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Maykell Stick it tape

July 24 2012 at 9:21 AM
Pat C.  (Login patkickrock)

Hi Maykell do you recommend stick it tape!

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Re: Maykell Stick it tape

July 24 2012, 3:29 PM 

i bought some Stick It Tape strips a couple of weeks ago but they were SO SHINY, i didn't even attach them to my piece.. Does the tape lose it's shininess when attached? or is there a trick to dulling it down?

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(Login llekyam)

Yes I use stick it tape

July 24 2012, 4:48 PM 

Hi, yes I use stick it tape because it holds strong and cleans up easily. If tape on the front is a problem for you the just use it in the sides and back and just use glue on the front. If you want to take away the shine in the front just dab the tape with your fingers and it will take away most of the shine. Now if you have very light density in front tape will usually be more noticeable than glue.

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Re: Yes I use stick it tape

July 24 2012, 8:34 PM 

I want to thank Maykell for the Stick It tape recommendation....I have now been using it for approx. a month and I'm loving this stuff. I was using blue liner and I hated the clean up....this stuff holds as well and comes off with pretty much no residue.

I wear forward from the crown ventilation, so my hairline is not exposed and I wear it all around the piece. If you are exposing your hairline, I'd run it around the perimeter w/ glue in the front if you wanted to try it.

As with any tapes, do a patch test to make sure it agrees with you. I have fairly sensitive skin and have had no problems at all myself.

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(Login ohair)

Which side on scalp?

August 1 2012, 9:18 PM 

Hello Maykell,

I just bought Stick It tape, and have a question. Which side of the tape goes on the scalp? is it the printed side or the white side or it doesn't matter?

Your input, please happy.gif

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(Premier Login -Eric)

Re: Which side on scalp?

August 2 2012, 8:26 AM 

Maykell will be able to answer this better, but I just assumed it didn't matter since they don't specify which side goes to the lace like some do. I love Stick It tape...I'm on about 5-6 weeks of using it and it holds really solid all week for me and leaves really nothing to clean up afterwards.

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(Login patkickrock)

Stick it tape

August 2 2012, 9:08 PM 

I just tried stickit tape after using supertape for a long time. While it does hold very well I found thats its thckness led to many ripples around the base. It seems thicker than supertape. I used Supertape but was having bad luck with it sticking to french lace base. Just wanted to know if anybody else has this problem with stick it tape! being thicker and causing ripples . Thanks guys

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