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It is sad that many Christians have misinterpreted the Bible, claiming it does not teach

July 29 2017 at 3:27 PM
Tomas  (Login TomasSedlacek)

Response to Infidel


salvation after death. The sad fact is that the right biblical interpretation was forgotten by Christians for many centuries, and it was not rediscovered until the 19th century, mainly through the biblical research of the preacher Charles Taze Russell. He found in the Bible, that it teaches that many will be converted after they will be resurrected, after Christ comes back. But some will be too evil to be able to repent and be converted, so those will be the people who will die in the lake of fire. So if you have relatives who have died and were not Christian, as I do, there is certainly hope that they will be converted and repent of their sins, as they will be taught by God at Mt. Zion the correct doctrines, as both Isaiah and Micah teach us in the Bible.
Still, it is good if we are converted already in this life, as this way we can be close to God, and God can answer our prayers and help us. So I hope and pray that this will happen to you. And if not, then I hope you will not reject God after you are resurrected. God is wonderful, and totally just. It is unfortunate that many Christians believe there is no chance of salvation after death, so this way they are making God look unjust, unfair. And that is certainly a problem with INC, the Catholic church, the Orthodox churches, and many of the Protestants. They are really unwittingly defaming God, and they don't realize it. They are making Christianity look bad. But more and more Christians are realizing the truth that there is salvation after death. Though some of them, not realizing the truth about soul death, believe it can happen soon after death, as they believe the souls of the dead are alive. That is wrong, but it is still good that they still realize that there is salvation after death, so they are not unwittingly defaming God.

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