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Very nice video

December 30 2008 at 1:54 PM
Remington  (Login Berettaii)

Response to New swing videos from today including single plane

Ham, excellent video. Wow. I remember the first picture posted on the single axis forum by Grant, and we were all amazed!!...about 1996 or 97?

You have a wonderful single axis golf swing, along the lines that NG might teach (currently). You might try a couple of things that worked for me, and see what you think about them. I think these changes could, possibly, make your swing more comfortable (as comfortable as your conventional swing), and, deadly, accurate.

Your set-up with the leading arm is nice (takes you awhile to get there!!) but try to stand in such a manner that there is a stright line from your leading shoulder down. Moe varied his stance widthin his playing days. So, if your feet are closer together you will be standing more upright, but there will STILL be that straight line from the leading shoulder down....and that line is part of why the swing works.

Most people who stand like you do at address cannot stump the right leg and have it leaning forward (Scott H. couldn't do this at first, and he weighted OVER the right..trailing..leg.) In order to make it happen your way, i.e., stand like you do and still stump right leg forward, you move near a stack and tilt move...towards that kind of move. If you set-up, properly, you won't do that. This isn't as easy as it sounds, and you have to practice in the mirror a bit, and change your stance width, when you do. (As I remember from your video you would have to have your left leg more forward...wider order to get that straight line).

As Moe got older he would sometimes stand a little straighter and even jut his hip out a bit (he started to swing more AROUND himself), but, even then, as soon as he starts to swing that straight line is there. Same with Todd soon as he starts to swing that straight line is right there. HOWEVER, everybody should START with that straight line, because the move is so INTEGRAL to the success of the swing.

There are three straight lines. Leading left shoulder down is straight, left arm is straight in-line to shaft, and shaft is in line with right arm at impact.

I am fortunate to be living in a place where I meet a lot of old golf pros who played with Moe, and here is another one of what I consider to be a secret.

I was taken by NG when it first came out in 1995. Two years later, I turned to the Journeyman tape, and tried to learn Moe's swing from this tape...I should have gone back another 10-15 years, before he modified his swing to look more "conventional".

What I could never figure out is that ease of turning the upper body full to the target, and this conflicted with Jack K who wanted to face the ball THROUGH impact, to such an extent that he wouldn't bend the left arm at all...see Todd Graves in 1995 Golf Digest article to see this move. Scott H., the new NG and Tom Sanders all pretty much followed the lead on this idea of Jack's, with the stay facing routine. This idea, requires a supple left leg...Scott H. used to say have a soft calf muscle on the leading leg.

I first learned about Moe modifying his swing to look more conventional from one of the senior editor's at Golf Digest. Primarily, he stated that Moe, in his younger days, didn't come out of all his shots....stayed in the hit position.

What I am saying here Ham is to allow the left leg to bend, but give the leading leg RESISTANCE, and this is what causes that upper body to come around so nicely from wedge to driver, after impact.

The left leg resistance allows the club to pass the body faster, and you will find that on some shots you won't bother to come up out of other words you can vary the amount of can get a feeling like you are hitting the ball from the middle of your stance...little bit like the feeling of Rotor Golf hitting into that resisted left leg, if you resist it a lot.

You will find yourself hitting your fairway woods with a lot of resistance, long and dead straight. Again, I want to emphasize that you can vary this resistance at will to suit the shot. This is a major difference between the swing developers and Moe.

If a person has ever had any single axis experience, and you learn just these two things, you will become a remarkable ball striker.

Nice job on the video...I enjoyed seeing that.

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