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July 27 2012 at 1:05 AM
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Eric  (Premier Login -Eric)

I wanted to let skin wearers know of a new ventilation that I can offer now. My factory has notified me that they now offer "lifted injection". I have not seen a sample in person since it is brand new, I've only received the sample photo I am enclosing below. However, this ventilation came about from a couple of customer samples I sent in a long time ago that they could not do at the time and had never seen before. They were able to test it and figure it out and it looks as though they got it right judging from this crown area picture.

This differs from regular injection where the hair tends to lay forward and/or down towards the base. The hair will have more body and lift like v-looping. She told me it's the most natural skin ventilation she's seen.

This ventilation can only be done on .08mm thin skin, there is also a thin protective coating put on the bottom to seal in the hair. If anyone is interested in trying it, feel free to send me an email. This ventilation will be a slightly higher cost for me down the road if I decide to carry it. However, I will waive that fee until I get some feedback on them and see if they are worth offering:


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