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Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa?

February 1 2012 at 10:20 AM
mangi hailans 

Who's gonna tell us what the local MP Benjamin Poponawa has been up to behind the scenes? All this denial shows me strongly that the rumours are actually true.


Tuesday 31st January, 2012

People urged to respect local MP


A CHURCH elder and community leader in the Tambul-Nebilyer District of Western Highlands Province has called on the people in the electorate not to demean the name of the local MP to gain political mileage.
Local church leader Elvis Mapa made the call in light of rumours spreading in the electorate that local MP Benjamin Poponawa had done nothing to showcase the people of Tambul-Nebilyer.
Mr Mapa told Post-Courier by telephone yesterday that Mr Poponawa was a silent achiever and a man of wisdom who has done so much for the people during his term in Parliament.
He would not release the content of rumours that were going around but admitted that it was bad for the people and for the local MP.
“Those spreading the rumors should wait until the time is right. Our local MP Mr Benjamin Poponawa has done a lot for the electorate and those spreading false rumors should refrain,” Mr Mapa said.
He said the 2012 National General election was just around the corner with 10 weeks remaining and those who wished to contest the seat should portray the truth and not to go around spreading ‘rubbish.’
The church elder said candidates for the Tambul-Nebilyer seat would be judged by their actions and how they present themselves to the people, adding that those with ‘double tongue’ should think twice before contesting the seat.
Mr Mapa said God knew the hearts and minds of those who wished to enter the elections but the incumbent MP had brought in tangible services for the people within the last four years.
“For the sake of service delivery and the people of Tambul-Nebilyer, I call on those responsible for the rumors to refrain from such behavior. Nothing good will come out of it but it will only portray their image to the public,” the church elder said.
He added that the time was near and people would come from all around the country to contest the election but the onus was with the local people to decide who would represent them at the floor of Parliament.

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SH Friend

Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa?

February 25 2012, 7:07 AM 

PNGeans profess to be Christains (majority), are the Churches making enough effect to say no to Vote buying. Churches boards and leaders in the Churches just can not comprise their faith by submitting into corrupt people so call leaders. You know someone is not on good moral standing and yet Churches go with their Church membership name list for funds to build their church buildings or church projects,
Christains just can not give mandate to devil to rule.Christains can not stand with Devil and agree on things.Christains can not compromise in evils ways.
If its not right in God's way - just forget and even don't vote. You doing yourself good by standing true to God's way.
I and family will not compromise if canidates are not of good Character. God is on the lips of very aspiring leaders but character checks speakes more of these leaders.
Pastors and Church boards are in better position to know but fail election times and no wonder why Evil rules and when elections over they all run to GOD for peace and security. What a shame.

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa?

February 25 2012, 2:05 PM 

SH friend, you are a wise and thinking person.

My belief is that we show respect to no one on the basis of their title or position.

Only show respect to people on the basis of their accomplishments. Not the propaganda they spread and all the pretend accomplishments they tell us about, but the true, on the ground achivements at making people's lives better than they were before.

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

March 11 2012, 10:21 AM 

This so called " pastor' seems to me a 'wolf under sheep coat'. The pastor's media comments indicated that he 'worships' the current MP for Tambul/Nebilyer rather than God. No-one is 'good' except God alone, and all our doings to some extent are bad. He should preach to the people how to experience God's Holiness in their lives rather than he is preaching to the people of Tambul/Nebilyer about the current MP. A frigthening sitauation!!!

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

March 11 2012, 10:52 AM 

Yah waru-kang, you are right. Does this pastor really measure K50 million (K10 million each year) worth of infrastructure projects delivered by the current member for Tambul/Nebilyer for the last five years? The current MP diverted most of the funds elsewhere without any input from the District Budget Priority Committee (DBPC). The MP seems to run the electorate by himself alone in Port Moresby and comes to Tambul for the signatures of the DBPC to show the meeting minutes as true records. When the MP was a normal citizen, he got his children educated in PNG schools. Now that he is an MP for the last five years, he's got money to send his children to live in Australia and get educated. This so called pastor needs to do his home before talking big in the media.

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

March 11 2012, 1:49 PM 

You people are absolutely stupid because you'veknown for years that he was stealing money ad what did you do about it? Abolutely NATING!

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Supporter blo Paul Mawa

Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

May 26 2012, 10:51 AM 

I definetly agree with you!!
They need someone new, smart and trustworthy enough to atleast make some changes and improvements in Tambu/Nebilyer......

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Kiluwa owa

Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

March 11 2012, 8:58 PM 

Looks like its just the same man posting all these negative comments about the MP for his own reasons using different identities. Bro Im from upper mendi(Birup) but usually transit through tambul on my way back home. I can tell you for one thing that he is bringing developments and services to your electorate then any other member before him. What has your previous MP's done like Mark Anis(5years), Vincent Auwali(10)years, Thomas Negints, etc. You tell me what they have done before coming up with all these negative comments. The tomba- tambul road is now sealed and the upgrading of the road from tambul to lower kagul is progressing well, while the road from tambul to malke is already upgraded. My very own MP pastor Issac Jacob hasnt done any tangible services like that, he just lip talks all the time. I would be happy if i had a MP like yours you can bring basic services where it is needed the most. If I was you i would just shut up and stop making all these negative comments. Who knows what motive you may have, hopefully its not a politically motivated.

