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David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

April 29 2012 at 12:28 AM
Yapen Tinulip ping 

Guys, head anything about this man David Paiya? I heard he is hot this time. All I know of him is, he is a public servant working with Porgera Development Authority Finance and Tressuary. He does have a diploma in business accountig. All I use to admire him is, he is dedicated and committed community leader.

He is from Upper Lagaip (Wanepop) and he is going to be endorsed by some chiefs from Porgera. You go to Porgera station bus stop and see on your right is he campaign house built.

If I have my name in his electorate, I would go for him.

Any comments about him?

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Waliagi Pyapita


April 29 2012, 3:43 PM 

David Paia has no base votes at his own Kanaki rest house because his own brothers Senior Godfrey Waip is collecting all the Votes there and also his brothher Nathan Piari is going to trade his open votes for his Regional Seat.

Why are you three Kaimuli contesting from the same rest house. Shame on you. Go and talk it over and only one of you contest if you are serious.

Then you will be attracting votes from Pulukus, Tambus, Kipaus, Yokondo, Kinapulam and Lyamala.

Otherwise don't waste your money and resources. If not all of you support one Laipian Candidate like Lawyer Ambone Sailas or David Bilip.

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April 29 2012, 5:10 PM 

Yep. You stated it very well. This isn't an election about honesty, character, or serving the country effectively. It's all about base votes, 'collecting votes' 'trading votes' and probably ultimately switching votes in corrupt backroom deals.

I'm so happy that you put it out like it is. Nobody should think that 2012 is going to be an honest election. Nobody should even begin to pretend that tribalism is dead in the highlands. All the uncivilised primitive tribal behaviour remains alive and well, which is why we once again will be naive voters who will do nothing more than witness the big boys fix the election so that 'their guy' can win. Once he's in office, you can rest assured he'll do what he can to steal the national treasury down to zero to make him and his buddies multi millionaires.

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April 29 2012, 9:16 PM 

@Wailyang piyapit..I totally agree with your statement. Its something important to talk about.

To the point, I never heard of this Godfrey Waip and Nathan yes I heard him contesting. How dare people mentioning these peoples name while they are great loosers. Bro. don't you know that they always come to give problems for their own benefts? Including David Lambu, these people have always come to spoil the good name of Kamul and Kanak rest house has been always a problem because of these Nathan particularly.

Nathan at this time, his own tribesman Piyapits are going to castrate him in retaliation of what he did to Councilor Philip Nauwen remember. Nathan use to have his base in his wife's place Wanepop but this time, he is not going there either. Where is he basing his campaign? I will be sorry to see him crucified.

Godfrey is ok but know how many times we had scarifised on him? We are all exhausted. He is one good potential tribesman but his time has expired and people don't want to his name anymore. Not even his own Walyang people. I am his uncle and thats why I don't want to criticise him here. All I want to say is, Kamul people should tell these Nathan and Godfrey to step down. Its about time people have to make wise decision. If David Paiya is not capable, tell him also to step down and look at other cadidates from neighbouring tribes.

DOn't talk like Godfrey and Nathan going to pocket all votes in Kanak. Maybe you are talking from experience from last election but this time its not going to happen the way you are thinking. That experience has also shaped the people how to handle such situation in Kanak rest house.

Give time and chance to young Kamul elites.

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April 29 2012, 9:38 PM 

It sounds like your describing a rugby match and its players rather than an election where we choose the people who will either build upon or destroy our future and the wealth of our country.

What a pathetic way of analysing the candidates!

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Tok out tok stret


April 30 2012, 3:06 AM 

I am not describing a rugby match here. This is the general perception of all kamul and enven all of Laiagam people know about these culprit. I am discribing the real situatio that had happened and is going to happen and its nothing about hide and seek game. Tell the truth and let these grassroots exercise their democratic rghts.

Politic is about trust that you have with starting from you own community through to the wider environment. What I meant was, their own people have already lost trust and faith in them.

This what I have seen and what general communities have analysied. I wouldn't mind if a new born baby didn't know what had happened in past talks like what you have said. Maybe you are in support of these culprits and its ok for you.

You go around to Niugu or Kabak to hear from what people are saying and only then you will prove me right.

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not a primitive tribalistic


May 4 2012, 6:30 AM 

"Why are you three Kaimuli contesting from the same rest house. Shame on you."

Why should they be shamed that they're obviously resisting primitive tribalism while you're promoting it? The shame should be on YOU!

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Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

April 30 2012, 2:19 AM 

Anyone who helps the barrick mine foreigners get richer and richer off of pogera's land and resources should NOT be our representative. Sounds to me like Paiya is a tea boy to the big foreign company who gives us human rights violations as their thank you to the pogerans.

