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December 7 2011 at 12:47 PM

hey people, whats the whispers on this seat? whos running and who's not?

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electoral commission projections


December 7 2011, 1:26 PM 

The latest word is that approximately 99.8% of the people in the Imbonggu electorate will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be running.

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December 10 2011, 12:13 PM 

Let the OLD man die on that seat

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Boogy man


January 7 2012, 12:21 PM 

I heard both Paias and Joe Alopea were standing against each other!

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Alopea's were labelled MP on birth

January 14 2012, 9:40 PM 

The Alopea's were born labelled on their forehead to be MP of imbouggu - same on you guys - what are you fighting for - do you thing you guys own the Imbouggu people and the electorate?. What is the population of Kou Warena's. Guys stop acting primitives when you are in the 21st century. This is typical greed in the most literal and formal presentation. Dont make a mockery of the good people of Imbounggu speakers - Imbounggu's are sensible, educated and well behaved. Where did your guys come from - maybe its your origin from the Meamus hey......Wake up the Alopeas and come to sense.

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Branded at birth just like the Somare family?

Re: Alopea's were labelled MP on birth

February 13 2012, 10:53 AM 

What do you mean when you say they are 'sensible'?

Don't our most corrupt pollies also tell us that they are 'sensible'?

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U Call us Meams

Election Time's Not Yet!

February 13 2012, 11:30 PM 

Has Paias & Joe Alopea both nominated to contest for the Imbongu Open Seat already? A big No! So you guys out there might as well shut up for the time being and comment after the nominations when both Pais & Joe nominate. Warenas are not stupid. You guys out there reckon both brothers will contest? Would that make sense? Nominations are not open yet. How big the population of Warenas doesn't matter, they are heart winners. You guys wait and see! Pasin ol karim ya na bai ol kisim lo pasin tasol. Ino moni o bikpla population hauslain-thats nothing! Warenas are forever united!

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Re: Election Time's Not Yet!

February 14 2012, 5:11 AM 

Warenas ARE stupid - look at who they've elected in the past!!!!

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Re: Election Time's Not Yet!

February 14 2012, 3:23 PM 

I am not generalizing the Warena's - get it clear and loud. I mentioned the Kou Warena's. The likes of leaders like late Glaime Warena was great. The Kou Warena's have a hidden family issue that has not been resolved and now its surfacing to the public scene of the election - please dont bring your family issue to the elections - what sort of leadership skills are you guys demonstrating here???

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Re: Election Time's Not Yet!

February 14 2012, 3:25 PM 

In the name of transparency (the #1 way to fight corruption), NOTHING should be kept hidden. ALL should come out and that includes hidden family issues.

See the Transparency International lessons for success.

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back page

lockim na lukim

January 25 2012, 9:32 PM 

that imbongu seat is going to kaupena dis election.. (period)

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Re: lockim na lukim

January 27 2012, 8:20 AM 

That seems to be the case. If it did, should be in capable hands.

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Using GOD in Greed desires

January 27 2012, 9:23 AM 

One obeservation I made from the last election.My Tribesmen were on a campaign run on the Mendi/Walume road and came upon the oppossing canidate. Stopped and the contesting guys from my village and the other had a chat and my tribesman was give a big parcel containg huge money.
Later after the election I found out that they had all planned in POM to do what they did to disrupt.From this observation I am very suspcious of Canadates coming in from POM to contest - even my tribes man. Using Churches and GOD to advance their Greed for Power. Pastors and Churches are directly involving - what a shame. If Church group accepts monetary gifts from political parties- all we do is Praise GOd saying our prayers are been answered to finished our church project bla bla ... .The biblical principle is not to sit around lazy and expecting God to perform miricles for you. A couple of Churches in Imbonngu have had a list with their Church member number and names to intending canadates. Is this right as church - body of christ doing these things ?? Don't throw our integrity in GOD we have to the devil.

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Take a deeper look!

January 27 2012, 10:10 AM 

If you look deep enough and hard enough into the heart and soul of people; intending candidates in this respect, you can see the telltale signs that tells your their true desires and purposes.

We should be slow to react but quick to reason. I would not personally categorize everyone to be bad or good. I believe there are some individuals out there with great intentions; intentions emanating from an oasis deep within their heart and soul fueled by a desire to do their part in mending broken bones and healing wounds; with a healthy hatred for the crooks and the corrupt; to erase the painful memories of deprivation and negligence; to give back what truly belongs to the people.

I know you thinking I am sugarcoating things here but there is no other way we will be able to find good, honest leaders with integrity. We must make the effort to look deeper.

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Red Karanas

Re: Take a deeper look!

January 29 2012, 3:17 PM 

Wanbel em stap bit this would be the case in a ideal setting. We PNG are not up to that level yet. It is easier for people to sell their votes for K20 and suffer for five years than it i to vote on conscience. I wouldn't pin any blame on anyone. We are victims of our own ignorance and laziness.

Simply on the basis that it would be insanity to retain an under performing MP for another five years, I wish someone totallu new gives a shot.

