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Boss 302 in a Maverick...

February 20 2012 at 5:34 PM

blizz  (Premier Login blizzardND)

looking at buying a Street / Strip Maverick with a strong running 302 in it.

Of course I cant be seen with inline valves, how tight of a fit, and which headers do I need to put my CC 4v heads on that 302?
I would probably just buy a Edelbrock air gap intake, until I get used to driving / racing the car.

I want to race it 3-4 times a summer, just to test / tune and burn the tires and enjoy the fun.

Winning bracket races or setting records means nothing to me. (I'm not the competitive type)

I'm too old to worry about cutting a .002 light. as long as I don't red-light, and put the car back on the trailer in one piece.
I'll be a happy camper and so will anyone in the other lane.

I just need to know what I'm in for as far as those headers go.

the Cleveland headers mount up at a 45 degree angle with the world, whereas the 302 headers are nearly straight out.
might the Boss302 headers fit easier???? I wouldn't think so, but??

Happy New Year 2012!!..

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