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Tea boy

Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

April 30 2012, 3:22 AM 

People are talking about mandatig a leader who will represent Laiagam & Porgera. If someone tea boy like David is coming from Porgera, you wait to see him win or runner up.

He is a grassroot tea boy and he is with the grassroots.

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Kaimi palup

Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

April 30 2012, 2:19 PM 

Hey tea boy! David Paiya is intelectually briliant and he is not comparable to any other qualified person like you who are describing him. he is getting his base votes in Porgera/Paiala and Lagaip Headwaters is his winning votes.

He works as a tea boy in the tressuary department but the bosses normally bow down to him. What would that sapose to mean?

Man, em holim head na tail blong snake ya lukaut!

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Yapen Tinulip ping

Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

April 30 2012, 2:28 PM 

Brothers, I use to admire his capabilities and potential in politics although he maybe call a tea boy.

Just watch out for these guys campaign, analysis and choose someone who will represent Lagaip/Porgera.

Don't judge people when you know nothing in the first palce. Who knows, he may be the right leader?

You people in this forum I guess you are all well educated to talk sense and talk something encouraging so that we can choose a leader with capability and mission to accomplish.

Thanks guys

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Kaimuli Wan


April 30 2012, 8:17 PM 

You three Kaimuli candidates-Indiakli Waip, David Paiya and Nathan Piari must sit down and talk and allow only one to stand.

I heard that David Lambu is not contesting the Regional Seat in this election giving chance to Paul Torato, Nathan Piari and Patror Tony Yanz. This is good. Respect each other as brothers. One can try in the next election.

Now you three Kaimulis can decide only one candidate to contest. Perhaps, Nathan and Godfrey can give chance to David Paiya who is a new comer to the political scene.

Nathan can contest because your brother David Lambu has given you breeding space by not contesting this election. Why don't you gays make this sort of decisions? Lambu is not going to die because of this decision. He can contest in the next election. Godfrey, HOW ABOUT YOU?

You might like to give chance to David Paiya.

Godfrey you decide and tell us.

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heat sorrow

talk and agree that tribalism is best

April 30 2012, 9:23 PM 

It means absolutely nothing to you that they're all a bunch of bums, does it? Honesty.... ethics..... none of that plays a role in your primitive tribalistic fixation.

And they thought someday we might be civilised. Leave it to Enga to prove otherwise!

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Yapen Tinulip ping


May 1 2012, 1:25 AM 

This is absolutely right. I agree with your statement.

it is a shame and slap on the face of us..

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Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

May 1 2012, 8:22 AM 

I absolutely LOVE these kinds of statements: "David Paiya is intelectually briliant and he is not comparable to any other qualified person."

First, you can't spell intellectually.

Second, you say he is NOT comparable to any other qualified person, which means you've just done a major put down of a candidate that you're supposedly supporting!

Please don't make a fool of yourself by using Engan English.

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Kaimi palup

Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

May 1 2012, 1:15 PM 

Some times we engans speak the engalish way. thanks for correction.
what I meant was he is more than a qualified person. and absolutely I am in support of him and my Yanjakale rest house is his block votes plus Porgera station rest house.

We the tribesman of Chief Kuwala are the King and we make the final decision and if it means for David Paiya thats it.

If you are from Laiagam, we don't need your votes. He is going to win by absolute majority only from Porgera/Paiala trust me.

Tell me who the best candidate you are going for?

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carry on, my friends!

Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

May 1 2012, 1:18 PM 

I don't think anyone disputes that David is going to win, nor that even if the elections are honest (which they won't be), his victory will be due to sheer, primitive tribalism, unchanged for thousands of years, and still unchanged even though we have landcruisers and roads. The primitive brain takes many generations to civilise, I guess. Only a few of us have yanked ourselves away from that primitive tribal attitude.

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Kaimi palup

Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

May 1 2012, 1:33 PM 

Triblism is not dead in Enga or even Highlands. We speak better of here but when we go out there we still do their way, the primitive way. Its majority rule.

Change will come when our generation is over and that if our sons and daughters are edcuated. Landcrusiers and roads doesn't make any sense about civilization when people are not.

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Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

May 1 2012, 1:43 PM 

Some places are cursed with tribalism. The 'tribes' in palestine and israel will be fighting for another thousand years. png is another cursed place. The tribalism will never end thats what i think.

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Re: David Paiya for Lagaip/Porgera

May 1 2012, 1:53 PM 

Tell me, WHO IS DAVID PAIYA? Never heard of this small boy...

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