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Clear Conscience

January 30 2012, 9:18 AM 

Two election back - I voted for The Late Peter - (he was contesting as a first timer) out of the people who were contesting I just saw he was the only guy who met my minimal requirement. Elections later never voted because there was no guy I could cast my vote to. My conscience was troubling me not to give my mandate to corruption. I'm glad I did that not to compromise myself. This election I may vote but to a guy who has moral and good standing,has Faith.Guys with multiple wives are not not my list.
Some section of the community say by not voting you are infact giving a deaf hear to fixing the ills that prevails in our electrate. Very good and valid view but the question I have - shoud I really stand with Evil to fix evil. Give my vote/mandate to evil,corrupt persons. My conscience dose not serve me right just to do that. My vote and those of my family will not compromise - its very minority votes but keeping your conscience clear by doing right in GOD's face is more important than giving into free money/materials that are dished out by aspiring politicians.
I rather live in poverty and suffer consequence from tribesmen for not supporting our tribesman who is contesting.
Please I need names who are contesting so I could make a informed choice and do bit of research on them.

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February 4 2012, 5:15 PM 

Fellas...let the old man die on the seat! Every young leaders will only contest to get their share of the cake from the PNG LNG project royalties...bla bla...the old man has enough money and he can live his life...however, he wants to serve....let him...let FA die on the seat!!!!!

Am never supporting a University Graduate or Young Leader or who so ever.......you will only go to build your own empire see Timothy Tala? he is a failed politician and a failed young leader... learn from such people.

Over to you voters!

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Naiko - Pundia/Limbiale

Leadership going to Kaupena

February 8 2012, 3:04 PM 

I have done a quick research regarding peoples movement. This is was I got out of the screening process.
Mr Peipul has left the world - he has left his supporters (huge) behind - someone will have to pick this votes up. Lets think of who the likely candidate who will pick these votes. The guys who have contested for the last election will never record one single vote from Mr Peipuls supporters. They were contestng and racing against him and dismantled his winning spree and he is finally dead . Pius Alopea, Joe Alopea, Pila Nining, Awesa will not smell any of his supportors votes.
Pila has sold his leadership - everyone knows that he got money from Awesa - his dignity and trust is dead and gone. He does not have any loyal and diehard supportors he used to have due to this even. He also announced openelly he would never run for elections again so why would he run again?
Awesa had failed to deliver. Yes we know he has the money but what has he done or offered to the people of Imbouggu. Selling Mendi river to Australia was all rubbish. He has never been there for people when they needed him - eg the electricity cutt of in Yombi area, Police raid in Kaupena etc. The Imbouggu district office in run down, tall grasses, broken gates and windows etc. His own tribesman and family is broken down - supports are being widthdrawn. Influencial candidates are contesting from Mendi - reducing his primary votes.
Joe and Pius Alopea - blood brothers - who does this?? are they serious. After all who is Pius and who is Joe. Pius was the Provincial Project Officer under Agiru - what has he done for Imbouggu - he has set up a community hall somewhere but not in the centre of the District office Walume- what sort of leadership has he domstrated to have it built in his home Kou village. Every businessman does not neccessarily portray and good leader.
Eric Tamo - this guy appears strong from the interviews - he has worked with people/grassroots as a HEO in the past around Imbouggu area. A Pilot with Royal Flying Doctors of Australia. Working for the Federal Goverment of Australia and New Zealand. He has a good connection to Peipul's voters - his got a good base vote around Kaupena area to which no other candidates are contesting. He seems to have all youth support as well: -so watch this guy.....

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Re: Leadership going to Kaupena

February 8 2012, 8:19 PM 

Awesa's vote is torn up into shreds.Imbongu seat is going to the people of Imbongu - The momentum is picking up by looking at thing on the ground. Its a blessing because for the first time, we will have someone who is genuinely concerned about the people of Imbongu. For the first time we will see changes; real change that people , grassroots can see, and feel and benefit from.

You know who I am talking about. Thank God, as they say there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Mr. Tamo

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Eric Tamo

February 9 2012, 1:47 PM 

Its great to express and view concerns regarding the election here. Election is everyones business. We all have a duy and obligation to raise out voice and votes for good leaders into Parliament to represent everyone - not only the elite or upper class people but for all.

I thank God we have a good choice of a young and vibrant leader in Imbouggu now. Eric Tamo - a simply but well educated, he is someone who can work with any group of people, from young to old, grasroots to the elites and local to the international levels. I knew him as a small boy going to primary school when he worked as a Medical Superintendent of Ialibu Hospital in 1990s. He was so young but was serious with work, had a great professional attitude, worked so well with all his collegues and subordinates. He even became very good friends with disables, sick, grassroots, street boys etc.

He deserves a good run for this election. I know that despite being overseas educated and so on, he never forgets the fact that he is a "mangi long ples' always contributing to his family, tribe and people at home who need assistance all the time. He is a guy with big heart for people. Go Eric go - all the best of luck....my only and one vote will come to you knowing that I am doing the right person. God Bless

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