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Close Asian Retail Shops in Banz

August 1 2012 at 2:04 PM

A salary as a Retail Manager is better then 1 month salary on rice paddys . How do we even tolerate them Asian kanakas selling cheap plastic goods to our people and rob them of thier days earning at the market.

They take every single toea they make from our people back to Malaysia. I have lived and worked with them for 4 years , seen their rice paddys many times , know these people .... gosh ... just get them out of banz ......

Lets circulate Jiwakan money within the pockets of Jiwakans .. not foreigners ... please..... They do not bring any foreign expertise or technology to Jiwaka ...... only here to rob the last toea in the poor man's pocket ......

the sight of them in Banz.... f**** up my holiday...

somebody do something

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stap wantaim

Re: Close Asian Retail Shops in Banz

August 1 2012, 2:36 PM 

Malaysia, China, Korea. The asians now flood into png from everywhere because of exactly what you say. There is big money to be made off us.

I also can't understand why there hasn't been some kinda revolution and kick them all out

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Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 1 2012, 3:06 PM 

Its very very easy to make a statement than exactually doing something to make things happen. Whatever, discussed above by our friend and his or her observation about the ASIAN DOMINANCE in Jiwaka is not a surprise. The trend of Asians coming into our new provinces of Jiwaka, Hela and other provinces are expected to grow as major developments are happening in PNG.

I just want to make one and yet very important point for Jiwakans and all genuine Papua New Guineans to take it into consideration.

That is: We must establish our own businesses, from small businesses, semi-, middle to major corporative businesses and help each other to grow our local economy as the Asians do.

We must start now and should not have to give away our land to foreigners especially the Asians, we can give our land to Papua New Guineans, that is healthy because Papua New Guineans will support each other in terms of businesses and in building our economy.

Therefore, I for one belief that without having the desire to be creative and invest in our land and businesses, I think no one will stop the Asians from extending their businesses and presence to all parts of the country because they have the money and the network.

The only and the most workable strategy to dismantle or restrict them from taking over our land and businesses is to empower the local community to become self-enterprenuer and invest in business and self reliance.

Once we set up our own businesses and the money, then we would urgently need our land and therefore would not allow the Asians to come and take advantage of our free and unoccupied land in terms of businesses and creativity.


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Pastor Tommy

Re: Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 1 2012, 4:37 PM 

Yes, but sending dick-heads to Waigani will not help. They live off the asians.

PNG is for Papua New Guineans first.

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Dr Evil

Pastor Tommy is my toy boy.

August 1 2012, 6:05 PM 

Don't take Pastor Tommy seriously, he's only good at performing fellatio. By the way, he's my toy boy. Liklik ball boy blong mi.

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Re: Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 3 2012, 3:18 AM 

So right ... we know that for the fact. There is only a handful of dick heads in Parliament who enjoy Asian bribes, a very emberassing state of affair.

The 99.99% of Jiwakans in banz have not seen any Asian " free handouts". And they are the ones pumping money into the Asian banks.

Thats why we need to campaign vigorously for people not to shop in asian shops. And Jiwakan owners of those shopping buildings to stop renting to the Asian.

We need to lobby mass boycotts.

Some Jiwakan out there who is in Banz..... please start talking. If you are a radio announcer , please educate your people.

Any smart IT Jiwakan .. please send SMS.... tell your people not to shop in Asian shops. We are a democratic nation,with freedom of media and speech.

Lets empower Jiwakan bussinessman ....... jiwakans for jiwakan .....

IF we closed down all Asian shops in banz today, not a single jiwakan will go hungrey .. not tonight .. not ever

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Re: Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 3 2012, 3:25 AM 

Radio announcers will never, ever make such announcements - afraid of losing asian advertisers!

Why is it that you are advising everyone else what to do but you haven't told us a single thing about what YOU will do????????

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Re: Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 3 2012, 10:22 AM 

Awareness campaign ..... just that I do not live in Banz to do enough of it , so I am trying to generate interest in people who do.

sori mi stap longwei tumas na salim tok i stap.......

Maybe I should start mailing flyers to every physical address in Banz ...... any suggestions?

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anti kongkong

Re: Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 1 2012, 6:20 PM 

Why are we so incapable of organising boycotts of the Asian shops? Hit them where it hurts.

