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I can imagine someone justifying the murder of a murderer.

June 3 2017 at 4:06 PM
Tomas  (Login TomasSedlacek)

Response to I couldn't believe what they said to me...


For example had the plot to murder Hitler succeeded, it might have been a good thing, his successor might have been less brutal. Some think that Stalin was really murdered, if so, then since he was followed by Beria, things became better in Soviet Union, so it would have been on balance a good thing, even though of course many millions of Stalin-worshipers in Soviet Union and elsewhere were in deep mourning.
But justifying the murder of someone whose only alleged fault was that he had a different belief, so he criticized INC, that is inhumane. Just because I criticize INC or I criticize EVM, how could one justify murdering me? Even if I were to criticize Jesus himself, that would not make anyone justified in murdering me. If I see someone criticizing Jesus, I want to have a friendly discussion with him or her, maybe I could even persuade the person. Or at least offer some food for thought. People who criticize Jesus can be wonderful people otherwise, just misguided. But to murder them because they criticize Jesus, what a horrid idea. After all, I used to be critical of Jesus, before I became saved. In fact in my childhood I was even an atheist, and I even believed the Communist ideology. I was not evil, I was just very misguided. I believed the Communist propaganda. Had I lived a bit earlier, I would have even worshiped Stalin, I would have considered him a wonderful, infallible, totally wise, kind man, as he was portrayed in that cult of personality. I would have had no idea that he was responsible for the murder of many millions.

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