relative.. Your probably just like most of the people na tingim nek blo u yet stap.. I wouldn't blame you because its the highlands mindset that if your tribesmen is going to contest than that means the whole tribe is contesting too that's probably why your campaigning for him. We don't buy it but good job though..

Maral Kuni

Re: Imbonggu possibilities

February 15 2012, 11:24 AM 

Additional Info:
- Pila Nining - Sold his leadership to Awesa.
- Mica Moke - Endosed by Awesa.
- Pius & Joe Alopea - Hidden and unresolved family issues surfacing to the political level.Both have no base votes.
- Timothy Tala - Failed to deliver - demonstrated poor leadership.
- Awesa - Failed to deliver - demonstrating poor leadership.
- Mica Moke - Endosed by Awesa, base is also damaged by internal tribal conflicts and killings.
- Samuel Mambo - Endorsed by Awesa
- Samuel Aiye - Endorsed by Awesa
- Samuel Era - Endorsed by interested agent, no base, withdrawing.
- James Tira - No Base, withdrawing
- Eric Tamo - Solid Base Support by Kariipoi's, has strong potential and connections to late Peipul's votes.


Answer the Question Put?

February 15 2012, 1:14 PM 

You are without doubt the same person with many alias promoting Eric. Probably you Eric yourself and is blowing your own trumpet.
I bet the Admin would see the same ip address.

You haven’t answered 'questions' questions. (What does Eric Tamu do today?
Is he married? How many wives? How many kids?)

As an onlooker this looks sinister?

Staying with the devils we know, Francis Awesa or Pila Niningi?


Re: Answer the Question Put?

February 15 2012, 1:35 PM 

@question Lord, you're such an idiot; forgive me for the name calling. Your questions a aren't worth anyone's time; they are stupid and meaningless. If I may help you out, part of the answer you seek is repeated in some of the posts above. Read them for heavens' sake.

yes,plis answer the questions

Re: Answer the Question Put?

February 15 2012, 2:00 PM 

Thanks for your questions. I checked and in fact, your questions are not answered.

Good on you for trying to get details out of these promoters. It is almost like trying to pull someone else's teeth to get these promoters to give us any actual information about the lives, character, and philosophies of these candidates.

Until we get details, we cannot make an informed and honest choice.


Re: Answer the Question Put?

February 15 2012, 4:31 PM 

Come on Eric advocates, are you afraid to open the can of worms.


Re: Answer the Question Put?

February 15 2012, 5:29 PM 

Your questions don't need to be answered, knee-jerk childish reactions to what we have posted regarding Eric Tamo, a competitive candidate.

Its about time we vote on quality that matters to shape leadership. Eric was contemplating on contesting the last election, most Karilpoi seniors and elites, did not agree to his calculations so he backdown and went back to work in QLD. Karilpoi votes were then splited to Pila, late Peter, Paias, Timothy, and of course few went to Fraccis.

We have now stood our ground, lockdown on our campaign strategies, Karilpoi 6 councillors are aware, that we are endorsing him. Late Glaimi Warena (Moka Gomo) and late Peter Peipul (Moka Gomo) were not from Karilpoi but Karilpoi base propelled their wins.

Eric Tamo is Karilpoi man, so if you feel comfortable than lets rally behind him, otherwise we all have rights to scrutinize and vote during pollings. Few names above will be pipped in campaigns - thats normal campaign affairs so we will hold them as 'undercovers to destabilize Imbonggu'

If candidates clearly receive endorsements from a Political Party, than that come after proper party scrutiny so Eric Tamo is willing to run against them with the sitting Member. Those that have requested endorsements from the Francis Awesa are wolves, and political prostitutes

Discuss on candidates potentials to be leaders, their vision matters most to our development.


Mangi lo bush

think again

February 15 2012, 9:39 PM 

Guys at the end of the day its how you play the game of politics that matters.. I mean good integrity and quality leaderships is needed but lets get real because this is highlands politics and in highlands politics ol mahn sa tingim nek blo ol ya.. You privileged individuals can talk all you want but ol mahn lo ples will always have the last say.. Apart from any other districts its imbonggu that comes first with "ol mahn sa tingim nek blo ol yet". I don't know Eric Tamu that well but i can tell you for a fact that he wont be the only intending candidate from kaupena that is contesting.. Karilpoi has 6 counsels and i don't believe in this ******** about getting together as one for one guy.. Hey! Tamu advocate go do your homework in the village first before you post your so called theory.. Noken faul2x na kisim phone call lo ples na syk up na postim insignificant crap.. When you find out about that other intending candidate from kaupena than thats when you have done your homework and ready for politics.. GOODLUCK!!


