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Not lobster claws however....

May 11 2009 at 11:30 PM
Peter  (Premier Login sagf_moderator)
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Response to I am curious as

there is the case of one armed golfers who swing with the one arm straight as the 'lead' arm. Not a lot of ability to manipulate the club with that one hand given the forces in the swing yet they can maintain the angle between lead arm and club better than 90+% of amateurs (based on my video analysis) who use both arms.

As to practice I spent many years practicing as directed by my method at the time (various CG, NG, HSS...) but discovered through video that I was not achieving the basic fundamental of a proper impact position demonstrated by all good swings, so effectively that practice was wasted if not counterproductive. Now I have much less time to practice and play but still strike the ball better because I focus my limited time on correct and effective practice.


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