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Hello Nicci, I also have been admitted to the Jan class and I too have concerns about the stigma of attending a Caribbean school and the difficulty of obtaining a competitive residency. When I first considered the option of attening a foreign school I contacted a someone I knew who had attended Saba. He is a surgical resident in Cincinnati and was very helpful. What he told me is to consider the Caribbean schools as a real and viable option. You will have the opportunity to take the boards and if you do well you have a good chance of obtaining a residency. He did tell me--if I understood him correctly--that the chances of obtaining a competitive residency (Dermotology, opthamology ortho. ect.) is more difficult because foreign studnets are the frist cut when they apply for training programs such as these. He did get a surgical spot and he had to do what is called scrambling because he did not match right away. I am not exactly sure about the specifics of this process so I would hesitate to explain it. The bottom line for me is that this is my only option other than graduate school. I did not always want to be a physician and because of this my overall GPA is low. I did not want to spend the thousands of dollars necessary to apply to US schools for several years when my chances were not that great anyway. The last thing he told me and I have heard from other health care professionals is once you reach your residency and you are a physician, no one cares where you went to school. Your performance dictates how you are seen by your coworkers.
I still have some apprehension but I am certain this is the right decision for me. Saba is a wonderful opportuninty, exceptional for the price and the condition of the island I can not wait. I hope you are able to decide what is best for you and I hope my message is helpful.
Lastly, I read in the NY times back in May that there is a class action, anti-trust lawsuit against the residency match program. According to the article, if the platiffs case holds up the way physicians are matched and trained could change a great deal and this could affect our chances of getting a residency.


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