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Re: Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 3 2012, 2:54 AM 

The facts are:
Lets not kid ourselves to compete in bussiness with the china man, they are the masters. And I really DO NOT like the idea of wrestling with foriegners in my front yard, as much as I cannot tolerate the sight of them.

Let me clearify I welcome any Asian Doctors or Engineers in Jiwaka as long as they are not running thier own consultancy firms.

Zero tolerance for malasyan in banz please ... any potential Jiwaka bussinessman or women out there please lobby anti Asian retail shops campaingn NOW.
They are already occupying 5 out of 8 retail shops.

When our newly elected member put together some cash generating project PLUS government funds , most of it will ultimately wind up in the Asian shops and all monies off to malaysia.

This is serious ... we must stop this cash leak now ........ We need money in the pockets of Jiwakans for Jiwakans.

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concerned citizen

Re: Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 12 2012, 12:51 PM 

You can't welcome in some and not welcome in others. They're like a cancer. Once they get into an area they spread like fire!

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Stop at the beginning.

August 10 2012, 3:48 PM 

Why initially the land lords and the real PNG ( Jiwaka) people allow for these Asians to rent their stores and buildings. Are we not capable of running a simple retail out let our selves??.

You do not need a rocket scientist brain to run a simple store in a town like banz. I do not see a big shopping moll in banz which may require brains to run. Ii you Jiwakans who own the buildings run them your selves, than the Asians will have no place to do business. But if we are lazy and think that the small peanut money that the KongKongs pay a month for the rent is big and feel that you are a business man.. that obviously you have a small brain.

Asians are very low class but yet we think they are superior and say yes to them... Shop owners should start terninating all contracts with Asians and start to run your shops in your own land and in your own new province.


Banga.. get it back and run it the Jiwaka way in style.

Wal Wei.

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Re: Stop at the beginning.

August 10 2012, 4:48 PM 

Oh but you're wrong. You definitely need a rocket scientist brain to have the willpower to keep your wantoks from pulling all your profits away, all getting credit from your store that they never pay back, and finally the whole things collapses.
Thats where Asians have the advantage, don't you think?

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why no action

Re: Stop at the beginning.

September 8 2012, 3:05 PM 

Unfortuantely we Jiwakans tend to be too lazy to run our own stores. It is lazier to rent out our stores to asians to do all the hard work and we just collect the money.

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Re: Empower the local community in enterpreneurial businesses

August 2 2012, 4:57 AM 

The asians are more landless and lacking resources than we are.

Thus, as a people they are more desperate than we are.

Thus, as a people they are more competitive than we are.

Thus, as a people, they are more likely to outcompete us.

We will be able to stand up and push back effectively in competition only after we become as landless, lacking resources, and desperate as they are.

And by the time that happens, what have we gained?

Please answer that question.

You cannnot "will" or "pray" that we will become as competitive as asians and it will happen. Always you have to find the underlying reason for the problem or issue.

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We can beat them, they're only human.

August 2 2012, 7:26 AM 

One way that we can be more competitive is to buy from same source. This'll give us the advantage in lowering our price thus reduce their profit margin. So I say, we start learning Mandarin and station buyers in china and india as well as other asian countries. This is the first step.

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Re: We can beat them, they're only human.

August 3 2012, 5:33 AM 

I agree with you bro,that is the only solution to our problems.
I have been around the world and I have seen Asians everywhere doing the same business, they even set up the stall in the Parks and Malls,they wake up as early as 1am and set up their items and every thing ready to sell. another person comes in the operating business hours to trade.

so what I mean here is, they can do anything and everything to secure the place to do their businesses.its like our villagers clear up their bushes for gardening to plant and to harvest, Asians treats business as their gardens.

so why are we complain? instead we should learn from them and tell our Government to provide us with the office that links with Asian Countries where we can order items and goods from n start selling as same as them.

does it make sense?

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for shame!!!!

Re: We can beat them, they're only human.

August 14 2012, 2:24 AM 

What???? WHAT??????? You want PNGeans to cheat other PNGeans by buying the same poor quality or defective items from the same source of the Chinese?

You should be hanging your head in shame. You're just like a pollie-all you're thinking about is making money. Ethics means nothing to you, obviously!

