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408 Clevor Pistons

February 20 2012 at 8:27 PM
  (Login Fatmerc)

Was wondering if anyone could give me some info on pistons for a 408 clevor. I have a 72 windsor block my heads are D1AE-GA my cam is a 280/288 553/572 it is a 289/302 cam so probably a little more lift than than since i will have 1.7 instead of 1.6 rockers. This is going in a 1968 mercury cougar 3500 stall probably going with 3.50 or 3.73 gear would like to keep compression to maybe no more than 10.5 since this will be mainly a street car. Was looking at the probe industries kit with the -22cc reverse dome piston but i don't know if these pistons will work with Cleveland heads. I called them and they were suppose get back with me but they haven't yet. Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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