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Partial hair system

June 23 2013 at 7:04 AM
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Tom  (no login)

Hello basically I'm a 18 year old boy who has a receding hairline and I'm thinking of buying a hair system.

Which base would have the best hairline

how long do they last

What styling products can you use and would they harm the system

how long do they last on your head and how strong is the hold. I mean would it come off if someone yanked my hair a little or if it's really windy or if I wore a hat


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Re: Partial hair system

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June 23 2013, 9:04 AM 


I replied to your PM and to your post on the other forum, where I gave you the best answer I could to your first two questions.
I assume you saw it and thats why you're here?

As I said to you, there are no truly definitive answers to your questions.
Mostly there are a lot of differing experiences from individuals doing/wearing the exact same thing.
Its best that you read as many posts and threads as possible to gather a concensus of opinions & knowledge.
As I said to you before, you should read about Receded93's experiences because they probably match your situation more closely.

I'll give you the links again here:




As for products, there is a huge range of products that are ok to use on a hair system and equally a huge range of ones that can dry out the hair itself or negatively effect the adhesion of your attachment.

I can answer your last question.
No, it wouldn't come off if someone yanked your hair a little or if it's really windy or if you wore a hat.

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thanks !

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June 23 2013, 9:31 AM 

Many thanks i read your posts on the other forum and the PM. Thanks so much mate it's really appreciated. I think i am going to buy a hair piece from northwestlace. I've heard nothing but good stuff so the pieces should be great

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Re: thanks !

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June 23 2013, 9:46 AM 

Thats terrific.

But remember that a good hair system on its own isn't what makes for a good looking head of hair or hairwearing experience.

Initially you make think its all about just buying the right thing.
Thats only half the story.

You also have to know how to make it work for you, attach it, maintain it etc.
These are the things that will make it look as good as you'll want it to.

And the best way to gather the information you'll need is to read as many of the forum posts as possible.

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June 23 2013, 9:50 AM 

Hello yes i am aware of the maintenance etc of the system. I am a really careful person anyway and very cautious so i will be sure to keep my system in the best condition. Although i have read about hair bonds lasting about 4 weeks sometimes i will reattach every two weeks just to be on the safe side and make sure i clean it properly

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(Login Steven_G_UK)

Re: :)

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June 23 2013, 11:03 AM 

Thats not quite what I meant.

I REALLY do understand that you're just trying to simplify things and get straight to some answers and information.
Its all confusing at the start. It was for all of us.

But I can tell you've not really done any true research by what you're saying.

Try as you might, its often not you that decides how frequently you have to attach and detach.

Its the type of bond you use and your own body chemistry that will decide that.

What I really meant was that this thing you're intending to put on your head and share your life with really needs to be understood if you want to get on well with it.

There are no set rules and a lot of it is about learning as you go.
But before that, to get a good looking piece that suits you and is undetectable, you need to do research and understand what will work for you as an individual.

Its not like there's this one system that automatically does what you want it to.
There are many types and each have their merit and those merits can be combined to create what is right for you.

Its good to ask questions and there are many people here happy to answer them for you.
But they really need to be more specific and based upon some grasp of the basics.

No-one can talk you through every system, every grooming product, every attachment method and make you up a list of choices, explaining the pros & cons and guarantee they'll be perfect for your needs.

I can understand that thats what you're looking and hoping for, but its not going to happen.
It just doesn't work that way and until you accept this and realise its far better for you to find out what might be best for you, you're really limiting your chances of making a success of it.
Its as important to have that kind of knowledge behind you as it is choosing the right system.

From your other posts I see you're already making the classic mistake of choosing your density by the hair style you want and not by what your natural hair density is.
This means you can wind up looking like you have someone else's hair on your head.
This is what I mean about understanding the basics.

There are at least a couple of other members here that you would benefit from their posts and experiences.
Snax is a young guy who has achieved excellent results even though he's just started wearing.
I'm sure he'll confirm some of what I'm saying.

Sean definitely started out just as you are, wanting answers and thinking there were specific things that if someone would just tell him what they were, he could make the perfect choice.
But in the end, he DID do some research and he really has learned so much over the last 2 weeks.
He'll be the first to tell you the misconceptions he had at the start and his understanding now.
He now knows enough to give out advice to others and he hasn't even started wearing yet!!

But he'll make a success of it because he's delved deeper into it all and read up on many things and he's prepared the ground work.

But of course you don't have to listen to me and I don't want to lecture you.
Thats not my intention.

Maybe someone else will tell you what to buy, you'll buy it and it will be brilliant and you'll just be able to attach it to your head and that will be that.
If thats what you're hoping to do, then I sincerely hope it works out that way for you.

Good luck.

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(Login blazeirl)

Re: Partial hair system

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June 23 2013, 1:31 PM 

thanks for the kind words hersute..

if i were in your shoes Tom..

if you can wait 2 months for a custom unit..

go that route..

make a template .. youtube has instuctions

email eric .. he will have some sound advice for you,

send him the template and hair sample so you can get the best color match

for picking a base..

each have pros and cons, and depending on your lifestyle you can pick what best will suit you..

for density go with 100% i feel like anything higher just looks like too much hair, and graduated hairlines make it look more natural..

if you cant wait 2 months.. then just do what i did order a stock unit.. and call local salons tell them your situation.. and tell them you need to have the unit cut to size of your head, attached, and cut in..

this for me was the hardest part .. finding a place i wanted to go for this.. but you will find somewhere you are comfortable going

for products..

i just ordered some shampoo, leave in conditioner, c22 solvent, 99% alcohol.. Stick it tape, and a couple of glues to try..


once i get my system cut in, i will then decide on to ordering a couple custom units.. Eric said that we can get multi colored hair.. so i will try getting "ombre" high lights in my next system

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