Re: Answer the Question Put?

February 15 2012, 5:30 PM 

whats the alternative?


Re: Answer the Question Put?

February 15 2012, 5:39 PM 

I am jumping into your conversations guys to let you know of some things you are pressing for answers. I went to Ialibu High School with Eric - He was in yr 10 when I started yr 7 in 1986 - he was my senior. I lived in Dorm 5 when Eric was the Dorm Captain. I am from Bune - he is from Kaupena and we have been friends since ever dispite the fact that distance and times have separated us for sometime. In 2011 while on his awareness campaigns runs he visited Bune by foot on 3 different times (July, October,December). This what I know about him - he has 5 children (15,10,8,7 & 4months). His wife is from Koangil - they all live in Townsville. Eric works for the Federal Goverment of Australia and is resigned to contest the elections. Hope this will clear some of the unknown issues that seem to be bothering some of the viewers and writers here.

Bush Fire

Latest update

February 16 2012, 6:49 PM 

Joe Alopea is endorsed by Awesa - with huge huge sum of Money


plis do tell

February 15 2012, 7:15 PM 

Are there any other people in the kaupena area contesting apart from eric tamu??


Re: plis do tell

February 16 2012, 2:16 PM 

the answer as it is standing now is NO. That is why we think Tamo has a significant chance to win the Imbongu seat, unless something goes wrong in the coming months.

Highway 17

Re: plis do tell

February 16 2012, 4:41 PM 

Elections are numbers game. Imbonggu electorate is made up of Mendi speaking people, Kewabi speaking people and Imbonggu speaking people.

In terms of eligible voting population Imbonggu Proper and Ialibu Basin leads solidly ahead of mendi and kewabi speaking voters, but few Imbonggu men don't use their head so we always on the loosing side. I call them "third-level leaders", after all nobody but traitors and forever conmen!

One considerate factor this time is Pila Niningi MUST step don't, every one knows he has sold his leadership like a carpet cleaner. Awesa know Pila is a weak person, he can't stand on principles. Its now Francis Awesa vs Eric Tamo battle this time.

Highway 17

Kool breez

Re: plis do tell

February 16 2012, 11:46 PM 

I hear there's someone else from kaupena standing but im not sure so i can only speculate. If my speculations are correct and if this guy from kaupena is standing than pila niningi will have no chance, the alopea's which ever one who decides to stand will think twice and awesa will have sleepless nights and that's a fact if this guy is contesting but than again im only speculating so umi stap na lukim.


Re: plis do tell

February 16 2012, 11:55 PM 

There is no speculation, Eric Tamo is a serious contender.

Kool breez

Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 12:09 AM 

I wasn't talking about Eric Tamu:)


Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 12:29 AM 

I don't know whether you know local tribes and tribal boundaries, but let me clarify a bit.

Eric Tamo is a Karilpoi man - only name standing tall. Karilpoi boarders with Moka-gomo, Kunukumbiye and Kole-Perai, and a bit of Bune Nomu.

There are several Moka-gomo names floated. Pila Niningi is a Kole-Perai man not Karilpoi, he is a veteran candidate who has never won a single election. Moka-gomos (Glaimi Warena)defeated him twice.

Kunukumbiye supported Korowa Pokeya (Perai) in the last election. Pila thinks because of Korowa he lost the last election to Awesa, a tribal conflict almost eventuated.

Eric Tamo is a freshman candidate who has a potential to beat Francis Awesa.


Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 1:52 AM 

I know! but i still wasn't talking about him.. Plus i know your from beach-wood so call your counsel Lazarus and ask him who else is standing in the kaupena area.. He might have a fair idea on who else in the karilpoi area is standing too. Your just wishful thinking that nobody else might contest. But im only speculating so umi lookim:)


Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 7:28 AM 

Don't worry John Lazarus is Eric Tamos brother and councilor. Any names that you've heard remains speculations, meaning Eric Tamo maintains a comfortable position to give a good challenge to Francis Awesa.

I work with EPC2, i frequest home on rotation, just to lobby with moka-gomos and ekai-makais. We want to mean business in changing the leadership of Imbonggu for a better. Somethings needs to be done to revive late Peipuls visions. We need development and basic services, DSIP funds per MP now stands at K17 million, and what has MP Awesa done with that much money?

Come 2014, PNGs budget is poised to tripple, and each MPs DSIP funds could crop up to K50-100 million per district. We have calculated long term, real tengible developments for Imbonggu District, and that starts now. Eric Tamos is standing with an agenda. The development agenda. Let us vote for a person who can really live the dream to transform societies and livelihoods.

