Major Gunns

by Scottish Surfer


I can't really tell you much about the difference between valets and lady wrestlers.I live on the opposite side of the Atlantic from you.From what i have seen,valets are girls who hang about outside the
ring and,if their man in the ring is getting the worse of it,they pull some dirty trick when the referee is not looking.I used to watch British Wrestling on T.V.
but,like a lot of other people,i became fed up with the fakery.We do get American Wrestling here,but they tend to put it on around midnight or 1am.Too bad,if you have to get up early for work.It is necessary to tape it,if you want to watch.I do think American Wrestling is more outrageous than the British version,
perhaps to keep the popularity which British Wrestling
lost.You saw guys,apparently dead on their feet,
suddenly coming to life and beating ten bells out of their opponent.It is a fact that Lizzie Borden did the spanking.One of those guys just held Gunns over his knee.Check,Cynthia.Those photos on Arild's new website come from their Redemption Video.

Posted on Aug 12, 2001, 10:51 PM

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