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Imbongu Open

March 5 2012 at 3:44 PM
Naik Mopo 

We have the Old man Francis Awesa currenlty serving the people. Whether he has perfomred or not is for the people of Imbongu to judge. I will be going to vote on June 2012 for any person that appeals to me. The qualities I will be looking out for but not limitied of a candidate are the following:

1. Good Track record
2. Integrity
3. Wealth of Experience in public and private sector

Apart from the sitting MP I have heard that Pila Ninigi will be coming very strong from the Ialibu side but someone needs to confirm. However, the sitting MP will be very hard to beat this time as he has the financial might as well as good support base.

I am sure there are also other intending candidates still out there who have the potential to cause an upset. Please list them and and if anyone know any of them please state their credentials as well so we can make an informed decision.

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Re: Imbongu Open

March 5 2012, 3:58 PM 

The sitting MP has the upper hand right now because he knows how to corruptly play the election game, buying votes or whatever it will take to win.

An honest person has no chance against him!

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Yebi Jail Bird

Awesa is a Failure and a Under performer - Find an Alternative

March 5 2012, 6:56 PM 

I have alot of respect for Mr. Awesa as an individual but I must say I have absolutely no respect for him as a politician and a Stewart of the people of Imbongu.
Of all the vain promises, lies and deceit we have seen come out of the mouth of the little man, the the most outrageous one has to be that one where he said he will pipe water from Imbongu to Queensland. Now, the closest any business person or entity would contemplate pursuing, provided it was a viable investment, would have to be from the Gulf or Western Province. To say that he will pipe water from Imbongu in the Southern Highlands was not only pathetic and laughable, but worse it was a mockery to the people of Imbongu.

If it is jobs you want to create, genuinely that is, invest in agriculture, forestry, find investors and build a water bottling factory, build vocational training centers. Something that is at least possible and that will have direct impact on the lives and fortunes of the people of Imbongu. Stop the pathetically outrageous promises. No one is more stupid than Mr. Awesa if he believes he can still lie and make these sorts of outrageous promises.

This election Imbongu people must find an alternative. More is at stake but we cannot live with a failed, under performing MP for another five years.

Yebi Jail Bird

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Jon Yogiyo

Re: Awesa is a Failure and a Under performer - Find an Alternative

March 6 2012, 11:44 AM 

Wait, wait, there's something I don't understand about your posting. You say you still respect Mr Awesa as an individual - yet then you detail all the lying and cheating he's been up to.

Why would you respect him at all? Why would you even give him the tiniest bit of respect by calling him Mr?

I just don't understand why we give any respect at all for pollies that deserve no respect whatsoever.

Over to you to explain, please.

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You Got It mixed Up

March 6 2012, 12:46 PM 

Personality and Responsibility as an MP are not the shame. In that Yebi Jail bird assesment is not a mix up as see it so you got it wrong.

I got the point that Jailbird respects the MP on a personal level but not his ability to deliver as an MP. Got the difference?

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Re: You Got It mixed Up

March 6 2012, 1:04 PM 

Why should we respect him at an individual level if we find out that he LIES?

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Yaria Yana

Imbonggu can get it correct this time

March 6 2012, 1:49 PM 

Being a successful businessman does not necessarily mean one can be a good politician. Yes we all know Mr Awesa is a successful businessman but he has not demonstrated himself to be a leader and a politician for the people of Imbonggu, SHP and PNG. We need leaders and not businesman to serve and manage peoples welfare in this 21st century. You dont control and spend human life like money as in business however your consult, engage and empower the very people you represent regardless of whether they have supported you or not. As a leader and politician you are incharge of human lives, you have been given the mandate to serve and have the ability to lead, charish and nuture human lives. Imbonggu people are hardworking, smart, intellegent and peacemakers. We require a leader to engage people from grassroot level to be sustainable at the community level rather than entertaining few cronnies and handful of tribal relations and associates. Mr Awesa and Pila Niningi are 'Partners in Crime' - find out more if you dont know what I am talking about. Come on let us have a look at other candidates - because I am sure there are some great potential and upcoming leaders that we need to give them opportunities to lead our people for a better Imbonggu, SHP and PNG. For me Awesa and Niningi are not a choice nor an option...

