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February 28 2012 at 5:49 PM
INC Minister EdMars  (Login INCMinisterEdMars99)



The True God

Theme: The true God who should be known and
worshipped according to the Bible is the
Father who created all things.

1. Convince the candidate for baptism to have faith in
God, the Creator of all things
2. Disabuse his mind from its common but false belief
concerning the true God.

The Iglesia ni Cristo believes in the teaching taught by
the Bible that the Father Who created all things is the only true
God. There are no three persons in one God; thus we should
reject the belief in the so-called Trinity. The Bible also prohi-
bits worship of images or idolatry.
Man should not be content at knowing God. He should
enhance his relationship with God and walk in His ways.

Almost all religious have as their objective the service and
worship of God. But who is that God whom man should serve and
worship? Who among the gods being worshipped today is the
true God? We must first recognize the true God whom we should
worship. This, our Lord Jesus Christ teaches.

Q. According to Christ, who is the God that should be known by
A. The only true God .. Jn. 17:3

Q. Whom does Christ refer to as the only true God?
A. The Father alone .. Jn. 17:1


Q. And who is the only true God introduced by the Apostles?
A. The Father from whom are all things 1 Cor. 8:6
Conclusion: Therefore, whoever teaches that there are other
gods aside from the Father contradicts Christ and His
Apostles. Thus, the beliefs in the Trinity or the belief that in
one God there are three persons should be renounced.

Q. Which teaching of the Bible is violated by the doctrine that
the one God consists of three persons?
A. He is one God and there is no one else . Is. 45:21

Q. What is the nature of the true God who should be worshipped
according to Christ?
A. Spirit . Jn. 4:24

Q. What does it mean God is a spirit?
A. Without flesh and bones
(no material form) .. Lk 24:39
Conclusion: Therefore, the true God cannot be represented
by a picture or graven image because He is a spirit, without
flesh and bones.

Q. Are the images graven by man the true God?
A. No, in fact images for worship are
forbidden by God Acts 17:29
Conclusion: Thus, man should not worship an image. This
is prohibited by God.

Q. What is the correct way of worshipping the true God?
A. Worship His name -- do
His will Mt. 6:9-10
Q. How do we know that God exists when we cannot see Him
with our own eyes?
A. Manifested through His power which is evident
in the things that He has made .. Rom. 1:19-20

6 Fundamental Beliefs of the Iglesia ni Cristo

Q. Why is God manifested through His works?
A. Because He is almighty .. Gen. 17:1
Note: The true God is invisible in nature, but He is manifested
in His mighty works.

Questions for the baptismal candidate:
1. Are the pictures or images before which many people kneel
and which they serve the true God?
2. What is the nature of the true God?
3. Can you cite one of the things created by God?

Q. What are some of the things created by God which manifest
His power and wisdom?
A. The heavens and the firmament . Ps. 19:1-4
Example: What can we see in the heavens created by God?
The sun, the moon, the billions of stars and planets that move
across the heavens not in a disorderly, hit-or-miss manner
but harmoniously in their respective orbits with amazing
precision. This is undoubtedly a manifestation of the
infinite power of God.

Q. What else are some of Gods creation?
A. The life and breath of man Job 12:7-10

Q. Why is it wrong to believe that all things spontaneously
generated as a result of natural processes?
A. Every house has a builder . Heb. 3:4

Q. Who made the earth where we live?
A. It is God who made the earth
as our habitation . Is. 45:18

Questions for the baptismal candidate:
1. Do you believe that God created you?
2. Do you accept that He owns us and holds our life in His

The True God 7

Q. What is the obligation of all men to God?
A. To serve and honor Him Ps. 100:2-3

Q. How can we know God according to the Bible?
A. By keeping His commandments 1 Jn. 2:3

Q. What else is obligation of all who know God?
A. Worship Him . Ps. 95:6-7
Conclusion: Therefore, to worship God is mans greatest
obligation. We should not neglect this. Thus, you should
start attending the worship services done by the Iglesia ni
Cristo. Whenever you attend worship service, turn your card.
If you attend worship service in another locale, ask for
certificate of attendance from the secretariat in charge.

Questions for the baptismal candidate:
1. Do you promise to give primary importance to the
worship of God? That except for physical inability, you will
not miss such worship services?

Q. What is Gods warning to those who refuse to know and obey
A. He will inflict vengeance on the day
of Christs second .. II Thess. 1:8-9

The Church of Christ believes in the teachings of the Bible
that the Father Who created all things is the only true God. Hence
the belief in the so-called Trinity, the doctrine that teaches that
there are three persons in one God, should be renounced. The
Bible also prohibits worship of images or idolatry. But knowledge
of God should not stop here. Man should develop his relationship
with God and walk in His ways.

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