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Do what themendis do

August 14 2012, 11:39 AM 

Jiwakas, go to Mendi and see what they do!!

you will hardly see any Asians shops, Only Mendi Shops, you know wyy, they practically chased them out of their town.

One for you to learn.

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png oreo for life

Re: Do what themendis do

August 15 2012, 11:49 AM 

The justice systems are flawed and inferrior you Jiwaka's need to exercise violence to bring the peace to your land.......act now or be a slave to the Asian Masters

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Pastor Tommy

Re: Do what themendis do

August 16 2012, 11:18 AM 

You fools of highest order. You need Asians to screw you more. Sell cheap clothes, sell shoes that last one day. sell food infected with chemicals,

Asians are good for you. You will benefit a lot with cheap stuff.

Asians also give your wives and sisters job, like hooking in town.

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paitim ol

Re: Do what themendis do

August 16 2012, 1:47 PM 

Exactly. The only thing the asians understand is force.

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john fox

Mendi a shining example.

August 20 2012, 11:21 PM 

Guys,mendi has a no tolerance for asian policy, find out from them how they do it and you can do likewise anywhere. The govt won't help so we can take it on ourselves

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Do not allow those Asians to take dominance over your land

August 21 2012, 8:47 AM 

In Tari,

we the Helas tell the Asians off. We tell them straight to pack up and go otherwise we will chop you into pieces and no one will know you. Some times ago, some Asians were persisting to live the Asia and the Helas threatened them and also tried to chop them with bush knives.

We don't play baby baby games with them and they fear us, we know foresure that when we give them a chance to live in our land, they will forsure multiply in population and become dominant force in our community.

First thing first, make awareness to the community and tell all people not to allow them rent a store owned by papamama ground or buy land to build their houses and do businesses.

Like in Mendi too, you will hardly see an Asian doing business their, the people of Mendi are very clever and know how smart the Asians are so do not allow them to come and do businesses in the Nongo-naiko land.

So be patritic about your districts, province and the country and don't allow those cunning and money face people coming into your backyard and take dominance over your community, villages, districts, towns and cities.

Papua New Guineans, we have our precious land and on which abundant resources are found. The Asians have already siezed that PNG is a land of opportunity and they will resort all their energy and do anything under the sun to get settled and do business here.

Please do not allow them a gap...............

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Re: Do not allow those Asians to take dominance over your land

September 6 2012, 3:22 PM 


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Taris ---

September 11 2012, 8:04 PM 

hhaha asians are like tari's. they are alike..hehe. why targeting asians and not caucasians??? Is png located in asia or you want to be other races. I hate racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... can we stop it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/ challenge them properly by using your heads. ... not thinking up with your dicks/clitoris okay.

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re: taris

September 12 2012, 8:40 AM 

taris,you've got to respect.no humen would exist in this world without dick/clitoris.Do not mentioned these parts of the body again in what ever you said or you will be curse.

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re: taris

September 12 2012, 8:41 AM 

taris,you've got to respect.no humen would exist in this world without dick/clitoris.Do not mentioned these parts of the body again in what ever you said or you will be curse.

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Helas are cowards

Re: Do not allow those Asians to take dominance over your land

September 11 2012, 8:58 PM 

Funny how you Helas say you're so tough with the asians but you like turn around, bend down, and wait for arse penetration from ExxonMobil. You're like running dogs when ExxonMobil is involved, now why is that????????

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re: Elas are cowards

September 11 2012, 10:19 PM 


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Re: re: Elas are cowards

September 11 2012, 10:30 PM 

I don't understand-the posting was understandable to me.

BTW nobody is one word the way you're using it.

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Malaysians & other Asian in BANZ

April 3 2013, 4:45 PM 

Thank you for bringing the points for Asians doing so-called business in Banz and the onnus is remembering one thing is its purposes to make money and those are here to stay so we need very urgent agenda in front of us now to address this very isuse and I fully support this argument to be addressed sooner.
Let me ensure that all people of Jiwaka must know here is that I have seen these very people all over the world and I mean what I say because I am a pure Jiwakan and a Nationalist who have travelled extensively around the world and anywhere in Papua New Guinea and seen people of Asian origin looking for greener pastures and PNG & Jiwaka is no difference so lets stop such opportunist in this country now.
In one of my campaign agendas was to eliminate Asians and illegal settlers in North Waghi Electorate we look up to Dr POk and the leaders to bring a good time table for a public forum regarding this genuine concern that is of very important to us and in Papua New Guinea I have seen with own eyes were (ARB)Atounoumous Region of Bougainville and Southern Highlands have eliminated Asians and Illegal settlers on their land to do illegal and evil practises which are not allowable on thier land and this is thier law so we should have one place and this is an urgent call please.
If you are travelling to Kerema today before reaching Avanaipe river there is a super market called New Future and there are Asians everywhere. Now how do these went there? PNG Authoritys and Immigration officials worth check sooner

