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You have no scientific proof that the Bible is just man-made and not the word of God.

August 7 2017 at 2:58 AM
Tomas  (Login TomasSedlacek)

Response to Manmade Fiction


I have the proof that it is the word of God. It prophesied various things about the coming of the Messiah, and Jesus Christ fulfilled those prophesies, nobody else was able to fulfill them. So Jesus came and during his preaching ministry he performed various miracles, his disciples witnessed his miracles, they witnessed that after he died, he was alive again, his tomb was empty, and so they preached what they witnessed in spite of persecution, and finally most of them were martyred, they died for testifying about what they witnessed. Nobody makes up lies and then is willing to die for the lies.
And God would not allow all this inspired prophecy and reports about the life of Christ to be mixed with simply man-made words, with errors, that would not be logical. God wants us to be guided by the whole Bible, not just some parts. Sure, some laws are not for us, they were for ancient Israelites, but they too were inspired by God. So we can rely on the whole Bible as the word of God.
You mention the different doctrines of different types of Christians. Well, none of us can be infallible, some parts of the Bible can be difficult to interpret, God wants us to be humble and not claim to understand everything. So that explains the different beliefs of different Christians. But all saved Christians believe at least the true gospel doctrines, such as that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Lord, the Light of the world, he came in the flesh, and several other doctrines. Those are doctrines which the Bible says we are saved by, or similar words to that effect. On other doctrines we can differ from each other and still be saved.
Nobody has been able to prove that the Bible is not the word of God, and is just man-made, just as nobody has been able to prove that God does not exist.

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