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February 10 2009 at 8:43 PM
Peter  (Premier Login sagf_moderator)
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Response to Dave Pelz agrees

to compare Figure 3:

[linked image]

vs this:

[linked image]

Note that despite the descending blow the ball does not have an initial motion towards the ground. Also note that there is no indication that any part of the compressed ball is below the leading edge of the clubface.

Also note that Pelz says:

Even when no pinching is involved, the downward swing strikes a more glancing blow, and results in more backspin than when the club-head moves horizontally, as in Figure 1.

I've never seen an impact like Pelz's figure 3. All are like his figure 1 (with the exception that the club shaft is leaning towards the target as it should) and his comment is consistent with what Calvin Pete said in 'Playing Lessons From The Pros' about choosing to swing with more of a sweeping blow which gave him more distance at the expense of less spin.


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