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Plain and Simple

Re: Imbonggu can get it correct this time

March 6 2012, 2:17 PM 

The simple difference is this:

Businessmen are used to bossing to get their way.

Politicians must compromise and wheel and deal, give and take, to get their way.

Most businessmen who go into politics find that "new way" of doing things frustrating and they try to boss but get nowhere. In the end they give up and are ineffective.

Also: businessmen spent their whole career thinking of ways to make money for themselves. Many of them cannot drop that habit when they get into public office, so they corrupt their position in order to keep filling up their pockets.

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Brothers fighting for Dog's Bone

April 3 2012, 4:46 PM 

Look at how funny these guys are for the Ialibu area. Brothers and tribesman are fighting over dog's bone - I really feel ashamed as an Imbongguan - what do these guys think they are doing??
- Joe Alopea & Pius Alopea - blood brothers fighting against each others, splitting their families and tribesman.
- James Tira & Samuel Era - Tribes men from the same village (Orie) fighting and argueing against each others causing so much confusion and frustration for their very tribes and clansmen.

The point is that it clearly reveals that these guys are fiighting for something other than to represent the interest of the people. If its for the people than one would think they would be deciding on one of themselves to contest while other steps aside and provide the support and logistics. This is how messyso called leaders are - causing confusion and friction between the very people that they should be caring and nuturing. I personally think they are representing other third party person's interesting - meaning they set up or being paid huge sum of money to split the votes or either given a ,ot of money from other businesses or parties so they can spend a bit on the election and pile up the rest for their own stomach..

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Re: Brothers fighting for Dog's Bone

April 14 2012, 11:47 PM 

what you're witnessing is primitive greed in action. enjoy!

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Pastor T

Re: Brothers fighting for Dog's Bone

May 26 2013, 4:38 AM 

Fighting over dog bone is what all EHP like to do most

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Pila Diehard

Pila Niningi will win.

March 6 2012, 7:52 PM 

Pila will win this time, you will see.

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Such attitude and frame of mind has costed peoples life

March 7 2012, 8:14 AM 

I am ashamed as an Imbonggu to see that you still have guts and strength to support Pila. I thought by now your strength and self esteem would have been drained to the maximum by Pila.The people of Imbonggu and his very own people of Tona/Piambil have suffered alot to remain loyal to Pila for Donkey years. Please have some sense and make changes for the poor mass majority grassroot people who have suffered for and by Pila. Its more than 30 yrs now that Pila has run for the elections without scoring a win..Pila sold his leadership to Awesa in the last elections for Mega bucks...dont you know that every Imbonggu is aware of that?- doesnt that embarras you at all??? has he shared any of that with you? No people with sense will talk about Pila at all in this election.....mate his time is over, its time for him to make a real living rather than scrapping on politics for survival....those dirty tricks and games are over buddy....he has been a brief case carrier all his life for politicians like Mr Winty and etc....he is getting old living on the edges of politics ----just murking around with innocent peoples life...So mate pull your good God given brains and judgement together for the sake of people and not for Pila's bread and butter...

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Rich man

April 4 2012, 1:14 PM 

Mr rich man, go and challenge Mr Pila Niningi in the elections and win. I bet u wont be close enough.

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Re: Rich man

April 4 2012, 2:44 PM 

I support you Imbonguan 100%.
Michael, Eric or Awesa will come nowhere close to Pila Niningi.
The late Peipul was the only formidable foe that prevented Pila from a landslide win. This time it maybe won on 50% first counts.

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Re: Such attitude and frame of mind has costed peoples life

April 14 2012, 11:49 PM 

Your posting is full of unnecessary rhetoric & very few facts. Please find & emulate postings that get straight to the point!

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Pila step down!!

May 9 2012, 9:46 AM 

Mr Niningi's time is up, we want new people..

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May 21 2012, 11:00 PM 

We will see if the people want him to step down or not but in the mean time he's got the constitutional right to stand as many times as he want to. Seriously why do you want him to step down?

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Re: Imbongu Open

March 8 2012, 11:57 PM 

Michael Kerepa from Kaupena is comming home for Imbongu!

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Never had of him - Michael Kerepa

March 9 2012, 7:46 AM 

Who is he - tell us more about his back ground, family, work, education, tribe etc - has he worked in Imbonggu and SHP?

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