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The Bible predicted in the Old Testament the coming of the Messiah.

August 11 2017 at 5:32 AM
Tomas  (Login TomasSedlacek)

Response to Manmade Fiction

There are plenty of prophecies about the Messiah in the New Testament, and Jesus was able to fulfill them. That is truly miraculous how he was able to fulfill them. Nobody else was able to come even close, though there have been plenty of false Messiahs.
And Jesus was doing plenty of miracles, witnessed by his disciples. Then he was crucified, and then on the third day he was resurrected, his disciples came to the tomb and saw it empty, and they saw Jesus appear to them alive, and he spoke to them and they were even able to touch him. So they testified about him, in spite of widespread persecution. Finally most of them were martyred. They did not recant even when they were about to be martyred. So had they made up lies about Jesus, they would not have been ready to die for the lies, they would have confessed they lied, so their lives would have been spared. So that is the proof that the Bible is the word of God.
You bring up the story of Lot. Yes, Lot sinned by offering his daughters to the mob to be raped. He should have refused to offer anyone to the mob. Appeasement does not work. So when they escaped from Sodom, Lot's daughters thought they and Lot are the only people left on earth, so that is why they got Lot drunk and got themselves impregnated by him. They were desperate to have children. But it was still a sin. They should not have done that, even if it meant they would have no children. Being desperate to have kids is no excuse. My mom thought that if she never found a husband she would commit fornication in order to have children, that is how desperate she was to have kids. So her kids would have no father living with them. That would have been terrible. Thankfully she found a husband, and so she had us kids with him. Some women are so desperate to have kids they are ready to do terrible things in order to achieve their goals. It is a sad situation. It is a sin filled world.
You bring up the character of God. He is not unforgiving. When someone believes and repents, God forgives the person. You bring up the genocides. The Israelites needed some land to live on. So God promised them the holy land. Other nations were already living there, and they did not want to leave. It was not the time to try and convert pagans yet. So the Israelites were told to go and kill them all. So they did kill many of them. That is not racism. All races are equal, God is not a racist, as you claim. Those people would have died eventually anyway, no person alive back then is still alive. So they were killed, most of them, though not all. They were racially eastern Mediterranean, just like the Israelites, so the motive was not racism. They did die unsaved. But just like others who died unsaved, they will be resurrected when Jesus comes back, and given the opportunity to convert and repent of their sins. Those who will convert and repent, will be given eternal life at the end of the millennium. Yes, it was sad they were killed, they suffered maybe for minutes before they died. Though my parents suffered for months from cancers before they died, so that was even worse. But when Jesus comes back, my parents will be given the opportunity to convert and repent of their sins, and surely they will both do so. So they too will be given eternal life. As the proverb says, all is well that ends well. And in case of those too evil to convert, love God and his Son, and repent of their sins, they will be sentenced to death in the lake of fire, that is called the second death. So they will be burned up in the lake and become ashes, so they won't exist any more. So no such thing as eternal suffering in hell like some Christians claim incorrectly. God is not sadistic. And about your claim that he is misogynistic, women have equal right to be saved as men. Sure there were in the Law of Moses some laws that did not give equal rights to women, and likewise in the New Testament there are several commandments that do not give equal rights to women, such as that wives have to obey their husbands, and women have to be silent in the congregation. People can say such commandments are unfair, but that is a fact that God sometimes gives unfair commandments to test our faith, such as the commandments to the Israelites that they were not to eat pigs, camels and other unclean animals, some Israelites could have grumbled why can't they eat such animals when Gentiles can eat them. But it was a test of faith. Similarly with homosexuality. God is not homophobic, he is not afraid of anyone, he has no phobias. But he gave a commandment to homosexuals not to have sex, and to bisexuals not to have sex with anyone of the same sex. It can be hard on them, especially homosexuals, but it is a test of faith. One can live without sex. I am still a virgin, and I am already 63. So it can be done. Even for some unmarried heterosexuals it can be hard to be without fornicating, but it can be done, as I have done. There are married people who don't respect their spouses and commit adultery, cheat on their spouses. It is a sin filled world. There are even married couples who are swingers, they don't cheat on their spouses, their spouses allow them to commit adultery. It can be hard on them, but it is a test of faith, God forbids adultery even if you have consent from your spouse. So if such people die unsaved, when Jesus comes, they will be resurrected and given the opportunity to be converted and repent of their sins. Maybe at that time homosexual sex will be allowed, we don't know much about what the laws will be like in the millennium. But what was sinful, will still need to be repented of. If they repent, they will get eternal life at the end of the millennium. So all is well that ends well.
And after the millennium is over, nobody will be having sex anymore, as Jesus prophesied, we will be like the angels, we will have greater joys than even orgasm can provide. It will be wonderful. God is not sociopathic. He will love us forever. But those who will have died in the lake of fire, they will have deserved it, for being evil. They won't bother us any more. They won't exist any more. Similarly the devil and his evil angels will die in the lake of fire and won't exist anymore. So they won't bother anyone any more.

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