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February 11 2012 at 11:12 PM
INC Minister EdMars  (Login INCMinisterEdMars99)


This is the first bible study in this forum. Hoping every one will join this free Bible study. The format is question and answer method. For every question, there is an appropriate bible verse answer. Please have handy a bible so you can read yourself what the Scriptures say. Your only obligation as bible student is to answer the questions for the student or candidate for baptism. You can ask me questions about this lesson.

Let's begin:



The Bible

Theme: The Words of God Are Written in The Bible

1. Make the candidate for baptism understand why the
Church of Christ believes that the words of God are written only
in the Bible
2. Convince him that only the Bible should be used as
basis in serving God and to make him renounce the teachings
invented by men
The Church of Christ adheres to the belief that the words
of God are written only in the Bible. The Bible should be the
only basis of service to God; this is the truth which will teach
man salvation from punishment on Judgment Day. Thus, each
member of the Iglesia ni Cristo should give value to the teach-
ings of God written in the Bible by fulfilling them in his life.

All the major religions of the world have their own sacred
texts upon which they base their faith. Islam, the religion of the
Muslims, uses the Koran; the Brahmans have their Vedas, the
Zoriastrians, Zen-Avesta; the Confucianists, the King, and the
Buddhists, the Tripitaka. But over and above all these is the
Bible. The Bible teaches not only morals but also, and most
important, the will of God, because it is the word of God. The
words of God are written in the Bible. Before probing this, we
ought first to understand
Q. How did God reveal His words to man?
A. Spoken by God .. Heb. 1:1-2

Page 2 Fundamental Beliefs of the Iglesia ni Cristo

Q. How were the words spoken by God preserved and how did
these come to us?
A. He commanded His servants
to commit them to writing Jer. 30:2

Q. Which book contains the words of God?
A. The Holy Scriptures . II Tim. 3:15

Q. What makes the Holy Scriptures unique and above those used
by other religions?
A. The Bible is inspired by God .. II Tim. 3:16-17
Instruction: Thus, when the teachings written in the Bible
are taught to us, we should believe that these are Gods
words. His will for us to obey.

Q. How were the people commissioned by God to write the Bible
prevented from committing errors?
A. The writers were guided .. Rev. 10:4
Conclusion: Thus the Iglesia ni Cristo affirms that the Bible
contains no error.
Q. How can we be certain that the Bible we now use is itself the
true Holy Scriptures? (We should examine whether it has
the attribute of the words of God.) What is the quality of the
words of God?
A. Truth Jn. 17:17
Q. What does it mean that the word of God is truth and why is
it said to be the truth?
A. Because they have fulfillment .. Is. 46:11
Note: The word of God differs from the word of man: the latter
is often proven false and goes unfulfilled, while the former is
the truth because it has complete fulfillment.

Q. What are some of the words of God written in the Bible that
were uttered in the beginning but destined to take place at
some later time and which in fact have been fulfilled?
A. (a) The two world wars .. Mt. 24:6-7
The Bible Page 3

followed by famine and poverty Mt. 24:7-8

(b) Knowledge shall increase .. Dan. 12:4

(c) Perilous Times . II Tim. 3:1-5
Conclusion: Therefore, we are assured that the Bible we
are using now is the true Holy Scriptures because this has
the quality of the words of God: What He says will surely
Questions for the baptismal candidate:
1. Do you accept that the Bible contains the words of God?
2. Do you believe that the Bible does not contain errors?
3. Do you accept also that the Bible is the truth and that it
teaches us the way to salvation?

Q. What is the value of believing in the words of God written in
the Bible?
A. There is life everlasting .. Jn. 20:30-31
Q. Thus, what is the strict instruction of the Apostles that we
may not fall prey to erroneous faiths?
A. Do not go beyond what is written .. 1 Cor. 4:6
Instruction: Reject the teachings contained in Catholic Cate-
chism, Book of Mormon, and in other such books used by
other religions because they are prohibited by God.

Q. What is Gods warning to those who add to or subtract from
the words of God written in the Bible?
A. They will be punished and will not
be saved. . Rev. 22:18-19

We should faithfully perform all the teachings of the Bible
taught in the Church of Christ because these are Gods words.

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