Thank you true
Mathew - 2012 Same Speed

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Asian bodies chopped

September 11 2012, 10:06 PM 

Have you heard of 2 Asians chopped into pieces in Wabeg town,Enga provience.You can't mark around with Enga and Tari.you don't wasting your time and energy talking and complaining.PNG Government will get the blame because they don't check forgieners entring PNG ground illegally.Just get rid of them or burn their properties down, just rausim ol.

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In the Know

If only it were that simple

October 8 2012, 1:10 AM 

First of all i would like to say that Jiwaka especially the banz area is seen as a place where anyone can go do business and feel safe. The locals do not resort to violence to get their way and this encourages business activity. This is not a sign of weakness but a sign of maturity something which if it was the same in the rest of the nation encourages prosperity for everyone. i would not change that mentality to be like that of "Mendi/wabag" as some of you suggest.

I am all for locals (jiwakans) running our businesses in Banz. But there are a few things that enable asians to step in and fill the void. The example i will use is from personal experience.

My uncle a simple villager started with a dream to one day own a business in Banz town. He started by growing and buying coffee to set up a small trade store in the village. From that and after a few years he saved enough to get the bare minimum to build a tradestore in town with the help of members of his church. After a few years there was some disagreement with them as to what kind of returns they were getting for their investment so he had to pay them out.(dont know the full story in that) This left him broke. with literally no money to buy cargo to sell. the experience left him with a sour taste as to doing business with wantoks. so he decided it was best to go it alone.

between the cofee business and the tradestore he had set up a bank account with ANZ bank. so he thought they might after seeing his bank records support his application for a loan to finish a decent size store and fill it with cargo. The banks reps came and saw everything and left saying 'you have filled all the criteria and that they were very impressed'and we assumed the loan would be approved in days. well after about 5 years they were still coming to check on everything and finally one last visit was too much and my uncle literally chased them out very angry at them wasting his time. He then went out to the other banks and got pretty much the same response even the Rural Development Bank (RDB) - a bank set up to support people like him.

so about 10 years later of struggling and getting 2 (corrugated iron) stores operating by himself he is approached one day by his current asian business partners as he is setting the foundations for the 3rd store. Theyre proposal? We will finish the current store youre about to build and make it of brick. While at the same time paying you rent for the building at a rate more than what he was getting for his 2 current stores combined. My uncle knew how much money it would cost to finish the building so he factored that into account and agreed for them to deduct a portion of the rent that they would be paying until the full amount of the building cost was finished. All the while he would be the owner of the building and the Asians the renters. A win win for both parties and for my uncle a chance for him to finally enjoy his years of hard work.

Now why do i tell you this story? Well for my uncle he did everything he could as a simple villager yet was let down by his business partners and more importantly the BANKS, especially the RDB and hence the GOVT. Being from the village he did not have any former school buddies as bank managers or politicians so following the correct procedure left him hitting his head on a brick wall . To him at that stage he would not have cared if martians came and wanted to rent the place with the same proposals he would have agreed to them too.

My point is the government has to make it easier for PNG nationals to get loans etc to set up businesses. We will not know how to compete with asians until we ourselves have support from the govt and have experience behind us.

We cant blame asians for being willing to invest in banz it is the economic hub of Jiwaka. They work hard but so do we too, we can work all day in the garden but unless we can turn that hard work into business then they will fill the void. If you feel that what they are selling is inferior then just dont shop there and educate everyone else not to. I DO. In the end the customer has power.

Just being bitter about their existence in Banz will not solve a thing. Their presence is also boosting the local economy despite what you might think. Of course it would be preferable if we locals were running shops but as you can see things are not that simple.

They are here to stay. We just have to do business better than them!

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