The key to development rests with your local MP. Eric Tamo is now the alternative choice!



plis plis PLIS do tell!!!

February 17 2012, 8:23 AM 

It sounds to me like you're all getting ready to set up your little "15% middleman businesses" so that all of you can make big bucks at the people's expense, as you deliver the services. Kind of like Powes Parkop's alleged kickback schemes that the receipts posted on the internet suggest that he has been running. Either that or you're planning to set up your own businesses to compete for government contracts, you'll throw the government contracts towards your businesses (just like the corrupt Peter Ipatas does), and the family businesses then do a poor job delivering the service while enrichening your pocket.

All those little business activities are corrupt. All of it is unethical and all of it is illegal, yet hard to stop considering the understaffing of the ombudsman, etc etc.

But from the way you speak, that sounds exactly like what you and your candidate friend is planning to do! So please DO tell and convince us that you and your buddy Tamo aren't planning all this behind the scenes.

Waiting for your reply!


leadership must reign over pessimism

February 17 2012, 9:03 AM 

Your paranoia is what you have learned and seen in others. We hold that till the cows return, But again it should not be plain pessimism to argue your views, as the saying goes, untill the cows return. Leadership in Imbonggu has not gone anywhere, when people like you remain illusion and deceit your own folks.

Imbonggu cannot develop because of few community leaders (or third-level leaders) collecting turkeys elsewhere and become traitors, allowing bad leadership to reign over DSIP funds. Where is development with recycled greed?

Eric Tamo is an experienced community health worker, he was once a ialibu hospital OIC (superintendent), health is one of his prime igendas. The point now is to fork out a better leader, you on contracts, i don't know how that works but for now we want a change in leadership.

Imbonggu is one of the least developed districts. Our voters are conned all the time and we always on the disaster path, we have seen that, our last 5 years was a waste.

Optism can transform Imbonggu, lets vote for leadership that will change societies through community development. For Karilpoi we genuinely push for that alone, Eric Tamo will go against the sitting MP.

Giluwe Ice Kagom

Re: plis plis PLIS do tell!!!

February 17 2012, 9:13 AM 

It's rather naive to make uneducated judgement and extrapolate it into the future based on malpractices of a corrupt minority.There are many good leaders, not necessarily politicians, with good intentions. You have to make your fair and impartial judgement based on research and intense scrutiny of individuals; not mere reactions based on emotions or tribal and political alliances.

We know the sitting MP can't deliver. Remember that outrageous promise he made about piping water from Imbongu to Queensland? That's what I call a pipe dream; a ploy only fools can use to mislead and deceive the poor and the gullible,simply for perfunctory purposes. Its not that it's impossible; it's just not feasible in our context. That is the naked reality, yet we still don't look beyond the shiny curtains about the pure truth.

Maybe Eric Tamo will be another MP who showed so much promise, yet failed to deliver. Who knows, maybe he will be different. Fact is, we cannot really know the truth about his intentions. At the same time, we cannot vote for those people who we already know so much about now and we know they are a risk to our social and economic well-being.

We still have plenty of time to scrutinize these guys, especially the fresh new candidates including Eric Tamo. Get know them; what motivates them; why they are different and they will do a better job; do they have any policies on reform; what is their platform; do they think big; are they creative and innovative; do they support transparency and accountability; What are their values and principles; and so on and so forth. There are so many questions that can be asked, and as a voter it is in your best interest to ask these questions, make them feel uncomfortable, test their nerves and much more. How they react and respond will speak a million words about he kind of person he is as an individual and the kind of leader he will be. If you like what you see, then he is worth your vote; that is what you should be looking for.

I say we should dig a little deeper into these candidates and let them earn our votes, rather than letting us being manipulated and tossed around like our voice don't count.

Giluwe Ice Kagom

Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 8:34 AM 

K17million, that is alot of money. Why aren't people holding MPs accountable to every single penny of this money? What is wrong with the people! This money is enough to maintain roads, build enough new library for every school, water supply for every council ward, medical supplies for every health care center, electricity supply to every village and even an ambulance for every major health care center.

If we cannot see any of these services, then there is a "****-up" somewhere; somebody is not doing his job; he is not fit for that job and he MUST be replaced as soon as possible. All monies should be recovered, accounts should be audited and any missing penny should be paid in full back to the electorate.

Its time we sum up some courage and get the full benefit of what belongs to us.


Plis plis plis do tell & give suggestions

February 17 2012, 10:12 AM 

OK, I think we all agree with you. My question is whether you - YOU - hold your MP accountable for how they spend their monies. If you do, how do you do it? If you don't, why don't you do it? Give us some feedback here, please! Ta.


