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June 7 2012 at 1:46 PM
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Eric  (Premier Login -Eric)

I get the comment from new wearers a lot that their new piece has "flat" hair...or that it "doesn't look like it's possible for it to style like they need it to", etc. Just general comments along these lines after they see it and try it on prior to a cut in.

I think all of us that have worn hair for a while remember getting our first piece and thinking "what the h*ll is this"?? Then you plop it on your head uncut and think that it looks insanely wiggy and too thick to blend into your own hair....which it certainly is at first. A piece that comes with 5" - 6" hair that hasn't been cut in and blended with thinning shears is nothing like what it's going to look like after a cut in. I always do get follow up emails about how different it did look after the cut in, but I just wanted to put this out there for others that haven't ever received a piece yet just to alleviate the shock factor...whether it's a stock or a custom, how it looks when you get it is nothing like how it's going to look after it is cut in. If you look at the photos on here and on the website, everyone started with a similar piece and those are the results they achieved with a cut in and blending. I am still amazed myself at how my pieces look out of the package as opposed to how they look cut in.

Also, the other question I get quite often is about what to do when a thread comes loose and is sticking up on a lace base. Most people are petrified to cut them, however it's better to cut that loose area as close to the base as possible than to leave's not going to ruin the piece and this has happened to me countless times over the years. Leaving it will do more harm than good, because you will continue to have your comb or brush snag it and then it tugs on the thread all the way across and bunches up a small area of the piece each time.

If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask me in an email or post it here on the forum...there are a lot of us here to help. Plus, many times it's a question that helps others learn a different way of doing things as well.


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