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May 4 2012 at 2:17 AM
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dave  (Login vinylhead)

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I doubt many GP's have a clue about treating hairloss as obviously its not really a medical problem. I've not experienced any side affects. tbh every drug can cause side effects if you go into it thinking about sides the chances are you will 'feel' them, I read about a test where half a group took propecia and the other half a placebo, and more people who took the placebo said they experienced sides, which shows you how powerful the mind is.

The bottom line is its the only thing proven to slow hairloss down thats why i take it because I know I'm doing the best thing to keep what I have.

This has 2 advantages (if you respond) it keeps what I have so I only need a small piece and can mix my own hair with it and if I do have a HT I wont need as many grafts (lowers expense).

Each to his own though some would rather wear than take medication or have surgery, the options are there.

HT's and hair pieces both have advantages and dissadvantages but I like to at least try and keep my options open.

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