Re: Plis plis plis do tell & give suggestions

February 17 2012, 11:49 AM 

What is the essence of your questions, and who do you think is incharge of district development funds? Do you ever heard of "writings on the wall", or you still hang onto your mothers feeding-spoon?

You sound very immature to me.


Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 1:23 PM 

I didn't ask if John Lazarus was his brother mate.. I said find out from counsel Lazarus if there is anyone else standing in the kaupena area or the karilpoi area but judging by the way you are talking it seems that you haven't even talked to John Lazarus lately or even been to your village lately.. U pairap osem popcorn natin stap.


Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 10:50 PM 

Read and again read mate, if there is someone else, his/her chances of putting up a good challenge are vurtually low. No impact at all at this point. Samuel Era (Kaupena/Orei breed) contemplated but support evaporated, he withdrew. For now its Eric Tamo, whole of Karilpoi know he're contesting the Imbonggu Seat.

If Eric Tamo secures a Party endorsement, that'll add ignition to his campaign trail, but for now he's prepared well himself to contest.



Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 11:03 PM 

Its clear you haven't been to your village lately..


Re: plis do tell

February 17 2012, 11:24 PM 

No one from Karilpoi merit Eric Tamo's capacity at this point in time. Councilor Lazarus will campaign for Eric, your speculation is now rested. We get on the issue, if you willing to throw your support behind Eric, than you most welcome.

There are already a lot of young working-class intellects, working on strategies - working beyong Imbonggu Proper and Ialibu Basin. Longo and Kumin are the strategic points, Tamo's folks are working so hard. Speculations are defectors weapons, we aware of that as they hold no water. after all its politics in the air.

Karilpoi want to mean business this time, and that is to challenge Francis Awesa climb a steep slope!


Re: plis do tell

February 18 2012, 12:44 AM 

I hope your not calculating myths instead of facts... You seem to know what all the six counsels of karilpoi are thinking but u mas sawe osem ol mahn souths ol sa tromoi tupla toktok.. If you take anything at face value especially when it comes to politics than i feel sorry for you.. Paias Alopea spent ol his pigs and money in the last election and he came 5th plus Peter Peipul had a vision for the imbonggu people and he still didn't win so mate i hope you know enough about politics when you get into it.. Go do your homework first and find out what the imbonggu people are thinking especially the people in the karilpoi area.. Don't listen to your relatives ol marit go long m na kam maus wara lo u stap.. Its obviously clear that you haven't done your homework.. Who knows there might be someone else from the kaupena area contesting too but you just wouldn't know.. I hear someone from the kaupena area is definitely contesting but you don't even know.. That's what i meant by doing your homework.. I'll break it down for you, check the kurulgai narilgai's, the purreh's and the kume tangigs and see what you can come up with..


Re: plis do tell

February 18 2012, 7:02 AM 

Moka-gomoiyes, when they talk in public, we karilpois say "they throw turkeys upstream and drink downstream". Many people have asked Paias NOT to contest, he simply didn't posses the ingredients, they asked him to throw his support behind Peter, sadly both lost but Peter did better. The scenario is different with Karilpoi.

Karilpois, we don't practice moka-gomoiye's hypocrisy. We don't say one and do the others, so you obviously talking the politics of fear. Every men know their hunting grounds, they know their friends and foes when one talkes on a public speech. You don't need to labour with lectures here.

Kume-tangikis and Ipulumai-nombunumbus are arch-rivals recently and they will practice the duplicity among themselves, if one say im going for the elections - the other will not backdow. Thats the gimmick not new to rivals in any play. Eric Tamo's immediate clan did not play hide-n-seek during their lengthy court battle, unlike others, so Eric has a good inroads with Kume-tangikis and Ipulumai-nombunumbus.

For kurelgai-narelgais, you obvious living in oblivion behind your monitor. When the recent police raids shattered entire kumuge, Eric's village played host to the whole lot running away from police wrath. It was part of Eric's folks play down the lane. They are with Eric Tamo, and its going stronger now to launch Tamo's campaign there too.

You have a candidate, bring it on, its all about talking out and giving a good challenge to Francis Awesa. Not about Karilpoi vs Karilpoi or Karilpoi vs Moka-gomo.