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

March 11 2012, 9:28 PM 

Please describe all these "developments and services" that you're talking about if you want to stop the negative comments.

If you can't elaborate, consider yourself caught with your trousers down!!!!!

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

March 13 2012, 11:00 PM 

All we hear is that all the DSIP funds are spent in Tambul, but nothing to show in Nebilyer.
If the wealth is equally being shared I reckon Poponawa will make his mark and can easily get re-elected.
But there are many disgruntled people in Nebilyer, as always that thing called power is in the hands of the
people again so we'll see what they reckon he remains or be replaced.

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Pangi karape

Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

March 19 2012, 3:27 PM 

So what are some names of potential candidates from Lower Nebilyer contesting for the coming elections?

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kir kim da kep must

Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

April 7 2012, 7:47 PM 

These are the name being tossed around for Nebilyer in nor order
1.Paul Mawa-lawyer
2.Dr Fred Wurr
3.Gabriel Kanba-Civil Engineer
4.Thomas Negints- former MP
5.Mark Anis- former MP
6.Peter Laka- geologist ( works in Aussie)

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

April 9 2012, 4:29 AM 

What a sad range of options. Can't we do better than that??!!!!!!!

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kirkim da kep must

Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

April 10 2012, 9:25 PM 

These are leaders in their own righ and who are you to comment like that?
Apart from the two former MPs and Dr Fred Wurr who stood for elections earlier the other three are new blood professionals that represent their people and tribe.
Mind you we need people who are highly educated and have substential experience who are abreast with the economies of the wider world and will think outside of the box. Paul Mawa is a prominent lawyer who has a masters degree in Law from Cambridge University. Gabriel Kanaba has a Masters degree from the UK and is a well experienced cicil engineer.
Peter Laka is qualified mine geologist,has Post graduate qualifications from the International Institute of Mining Technology in Japan.Has worked in most mines in PNG, worked in the Oil and Gas fields of Kutubu and on oil rig ships in the Indian Ocean and is now a senior Geologist with Australia's fourth largest Iron Ore Mine and lives in Perth Western Australia.
If you OMG think these are to be matched then bring on your list of candiadtes and list their resumes for the people of Tambul Nebilyer to see and choose.
We know about Vincient Auali, Benjamin Poponawa, Was Korowi, Brian Kiap and the rest who is your best bet?
We need people with technical skills those that can make a big difference the world is changing so TN politics need to conform. No uneducated, illerate coulcillors or village big man has a place in todays changing world.

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

April 15 2012, 12:01 AM 

I don't care how long they've gone to school. Civil engineers and mine geologists don't know a DAMN THING about politics!

Painim narapela!

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Don't Agree with "Kirkim da kep must"

April 28 2012, 5:46 PM 

Academic qualifications don't mean a thing in Politics. Your masters degree and what not, does not mean anything in Politics. What matters most here is for the people to know, whether a person can deliver the much anticipated change, and is honest and reliable. That what matters. We have had leaders, who weren't highly educated, but they have something special, and that is "their people at heart".
Let's vote the one who has the whole Tambul Nebliya in his heart, and can deliver the much sought services to the people. There are alot of these good people around, without a masters degree. Parliament is not an arena of academia but rather, a chamber of decision makers.

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Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

April 29 2012, 8:40 PM 

imagine sending you AND illeterate, NON INTELLECT to parliamnet
How can YOU speak to an educated donor or speak english to a foreign journalist?
We do not want bush kanakas and broken english speakers who bluff and sweat in front of the tv camera.
Politics is not about big mouthing in parliament but have the intellect to compete in a world that is competetive.
Sorry mate if you are a person promoting a candiate who lacks the education your time is over. Tambul nemilyer will nevr be tagged least developed coz we have people who have the brains to change that perception.
Mind you geologists and civil engineers are the back bone of the economy, engineers build the infrastructure, roads and bridges for the country, geologists find the gold, copper and oil that the ountry is very reliant on. WHAT HAVE YOU CONTRIBUTED TO NATION BUILDING? Bring it on mate.

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Paul Mawa's Supporter

Re: Don't Agree with "Kirkim da kep must"

May 26 2012, 11:19 AM 

"The Parliament is not an arena of academics!! " ....that clearly shows how low your thinking is, I'm sorry but in other words ur saying that any illiterate cowards from the village can stand for elections get elected and look stupid in the parliament house and also degrading our intellectuals to other countries...Your pointless, and not logical so get on another website and post your shallow thoughts in it.

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learn your english

Re: Don't Agree with "Kirkim da kep must"

June 11 2012, 6:23 AM 

An academic person and a literate person doesn't have to be the same person. The problem with your posting is that you really don't know what an academic person is in the first instance, thus you mumble and grumble about something you obviously no nothing about.

Academics are faculty working in colleges and universities, full stop.

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Pastor T

Re: Tambul-Nebilyer, should we show repect to Benjamin Poponawa

May 26 2013, 5:23 AM 

We should vote those who know nothing about politics

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