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August 12 2017 at 6:58 PM
Sis Lori  (Login SisLori)


There are now two factions of the Iglesia ni Cristo;

EVM's INC aka CAIN's Group and NVM's INC aka ABEL's Group.

EVM's group is regarded as the Cain Group for Eduardo's killing of his own brother through expulsion while NVM's Group is the Abel Group for having suffered the hate by his brother.

NVM is the rising star. He is Nathaniel Angel V. Manalo, younger brother of Eduardo V. Manalo. His group is growing due to Eduardo's unrequited hate of his brother using his authority in putting Nathaniel to prison.

Both groups have their respective worship service. Both groups attack the other as the apostatized Iglesia ni Cristo. Both groups persecute the other group in their respective worship service.

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(Login TomasSedlacek)

The Nathaniel Angel V. Manalo you mention sure does not have any power to

August 12 2017, 7:06 PM 

persecute EVM's INC. They just have the power to criticize EVM's INC, as I can do also. And as you can do. But neither I nor you have any power to put EVM and his corrupt companions in the leadership in prison.

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Sis Lori
(Login SisLori)

Thousands of young INCs leaving Cain's INC

August 13 2017, 3:18 AM 

Every worship of EVM's INC constantly praying for their children not to leave and parents promising they will not allow their children to be separated which means its an acute problem faced by Cain's group.

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(Login hijo7591)

Young people

August 14 2017, 7:23 AM 

The INC mobsters only interest in you is how much cash they can drain from you and for how long.

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(Login Deacon646)

Historically, this is fairly typical

August 12 2017, 9:53 PM 

Almost all new religions or religious subsets eventually suffer a split at some point. In truth, its applicable to more than just religion. Happens to political groups, social groups etc... People will disagree and split into groups. This happened to Christianity in the beginning, it happened to Islam, it happened to Catholicism, Protestantism, etc... All Eduardo Manalo has done is speed up the process with incompetent leadership and pushing to hard.

It will be interesting to see how much Eduardo goes after Angel over the next couple of years. I wouldn't be shocked if Angel suffers an "accident" some time in the not to distant future. Of course, if he does, Eduardo will claim its retribution from God.

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(Login iamonewithGod)

I remember when EVM's minions on social media rejoiced when Fruto and Villocino died.

August 13 2017, 10:49 PM 

So expect a "parade of victory" if Angel should suffer the same fate.

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(Login Deacon646)

Any Christian

August 14 2017, 12:17 AM 

That celebrates the death of any person should re-read the parts of the bible that pertain to how to live a christian life.

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(Login TomasSedlacek)

Of course we should wish even evil people to be converted, but still it is a historical

August 14 2017, 2:00 AM 

fact that sometimes when an evil person dies, things are much better around him, so it is good that the person died. Like when Hitler committed suicide, in several days Germany surrendered and the war in Europe was over. Or when Stalin died, very quickly things became much better in the Soviet Union, most political prisoners were released, sure it was still a dictatorship, with little freedom of religion, but all the mass murders committed by the Soviet regime under Stalin, stopped after his death. Likewise when Mao Zedong died, things in just several years, especially after his widow was arrested, became considerably better in China. So often it is a good thing when an evil person dies.
But of course in case of INC, they believe critics of INC are evil, so they can rejoice when critics of INC die. But that is a wrong, unbiblical attitude. Sure I am a Christian, and I believe critics of Christianity are unsaved. But in plenty of cases they are not evil people, they can be well meaning, though misguided people. Of course nobody is sinless. But many non-Christians are basically good, decent people, who want the best for humanity, even though they sin by unbelief and like even saved people, unsaved people can sometimes sin in other ways too, like get drunk, eat blood, insult someone, say a dirty word, etc. But we certainly do not wish death on any critic of Christianity, we wish them to become saved. Though if someone is an evil psychopath, he might be always unable to repent and become saved, so it is good if he dies. The Bible even allows the death penalty. So in some cases we could rejoice if an evil person dies. The Bible does not prohibit such rejoicing.

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