At the moment, Eric Tamo is the Kaupenas campaign-eve slogan. We are focusing on Longo, Kumin and Bui-Iebi, leave Karilpoi alone if you know nothing.

truly confused

Re: plis do tell

February 18 2012, 7:53 AM 

You're focusing on Longo, Kumin and Bui-Iebi, as you say, yet we ALL NOTICE that you don't seem to be able to write a thing about their qualifications! Instead you write heaps and heaps about political maneuverings and all that, none of which has ever gotten us GOOD LEADERS in the past.

Why, someone as smart as you seem to be, cannot give us detailed qualifications and case examples about the candidates you support?

Moka Gomo Ambai

Imbonggu best

February 18 2012, 8:39 AM 

Good arguments so far, but i see qualification is definately not an issue to discuss - it leads to poor reactive statements. You not moving forward,is qualification is not a requirement or a pre-condition for voting. What kind of qualification are you referring to? PNG electorates are known for electing kiap-era councilors recently, example, Mr. Kuk Kuli (Anglimp South Waghi), Mr. Peter Ipatas (councilor who rose to powerful highlands politician), Mr. Peter Lus (illetrate).

So your injection seeking qualification is plain ignorance of the living facts, try reflect on history of politics before reacting.

Its not about qualification in Imbonggu here, look at the trend of discussions, its about good leadership and electoral development. Let the discussions bring out best candidates!

I like the trend so far.

Moka Gomo Ambai
Port Lawes, Down Town


Re: Imbonggu best

February 18 2012, 9:00 AM 

I can't believe what I'm reading. You say that 'qualifications' aren't important? And are you trying to tell me that the corrupt Peter Ipatas has beeen a good representative for us? My God, he's stolen millions of our money, MILLIONS. The infrastructure that you see is a small fraction of what Enga COULD have had from the massive Pogera mine revenues to the province. But Ipatas stole a heap of that money.

And you think qualifications aren't important! If we had known that Peter Ipatas was a womanizer, a drunk, etc etc we could have read the writing on the wall many years ago and realised that once this fellow got power, he would abuse it.

But nooooooooooooooo. We shouldn't be concerned about our candidates qualifications, you say!!!!!

Unfrickenbelievable. If you lived overseas and shared those viewpoints, you'd be laughed right back into the stone age! You'd be labeled an 'ignorant' person. You're a great example of the great sickness that now covers PNG - people who can read, write, have access to the internet, but have no clue as to how the rest of the world actually works and what we in PNG must do if we want to have a peaceful, functioning, and productive society just like those countries.

Step 1: Learn everything possible about the public and private life of every candidate. See the American political debates that have been going on the past year if you don't believe me.


Re: Imbonggu best

February 18 2012, 10:39 AM 

Qualification-check is not a prerequisite for candidates. Anyone can contest, you do your own homework to vote the right cnadidate. Grand JFK was a drunked, a person who broke all liqour ban rules and kept selling liquor to make a living and became a great American in history!

Don't worry, do it right, vote the right person. He maybe a university degree you looking for but leadership matters, not qualification.


Re: plis do tell

February 18 2012, 12:06 PM 

History, throughout the world show that while it may be great to have formal qualification of some kind, it is not an item for people to pay serious attention to. The key is, that these individuals must be committed to continued self-education. One great example it of the greatest president in American history; Abraham Linoln. Born in a log cabin to barely illiterate parents;no formal education but Ab Lincoln made a lifetime commitment to read and study anything he could put his hands on. Politics, economics, personal development, relationships, negotiation, law, strategy, effective communication, geography, history, story telling and much more. He studied at night under kerosine lamp; out on the field while working on the farm. He eventually became a self-taught lawyer too.

Closer to home, look at Paul Keating, Australian Primer Minister from 1991 to 1996. Left school at age 15 and started working as a clerk at the Electricity Commission of New South Wales. Keating said because of his lack of formal education, he made and effort invest heavily in self-education. And that he did and made him to be one of the most flamboyant prime ministers of our nearest neighbor.

More recently, the electorate of Longman in Queensland elected 20 year old Wyatt Roy into the federal parliament. Roy is yet complete his university degree at the university of Queensland. He was the second youngest in Australian politics history behind Edwin Colby who was elected into parliament at 22 in 1918. Wyatt is doing a great job, far better than his predecessor and the people of the electorate of Longman are happy to have him back for another term.

Three good examples of why formal education is not a sticking point as to whether qualifications are necessaryt to have before vying to become a politician. Within PNG in the past, specifically during the pre-independence and immediately post independence, majority of our leaders were uneducated and illiterate but compared to our current leaders,they undoubtedly did an outstanding job. I do not not how our current leaders with no formal education such as Peter Ipatas, Issac Joseph etc use their spare time; do they invest in continued self-education? It would be silly to pass any judgement but one thing we can be sure of is that they will never walk toe-to-toe with PNG's pre-independence and immediately post independence leaders.


