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micah moke for Imbonggu

May 26 2012 at 1:33 AM
joel ipia 

I want to air my support to Micah Wanis Moke for imbonggu seat.I know this guy work with unicef for last ten years. He travelled many third world countries and Europe as well to bring funds back to PNG to build our schools,etc..
Now he want to contest imbonggu electorate, he is a profesional indivitual leader to vote for. I am confident if he given the chance he will change our walume district.

HE looks young but he is been working for 12 good years in a professional enviroment with many high skilled indivituals. He will be a instrument for development at walume.
I have seen rest of the candidates but not satisfied with all of them, probably Eric but lives in Townsville.


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You must be longlong!

May 31 2012, 6:15 PM 

You and your brother candidate can win and promote corruption. He had misapplied K4 millon European donated funds meant for the upgrading and maintenance of a run down mission station from his own area. Is that what you are advocating for? You must be dead stupid in your thick cranium to stand up for a corrupt guy like him. Don't preach rubbish. We all know who your brother candidate is.

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Re: You must be longlong!

May 31 2012, 11:55 PM 

Who is this Michael Kerepa from he is gaining momentum with his campaining.

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Torum Mange is gaining popularity

June 1 2012, 4:18 PM 

For the imboungu open seat, only three hot candidates are said to be gaining the speed of sound. They are Torum Mange, Pila Ninigi and Francis Awesa. Statistics show that Torum Mange from the Tangiki tribe of Kendagl village near Ialibu is a favorite contender for the seat as his popularity is storming all corners of the electorate. Even the Kume Tangiki's around the Kaupena area are backing him up. Pila is another hot one, but he has indicated to support Torum by way of shifting all his number two votes to him and vice versa, a good deal to bring the seat back to imboungu. Francis Awesa is the big fish to challenge but his very own supporters in Mendi have shown little support and crossed over to Torums camp. That was obvious during the normination at Walume.

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Battle of the Titans

June 4 2012, 4:46 PM 

This election in 2012 for the imbongu seat is going to be really interesting. We have two titans Pila Niningi and Francis Awesa stamping their feet of influence and charm. Most of the candidates from the Mendi side are slowly giving up due to overwheling popular support sliding towards Francis Awesa. My prediction based on this scenario is that Awesa could be winning by the primaru votes. Pila Ninigi is the only formidable candidate that seems to building the momentum from all corners of the electorate. He could cause an upset.

Happy voting.

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Re: Battle of the Titans

June 4 2012, 8:49 PM 

A you people damp, or deaf to vote Pila. don,t even metion his name. Tell him to get life and leave our innocent people alone. The are sick of him, its ok for you and your people.
thankyou Mate!

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Re: Battle of the Titans

June 6 2012, 6:53 AM 

And why, may I ask, shouldn't be vote for Pila? Do you have any specific problems with him or are you just mauswaring?

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long time

June 6 2012, 9:51 PM 

since when,he's been fighting with late peipul for ages, never even won once,Last election he sold his very people to Awasa.
To tell the truth, I meet him and Awasa at ela beach hotel, that must be the ghost.
Thats the reason Why we are not happy with him, my family voted him fors years but feed up now. Time to move on and vote young vibrant, intellectual,honest and educated man to bring development, not bigname, money and so forth....


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have some decency, pollies!

Re: long time

June 8 2012, 3:51 AM 

Any pollies who meet people at the Ela Beach Hotel are corrupt. You can bet on it.

Ela Beach Hotel = favourite hotel of the corrupt Somare family.

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Pila diehard

Re: Battle of the Titans

June 13 2012, 7:43 PM 

Mate its not damp its dumb. Get your wordings correct. By the way Pila is the hot one now wether u like it or not.

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Re: Battle of the Titans

June 8 2012, 3:49 AM 

Don't call them titans. That is like giving respect to idiots that don't deserve our respect AT ALL.

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Re: Torum Mange is gaining popularity

June 4 2012, 8:43 PM 

Hope you get our votes in kaupena,WHO IS Torum mange, frankly.
We Dont want to support Pila and Francis any more. They are buddies in pom and coming home to deceit their very people they voted them. They can bring their dirty money to bribe people in the last minute.
Hope our people have brain to vote them OUT, FEED UP.


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Results say othewise

July 17 2012, 10:12 AM 

I'm so encouraging to see our young leaders trying at national politics. We have Torum Mange, Micah Moke, Eric Tamu, to name a few. Yes, people have been talking so much about Torum Mange before and during the elections particularly at our favourite wate holes and beer pubs i.e. So much boasting but very litle on the score board. My friend I think you should eat your word. Micah and Eric were so quite but did very well. They deserve a come back next time around. Not boastful pub talkers!

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June 4 2012, 7:27 PM 

You have no idea who ever you are. you probably spoon feed by someone you a looking upon for this election. Don't keep dreaming on your little brain, the more you think it will explore and you'll be gone.
Don't metioned someone's name and blame them for nothing. Where and when He received that K4mil you're preaching, you have the proof then bring them forward. You must be a ghost behind the screen, talk sense if a human being.
Seems like you lost some of your brain cells, better see the GP b4 you die


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Imbo keri

Don't be fooled by your crap!

June 5 2012, 1:28 PM 

Go Micah fanatic...whom do you think you are talking to? I know the guy more than you might know and what I have posted here is the truth behind this candidate and nothing else. Because you don't have a sligest clue at all about this fund, you can dance to the tune of your own disatisfaction in support for this guy. The reality is, he has now diverted this fund for his election.

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Mr don't be fooled by your crab

June 6 2012, 9:37 PM 

Let people who can make beneficial comments based on facts and figures can use this site.
We don't want to view some people ************ which is you are proclaiming.
You have no idea who Micah is and what He can archive. He is a man of good principle and a giver at heart.He grow up to be a leader and not like others who're hungry for money, bigman figure. He does not have any money for cash out or such, he is running his honnest campagin. He based his campaign with 6 councils and he's improving everyday. We don't like negetive or false comments on such a honest guy.
I reckon people like you should be mindful before you mention someones name on site. I guess, your lies will come back to you, hope, good lord forgives you too.

I asked you bring them forward if you have a proof and once again you failed.just keep out or unless you have something beneficiary for general viewers.

Go Micah

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June 8 2012, 3:50 AM 

He gave a lot more facts and information than you seem to be doing in reply.

There is a term to describe the way you've written your posting. It's called: sputtering!

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June 8 2012, 11:24 AM 

Where is the facts? KIAP.

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hot he's not

Re: You must be longlong!

June 6 2012, 6:50 AM 

It's a sad game about every one of these people thinking they deserve their 15% commission for their hard (?????) work bringing in this money.

In other parts of the world, truly concerned people make sacrifices and do these things for ZERO commission.

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Re: You must be longlong!

June 7 2012, 8:01 AM 

I'M from Imbongu but I studied at Uni with Micha Moke and found him to be a reliable humble person. I met him again in Brisbane when he was on a trip working with Unicef and he was so passionate about development issues and I could see how passionate he was. I know he will serve his people better if he gets in.
Otsider perspective tasol.

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