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June 30 2012 at 9:14 PM
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I know there have been a lot of questions about the body scanners in airports and what that might mean for hair wearers. It seems that the consensus is that it doesn't matter at all and you can expect to pass through without any issue. However, I saw some articles about people having their hair searched after going through the scanners and that was a little troubling to me.

There was some speculation that this was perhaps racially motivated and that was women of color being singles out. The TSA of course responded that this wasn't the case. This was their official explanation of their policy regarding screening procedures involving a person's hair/scalp:

Two things...

1) If they're attempting to clear up an "anomaly" that appeared during the scan, would tape possibly be an issue? I seem to remember someone else clearing this up and saying that it's unlikely any attachment would show up. I then thought perhaps some of these women had clips attaching their hair or something - an object that WOULD show up. But several of the women said it was 100% their own natural hair. Weird.

2) This just happened to my mom the last time she traveled. She came through the scanner and a woman pulled her aside and said she needed to check her hair and started running her fingers all over her scalp. My mom's hair isn't particularly long (chin-length) and it certainly isn't big. So it seems pretty random that they took her aside.

The reason it makes me nervous is that I've got a trip coming up and I wear my hair longer than most guys. If they decide I might be hiding something up there, they're definitely going to see it's not all my own hair upon closer inspection. I'd hate to be outed there or in front of the person I'll be traveling with who doesn't know I wear. And the thought of having to pull it off (even if it's in private) to show them there's nothing to worry about is pretty nightmarish. I know that might be an unreasonable fear, but still...

So I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen or has heard of this happening? And I apologize in advance if this is redundant and has been addressed before. This is just the first I'm hearing of people's hair being searched.

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