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I can be better off dying, but my beloved sister and other relatives would be in deep

June 3 2017 at 5:09 PM
Tomas  (Login TomasSedlacek)

Response to why not its off to heaven for you! you should be looking forward to dying

mourning, I don't wish that on them. And likewise the few friends I have would be in mourning. But of course if I were selfish, I would wish to die now, then I would be dead until Christ comes and so the next thing I would know is I would be resurrected to eternal life.
It is not good for you to hate anyone. Sure, it happened to me twice in my life too, when I was a child I hated that terrible bully Jaroslav, the worst one of the bullies who made my childhood so miserable, he would always think of some way to hurt me every day in our class, insult me, slander me terribly, beat me up, he was horrible, I was in the same class with him until November of the ninth grade, when we escaped Czechoslovakia, I was so glad to be out of that country, mainly so I would be finally rid of him. I hated him with a passion. I don't know if he is still alive, he would be around 63 if still alive, so he is likely to be still alive. Now that I am a Christian, Jesus taught us to love even our enemies. So I love him, I wish he could get saved. I doubt he could be capable of repenting of his horrible sins and accept Jesus in his heart, but if he were able to do that, then wonderful. Though of course, meanwhile, I hope not to ever meet him, I am still somewhat scared of him. I sure don't think I will meet him here in America, but when I visit my relatives in the Czech Republic, I always hope not to meet him. Of course I would not be very likely to meet him, Prague is a rather large city, over one million inhabitants. But meanwhile I wish him the best, which is salvation, though I doubt very much he would be capable of that. He might have kids now, I feel sorry for what his kids probably had to live with, with such a terrible father. He could have been very cruel to them. Though it is true that I did not see him abuse any other kid besides me, unlike some other bullies who also abused other kids. Except that once this bully stopped my sister on the street and pricked her in the shoulder with a pin, imagine that, he assaulted a little girl six years younger than him. Of course he did it in order to hurt me. So she told our mother, our mother told a teacher, and this bully had to go to her class to apologize to her. Then he accused me of tattling on him, though I never dared to tattle, that was just not done in our class. But my sister was a little kid, maybe in second grade, and she was hurt by the pin, so of course she told on him to our mom. But other than that, I never saw him hurt another kid, he was somehow just obsessed with hurting me, that was his biggest hobby, his biggest enjoyment in life. He must have been sad to find out that we escaped, so he could not hurt me any more.
Then later when we lived in New York, we ended up with a terrible landlord, who wanted to convert our apartments into private homes to make more money. He hurt us so bad to get us evicted, like no heat in winter, getting our car stolen and finally the police found our car in a bad neighborhood, once somebody shot into our front window, must have been somebody hired by him. I hated him terribly. Then we finally gave up and left the apartment, then later we found out he died. I supposed he died unsaved. So I have prayed for him, maybe after he is resurrected he will be able to repent of his terrible sins and accept Jesus in his heart, as unlikely as it might seem. Certainly he can't hurt any of us any more. My parents are dead now, but that is not his fault, it is cancers. So I don't have any more hate for him, just a pity at what a miserable life he led, without God. He used to say he was no philanthropist, as if to excuse himself. He was supposed to obey the law, but he did not. But we could not get him indicted. At most we partially won a lawsuit. But he was a powerful rich man, he probably paid off some judges, there was no way he could go to jail. Even though he forced out so many tenants, by his illegal behavior, New York has some strict rules about what landlords cannot do to tenants. But if he can somehow be converted after he is resurrected, that would be wonderful, we would all love him very much as we will love all who will get eternal life. And if he winds up being burned up in the lake of fire, OK then, we will forget about him, we will think happy thoughts instead through eternity, instead of thinking about those who will have perished in the lake of fire and remembering how they made us miserable.

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