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This morning's hilarious full page colour adverts for JEFFREY NAPE & DON POLYE

June 12 2012 at 8:44 AM
The National 

The 2 adverts are hilarious in their own way.

Jefferey Nape is featured from head to toe in a wrinkled suitcoat and trousers. He can't even button his suitcoat he's so fat!!!!!!! And too bad we can see his shoes cos they haven't been polished!!!! In any other country, people would think he came off the street with donated clothes!. Our corrupt Nape makes sure he uses all the right buzz words in his advert: LEADERSHIP, STRONG AND STABLE GOVERNMENT, STRONG LEADERSHIP, NEW DIRECTION. Would Nape have a clue how to achieve any of this? All that a strong and stable government gives PNG is plenty of time for the pollies to learn how to steal more and more money. That's STABILITY!!!!

The Polye advert shows better smarts, but then again, who would be stupider than Jefferey Nape!!!! Polye realises how fat he looked in the last advert so now we only see his face. Unlike the stupid Nape, Polye is smart enough to always have his long beard which effectively covers up the double or triple chins that he's developed through sheer greed and gluttony. Polye's advert is titled "It's time for a new beginning" then everything listed after that are the same empty campaign promises like we've gotten from every single pollie for how many years now? To Polye's credit, he again gives what the stupid T.H.E. stands for in his advert but his campaign promises, are pretty laughable:

* Be transparent and fight corruption (the corrupt Polye is gonna do this???!!!!!)

* Strengthen and support the family unit (how many wives does Polye have? is it truly only one with no girlfriends on the side????!!!!)

* Provide opportunities for human development (what the hell does that mean??!?!!?!?!)

* Provide free basic education (yeah, basic education. we already have that in thousands of rural schools where students leave Grade 6 knowing BASICALLY NOTHING!!!!!!)

* Provide improved health care (you mean there's gonna be more than panadol on the shelves??????? WOW, big improvement!!!)

* Assist with affordable, permanent housing for all (now THAT's a cargo cult promise... although probably Polye is thinking of the "affordable, permanent housing" of POM's squatters with their tin roof shacks.

* Boast law and order (promised by every MP and PM in PNG since the beginning of time!!!!)

* Grow a diversified economy (you mean the rich will continue to get richer and relax away at the cinema every weekend while the poor will continue to get poorer? Yep, THAT's definitely a diversified economy!!!!!!!)

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Re: This morning's hilarious full page colour adverts for JEFFREY NAPE & DON POLYE

June 12 2012, 8:58 AM 

Talking about triple chins........ ONeill is no longer pictured in his advertisements all they show is his outstretched hands holding a tree seedling. Now no one can see how fat ONeill has become............

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Re: This morning's hilarious full page colour adverts for JEFFREY NAPE & DON POLYE

June 12 2012, 9:19 AM 

Nape;s shoes are too big for him in that picture-makes him look like a clown!

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fatty Nape

Re: This morning's hilarious full page colour adverts for JEFFREY NAPE & DON POLYE

June 12 2012, 5:52 PM 

A similar ad was in the Post Courier today.

At least the fatty buttoned his coat for that pix, I guess if he sucks in his breathe and holds it he can get it buttoned.

But wrinkled suit and trousers thats all the same. Can't tell about the shoes cuz its a black and white photo.

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Re: This morning's hilarious full page colour adverts for JEFFREY NAPE & DON POLYE

July 14 2012, 9:18 PM 


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Looks Twin Though?

July 17 2012, 11:18 AM 

They look almost twins from a same mama. In fact, twins look identical from all physical appearences. Yes they both are fat, beard looks alike, the chicks and their twin mammoth noses.

However one bloody look even an insane could tell is one clown twin fatty is tall while the other clown fatty is short and the rest compared is clown!clown!clown!.

Damn! I think they are the best combination to enter the next "Digicel Stars".

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Tambuak Dap

Ref: Critics of Don Polye

July 27 2012, 11:49 AM 

Buddy too good you are to open that hole in you face but I'm telling you you will never get in to his shoe's. You can dream of but it's just a nightmare overnight so shut it up and watch him!

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