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Moe's set-up

October 28 2008 at 11:32 AM
Remington  (Login Berettaii)

Response to Old man's stance (me)

Allen, what your are doing is just fine. Let me explain something to you.

Tom Sanders (bright instructor)teaches a single axis system in which he move the weight to the left side over the instep PLUS he JUTS THE HIPS FORWARD. He is absolutely correct with this idea. Not in swinging to look like Moe, but to get similar effects as Moe.

Let me explain why, and you can learn this looking in a mirror. Set ups with a wide stance, just like you described in your post, and with an imaginary club stand in front of the mirror and start a backswing with the left knee bending pretty close to directly in front of your person. Notice how it kind of keeps your thighs facing forward (kinda), but, also, notice how it rotates your hips into your stumped right leg, which has the weight on the inside of the foot.

As you allow the left knee to bend in front of your person, watch the hips and they will jutt forward, square up, and you will look like Sanders in his address position. It's important to understand this move.

Again, let me explain. As you address the ball, the clubhead is above the flight are reaching, and the clubhead is 9 inches behind the ball, like with a three wood. The first movement is that the hands come in. Why? Because you are reaching out so far!! So that inside motion that Moe has off the ball, especially, with his longer clubs is somewhat determined by that knee flexing in front of his person.

The key point here is to understand that when you have a wide stance, and you set up correctly (you do), then, if the knee flexes in front of the person, the hips will square up, jutt forward a bit and the hips will rotate into the right STUMPED just all works like clockwork.

Allen, just recently I figured out something that will get your distance back, and I learned it from a fabulous left-handed player on the driving range. He had high hands, and he wanted to rotate the hips off the ball and he hit in front of himself (like Moe), and he had a bent right (bent left for a right handed player), and the key to his power was to brace that bent right knee (left knee in our case).

I got 10 yards back by understand that basic fact. More importantly, I came to understand something that has been bothering me for 13 years. I could never understand how Moe so, precisely, pivoted around the edge of that left shoulder. I tried everything to get that move, including setting up with shoulders closed, and then opening them through the downswing...this was a close idea but no cigar.

Here is another important secret. Moe starts that downswing, with the left knee leading, and it starts before the backswing is completed, and Allen that will work correctly for you, once you understand the knee position on the backswing.

To get the power, on the downswing, you move onto that bent left knee but it is RESISTANT, and this resistance causes a rotation of the upper body around that leg so that you are facing the target and this is what lifts you up and out of the flat footed position.

Now you know all the secrets.

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