Re: plis do tell

February 18 2012, 4:21 PM 

If that's your assessment of the nombonumbs, kume tangiks and kurelgai narilgai than goodluck to because you don't know a thing about politics..


Re: plis do tell

February 18 2012, 5:43 PM 

Your speculations as i said remains conjecture, and if you still wan't to know if there is another candidate beside Eric Tamo, i don't need to pindown a name fixture here. That will draw in unnecessary reactions here, lets wait to hear from (...), cause for now Karilpoi stands beside Eric Tamo.

Karilpoi has rallied behind moka-gomo for some 2 decades, and its about time, we look towards moka-gomo to payback. Joe/Paias (conflict brothers) should backdown, Pila is a wayward political bully who cannot even win an election and we have asked him to give up (imbonggu elites meeting in pom). Mr. Awesa probably could endorse him (we have no problem with that) cause he sold his leadership, so better he withdraw.

Eric Tamo is the man with strings in mendi part of Imbonggu, Tamo's team are slowly in talks with late Peipul's base, its a very important number.

Eric is aiming to give Francis Awesa a good run, but whoever is mandated then will be our leader!


Kool breez

Re: plis do tell

February 18 2012, 9:21 PM 

I don't think the whole of karilpoi is behind Eric Tamo but maybe hauslain blo upla yet... You sound so confident in everything that your saying which makes me feel even more sorry for you. FACT is you wish you have karilpoi, your hoping you get support from late peipuls people and your trying to get support from the mendi side.. Keep convincing yourself mate. YOU DON'T KNOW POLITICS!!


Re: plis do tell

February 18 2012, 9:28 PM 

Kaupena, you say you want to avoid "unnecessary reactions". How, exactly, do you define "unnecessary reactions"?

Or Kaupena, do you really mean to say is that you want to avoid "reactions whose content might embarrass my candidate"?


Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 18 2012, 9:52 PM 

Don't get emissional, I did not think anyone would be in line of fine. Eric Tamo is contesting as a Karilpoi man, period. Lets get on with candidates and their chances of defeating Mr. Awesa, if you still undecided, remember that only one candidate has a potential to unseat the sitting MP, that is what we want to fork out here. Bring on your candidate, maybe we rally behind him/her if he/she can defeat Mr. Awesa.

Karilpoi is pushing Eric Tamo. He is pulling strings with Peipul base, as Pila and any Alopea, we know are unlikely to get hardline Peipul supporters votes. That is where Eric Tamo plays a competitive candidate.

Eric Tamo for Imbonggu Open!


Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 18 2012, 10:03 PM 

People, Warenas are still confused, it looks like a "Francis Awesa vs Eric Tamo" battle come elections. Very clear, any other imbonggu-speaking candidates should talk over to bring the seat back to Walume District.

Francis Awesa is our MP, but the 5 years just went like 5 days, did Imbonggu get any electoral development funds from the national government???????


Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 18 2012, 10:17 PM 

Mate stop changing your name and bringing hype to your candidate, that shows that your desperate..


Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 19 2012, 7:21 AM 

There were several meetings in POM, but one conducted in Sogeri was spearheaded by Samuel Era. An intending candidate himself. People present among others include Robert Tukondo, Mokoi Nimu, Joseph Yamba, Paias Alopea, myself, James Tira, Samuel Aiye, Korowa pokeya, Micah Moke, few others ....

The agenda is to change the leadership of Imbonggu. Get all the intending candidates from Imbonggu side, do an assessment on winning potential, strategies & strength and agree to 2 or 3 candidates either from Karilpoi, moka-gomo, kunikumbiye,kole-perai, ekai-makai, bune nomu, olgai-welail-iombi.... to give a good challenge to Mr. Awesa. Popping up like weak mushrooms after a wildfire will only ignite and power Mr. Awesa. Imbonggu Proper/Ialibu Basin want the leadership back, thats the point.

If any unknown, less potential figure props up suddenly, than thats a real threat obviously from ghost (sic) endorsements, you know. Meaning, Awesa is a strong man, he can do anything....just like what he did to Pila Niningi.

For Karilpoi, the platform is clear, we want to bring the membership back.


Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 19 2012, 12:08 PM 

Which means your Eric Tamo himself posting comments and binging hype to your own name!!!


Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 19 2012, 12:49 PM 

@kool breeze, can you stop parroting your miserable insanity on this forum? You appear interested in a bit of smear campaign against Eric Tamo, which tells me you might be interested in politics yourself, if not a brief case carrier of someone or perhaps one in waiting. If you had no second thoughts about putting pause to the keyboard while typing your short sighted, intellectually deficient passages which by and large are nothing but gibberish to those of us reading it,I advice you put some effort into your public relations skills.

You are making assertions after assertions,none of which you have made a compelling case to prove. How utterly stupid! Do yourself a favor; quit the smear campaign and be more constructive. You can still save face here mate.


Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 19 2012, 3:21 PM 

Mate i don't need to do any smear campaigns against Eric Tamo, you should come up with facts instead of hear say conclusions about your candidate.. As for briefcase carrying, mate you sound as if your an intending briefcase carrier or a briefcase carrier already for this guy Tamo that's why your desperate enough to blow his trumpet online just to get your candidate noticed... Keep wishful thinking because if late Peter Peipul a man of immense popularity, good networking, enough wealth and a vision for the people couldn't do it than i feel sorry for you and your candidate.. Don't talk as if the karilpoi community is backing you and your candidate up just because some so called "elites" promised you this and that.. The truth is your hoping to gain support and im telling you that might not happen coming from the peoples views.. In politics people will say anything to make you happy and to gain for themselves, you seem to be blind enough to believe anything that is said and put in front you..

Eric Tamo em wanem kain man?

Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 19 2012, 4:07 PM 

You're right. The lack of black and white information concerning the qualifications and life of Eric Tamo strikes me as a bit strange, if you know what I mean. Kind of like the promoters of Eric Tamo here on pngscape are nothing more than his wantoks!


Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 19 2012, 6:32 PM 

Mate Koolbreez,
You turning on your emotional gear there. First of all, i told you i work for EPC2, (Eric Tamo doesn't, he works for QLD state government), he will resign and come contest.

You seem to have a poor human-memory, so you thought Eric Tamo himself posted. Its me, iam one of his supporters cause i have gone to school with him and i know him well. Its my decision and thats it, period.

You claim that Peipul did nothing, you are plain stupid, or it it memory loss? Late Peupil had all the ideas, he had the vision. Karilpoi, a good number voted him. Peipul demonstrated leadership you can't even contemplate (you a bean stalk), its Paias Alopea and Pila Niningi (arch-rival), who dug the graveyard for Peupils demise. Imbonggu folks are smart, memories are fresh, you running disolate here like a wild goose, or you telling me you need memory imprints?

That i why i kept on emphacising, Pila and Paias won't get majority of Peipuls base in 2012, Eric Tamo will be a big impact there.

As for Karilpoi, if you're not from Kaupena area, leave it up to us. Is seems you can't even argue with my level of posts, you probably one of those "third-level leaders" looking up to Mr.Awesa to endorse you.

Pardon me if i'm nailing you here.



Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 19 2012, 10:02 PM 

Mate read and asses my post well because your lack of understanding proves your incompetency for politics... When i mentioned Late Peter Peipul what i meant was he had the ability and potential to do great things for the people of imbonggu but was never given the mandate to do so.. By the way I am from kaupena and i do know whats going on unlike you with your insignificant theories on how your candidate has the ability to play politics.. You might be a schoolmate as you claim but its clear that your also a relative so I'm not surprised at your overwhelming need and desperation to get your candidate brother noticed.. I'm also not surprised by your paranoia that Eric Tamo has karilpoi locked because lets face it, you obviously have something to gain from it.. How embarrassing that a person who claims to be such a high "intellect" is logging in using many aliases and writing MYTHS instead of FACTS just to bring hype to your own relative.. Don't get me wrong seeing as you have a problem with understanding written criticism, i don't question your brothers qualifications but only your outrageous assumptions towards karilpois stand in the election.. Judging from the way your talking you lack experience in politics so just don't even try to advice your brother because you might lead him astray just like yourself.. I will tell you this one's again, whether your from mendi or your from kaupena it doesn't matter because "OL MAHN SOUTHS SA TROMOI TUPLA TOKTOK SO NOKEN FAUL" unless your a ******** which you claim not to be so umi lukim..Oh! by the way I'm not an intending candidate if that's what you think, I'm just an observer who's telling it like it is.. Get your head out of the clouds mate cos you just might get hit by a plane.. Cheers!!



Re: Eric Tamo, competitive candidate

February 19 2012, 10:47 PM 

Late Peupel was kicked out of office by a leadership tribunal for corruption!

How quickly (and conveniently) we forget history!



