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UT (Utterly Corrupt) Isaac Joseph very close to winning in SHP!!!!!!!!

July 17 2012 at 5:41 AM

His stealing and corruption was detailed in pngblogs.com but voters in the electorate don't care. "Pastor" Joseph is well on his way to victory!

Another fine example that crime DOES pay for PNG pollies.


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Re: UT (Utterly Corrupt) Isaac Joseph very close to winning in SHP!!!!!!!!

July 18 2012, 5:25 PM 

If there was any better evidence that the people of Mendi are ignorant and stupid, I can't imagine anything more convincing than the re-election of Isaac Joseph.


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Nakiyo and Not Naiko

Land of Stupids

July 21 2012, 12:30 AM 

Well Mendi by history can not make the right choice of leaders like the imbonggu. they can fight over "sarap, flour balls, chicken & dog, old tyres, tanget plant, radio...so on

You talk about leader to represent them?? Its tribe warfare than them development, its show of strenght and power. It will take 200 years for them to change. So corruption crips in so to make cronies and tribes man happy.

i hate been called a Mendi when i am Imbonggu next door.

" Therefore you vote and send a stupid to parliament and the indication is that people are stupids"

Lets see what he does this time..

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Re: Land of Stupids

July 21 2012, 4:32 PM 

What a laugh. Again and again in the newspapers over the past 2 weeks there have been reports of the complete election chaos in a certain electorate of SHP...... known as Imbonggu!

Better straighten out your own house first before you complain about others......

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Stanley Pundiye


July 23 2012, 2:16 PM 

most of the people in PNG and Souther highlands province as whole believe on christians and voted for them but in actual fact they do not know their inner being nad efven know the biblical the history. Most of the people in Rome (Especially Christians ) fight agains corruption while being christians. the Roman government saw that and figure out ways to close their moouth. The government inject money into the church upon terms and conditions. The terms and conditions as been signed. so what happen next was to follow what golvernment will say and they people close their mouth. The money corrupted the church and the people. now, the same mony has corrupted the so called pastors and christians so what's the point in voting for them if they are not following the their beblical rules and regulation and serve the county. it is not the christians or any ordernary persion to change the nation but someone who is simplew and have hert for the people and the county like mohammed Gandhi and not the normal chrisatians. Leaders should be the servant of the people and not the bosses. Pastor Isaac is another corrupted christians and is an claaic example of what I mention above. where do he get all the money to by his new land cruser and have the nice lookin buildings. He has spolind the name of the good christians in PNG.

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Re: corruption

July 23 2012, 8:01 PM 

God gives power to leaders and removes them the same way He put them up.
Isaac Joseph lost so he deserved it.

Dont be surprised that all he stole will slowly disappear from his hands and pockets and he will be a nobody sooner than expected.

Rags to Riches back to Rags - such is life

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