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Peterborough 12 Orangeville 8(overtime)

June 1 2002 at 11:28 AM
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thistles forever  (Login thistlesforever)


by thistles forever - Game #13

ORANGEVILLE - It's an odd game, this lacrosse. It seems anything can
happen and what you don't expect to happen often does. It's a nice
treat to be surprised but Friday night's game at the BunnyBarn had
enough surprises to last the year. 40 Minutes of near perfect lacrosse
by Orangeville was thrown down the drain by a fit of undiscipline which
can be chalked up as the Peterborough Hangover - from last year's
playoff loss. Then there were the Lakers, not really ready to pounce
on the slighest opening but a gaping hole they couldn't ignore was an
opportunity they couldn't miss. Thus nine unanswered Peterborough
goals turned an embarrassing defeat into a 12-8 overtime victory.

The opening period was outstanding. Ene to end lacrosse, solid
goaltending, 33 shots on goal(17 off HornedHeads sticks) evenly played
with tons of passion, even great officiating. Referees Gardino and
Trinaistich were terrific at keeping a lid on all that energy. They
did so and only awarded a single power play in the process. The Lakers
enjoyed two shortlived leads before Bryan Kazarian set up Nathan
Sanderson for a pretty goal. It was Sanderson's first career goal and
put the Northmen up 3-2, a lead they'd hold most of the night. The
period concluded with an inspiring last minute goal. Non-chalent Scott
Evans was made to look silly by Darren Halls. As Evans leisurely tried
to pick up a loose ball at centre, Halls exploded out of his own end,
outfought the big Laker for the ball then beat him to the net for a
goal. It was a play which set the stage for Period #2.

The next session was totally dominated by the Black and Silver.
Picture Germany-Saudi Arabia if you will. One difference though: the
germans scored four goals in each half. The Northmen were only able to
beat Cole Murray three times on 19 shots. Three goals was still a
positive, especially when the Lakers only had 3 shots the entire
period! Chad Culp got things started with a shorthanded marker. It
was all Northmen after that. 7-3 through 40 minutes.

I suppose an Orangeville letdown was to be expected. You can't be
perfect all the time. Plus Peterborough's game could only improve. So
the third period would be interesting to see if the Green Machine could
roar back. They started fast. Thanks to an early power play, the
Lakers equaled their second period shot total in 3 minutes. But
Orangeville got the first goal. At 8-3 it appeared to be over. Greg
McIntyre got one back at the 6 minute mark. Brad Self made it 8-5 by
the 10 minute mark. One glance at the shots on goal made me sit up and
take notice. Peterborough had a 9-3 edge - the second period in
reverse? Not quite. The visitors didn't seem hungry enough to come
all the way back. Plus one more Orangeville goal would surely end it.
Cole Murray was not going to allow that goal. Meanwhile the Black and
Silver had begun their own demise in shocking fashion.

It began with Bryan Kazarian. This kid has a real problem when it
comes to the Peterborough Lakers. Normally he throws opponents off
their game. But Friday night he threw his own team off theirs. If it
was soccer he would have been yellow carded for his twohanded slash on
Murray's arm early in the period. But it all started to come apart the
last ten minutes after Kazarian picked up a double minor from his own
bench. Jamie Plunkett was checked into the boards at the Orangeville
bench. Kazarian proceeded to mix it up with Plunkett. Red card? Well
his indiscipline kicked off a parade of Northmen to the penalty box.
Yet the Lakers did not take advantage. Their power play went 0/6 as
the period wound down. Of course it didn't help that the officials
lost a penalty. Kazarian was soon joined by two teammates in the
penalty box. Brodie Merrill got the second penalty. The Northmen
never did serve that penalty! One minute they were shorthanded, a
minute later they were on the power play! A new definition to home

The key penalty of the game came when Derek Lowe ran Brian Croswell
from behind into the boards. New Laker Raweras Mitchell went after
Lowe, as did Croswell. The end result: two minutes for all three
players. I've never seen a team get a power play out of a boarding
penalty before! It proved to be the Hornheads undoing. Brad Self
scored shorthanded with 2:36 on the clock. The following draw Jamie
Dowdall picked up a penalty. The next draw Scott Eldridge won, to
Scott Evans to Self - 8-7! The sleeping giant, Scott Evans, had
awaken. #15 and #23 would proceed to take Orangeville apart. The
Peterborough power play finally connected with 68 seconds remaining.
Evans picked the corner with a lazer shot. The period's curiosities
were not done yet. With 17 seconds left Kris Bryan ran Evans head
first into the boards. As Evans was slowly helped up by the trainer,
the referees vedict was Orangeville possession. I guess 8-8 in the
last minute you can't give the Northmen a penalty in Orangeville?
Period shots: Peterborough 16 Orangeville 4.

The Green Machine steamrolled the HornHeads in overtime. The Northmen
actually outshot them 9-6, however the Lakers put them away early.
Evans right off the bat to make it 9-8. Next Jonathan Kane came loping
down the floor to create a two on one then set up Mike Hobbins
perfectly. Later Self intercepted a Kazarian shot and it was 11-8.
Kane scored into an empty net to conclude proceedings.

I apologise if I seem unfair to Orangeville, however I am just writing
what I saw. Peterborough never slashed the Northmen goalie, nor did
they try to start something from their own bench, nor did they run two
Orangeville players into the boards. For Orangeville's sake, I hope
this is just a Peterborough thing. The big concern is that it's their
veteran players who are hurting them. In the first period a Laker fell
at goaltender John Conway's feet. Conway kneed him in the head. The
next period Ryan Sharp fell behind the goalie's net. Conway body
slammed him. All those curious to know how much weight Mr.Conway has
lost need only ask Sharp how heavy he is. All joking aside, I saw
Craig Milligan purposely fall on John Fusco's legs 11 years ago and he
blew out Fusco's knee. Fortunately Sharp was unhurt. Unfortunately
Conway went unpunished both times. The knee was subtle - though I saw
it! The WWF stunt was blatant. Yes the referees had a great first
period...after that, oh well, we'll say home advantage again. The
officials can be forgiven for missing Brodie Merrill throwing a ball at
Mike Hobbins as they were both busy breaking up a fight. It really was
a harmless lop which bounded into the Peterborough bench, only to be
thrown back in Merrill's direction, with more malice. But the point
is: Conway and Merrill are two more veterans, acting very childishly.
You can also throw in Merrill's phantom penalty, which came after the
play had stopped, plus the shot he gave Scott Evans after the Lakers
ninth goal in overtime. Very undicipline stuff from the HornHeads.
The Northmen pride themselves on toughness. It is their greatest
asset. One only needed to watch Darren Halls last night. He was
easily the best player on the floor. Outstanding stuff! Which is why
Orangeville should have enjoyed a well earned win. They didn't. Ask
the veterans why not. The Peterborough playoff loss was last year.
Get over it!

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