February 19 2012, 11:19 PM 

I hope forgetting "QUICKLY and CONVENIENTLY" doesn't come to play this year because I'd hate to see Pila Niningi get elected. The guy has proven that his leadership can be bought like taking a small child to a candy store, plus some of the people who used to support him have pulled out and are now against him because they saw that he couldn't be trusted. If he is standing now its only because he was paid by Awesa to do so in order to break votes for intending candidates who have a high chance of winning. I believe that he will try to break votes for an an intending candidate from kaupena who used to support him but now has decided to contest. We'll just have to wait and see.


Re: aaa

February 20 2012, 7:52 AM 

The content of the discussions on this thread has sadly been compromised by few individuals.

It would be best for the moderator to censure it not delete this thread altogether.

From Kiburu Lodge


Re: aaa

February 20 2012, 7:58 AM 

And exactly HOW should this thread be censored?

Please tell us who should play God and determine what should be censured and what should not?

Fact is, if your arguments were strong enough, no one could destroy them and any readers would see the light through all the mess.

The actual reason why you want the thread censored is that you don't want alternative opinions. You only want your own side or opinion to remain, and anyone who supports your side.

That's the mark of a fantastic wannabe dictator Congratulations!

boy blo group

tok out tok stret

February 20 2012, 8:19 AM 

Amesi this is a forum where you speak your mind and voice your views, if you feel hurt than don't log in. Now on to business,can anyone shed some light on the validity of Joe Alopea being paid of by Awesa to contest the election?? I would like to know if this is true and if it did happen than where did it take place and what exactly between these two so called elites transpired?


Re: tok out tok stret

February 20 2012, 8:24 AM 

Who logs in? Hardly anyone visiting scape bothers to set up an account. They just come, read and comment when they want. No log in required!



February 20 2012, 9:23 AM 

Good for you!! now could you talk about constructive and significant issues instead of insignificant things showing your incompetency to debate in this forum.

tok stret

Pila Niningi

February 20 2012, 8:28 AM 

Give some evidence that Pila Niningi's loyalty can be bought!

What, no evidence? Thought so!


Re: Pila Niningi

February 20 2012, 8:53 AM 

I knew all along you could be from a Karilpoi area, and i was not wrong, you are a "break away mob" plainly stemming down to the history of jealousy, and tribal politics. But, its your right, i hold no grudges againt that.

Politics of antipathy and resentment destroys the foundations of brotherhood, and Eric Tamo is playing a fair game. Karilpoi is our land, bring on your candidate, be a man. I know you're unconfortable with Eric, not because you need to grow up, not because you a jealouse, but because you have a right. Demonstrate your right and name those speculations you were lectured.

Eric Tamo is planning clean game for a real challenge with Francis Awesa, whose a leader and strong man with good financial backing.

You back-scratching here like a woman whose husband is been taken by another, is more or less igniting tribal politics (third-level politics), when the real war is looming with real men.

Otherwise you are plain ignorant, posting 3 so far under alias and total pretence, insanity or being stupid.

Kaupena for Eric Tamo!


Re: Pila Niningi

February 20 2012, 9:15 AM 

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, did you even bother to asses the 2007 general election regarding imbonggu open seat.. After the initial outcome when foul play was said to have happened Pila Niningi was given money contributed by some imbonggu elites and even men who have already passed on and are not with us today to go to court against Mr Awesa but he abruptly stop the court presidings and just withdrew the case against Mr Awesa. Without even shedding some light on what he did, he just left his supporters in the dark. Never considering his supporters and the amount of money they spent on him he sold himself. Read and asses my post well because you'll find your proof in it. Why would you withdraw your case when you have the support, funds and even good grounds to win???? MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! Buddy there is no need to smear Pila's "good" name because he has done a great job in doing it himself. I'm only stating my point of view.


Re: Pila Niningi

February 20 2012, 9:57 AM 

You living in the past. Pila sold his leadership, period. Pila's withdrawl of court injunction was not the supporters making, he opted for money. Did he ever shared that money with his hardcore supporters, maybe with you?

Karilpoi had enough of Pila, Glaimi Warena was the FIRST Imbonggu MP, Pila challenged him since then, tell me if he had ever won the seat? Pila has grown to be a destabilizing factor in Imbonggu, why can't he let upcoming young guns to try Francis? Is he playing hire-n-seek, Imbonggu men are not blind.

Mate, Pila tried every deception norm under the sun, he never won, eventually decided to sell his leadership to Mr. Awesa. So you telling me, you supporting Pila with your speculations you hired from John Lazarus?

Let me tell you this, Pila's once bloated support base has dindled, he was a "mai toromo man", don't let fantasy and deception mock you, lets play the real game and challenge Mr. Awesa. You bring on another name, Pila is a fake!

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