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something happened!!!!! long post.

July 18 2009 at 8:10 PM
Art  (Login hp12c)

So todays I go to my driving range, I havent been here for awhile, no money, and mostly I have been hitting into my net, so the guy gives me a bucket of balls(free)cool deal, I set up at a station with a mat, stretch and warm up like I usually do, I take out my ptching wedge and I aim at the 100yd flag, cause thats how far it usually goes, usually pretty high, ok it flies over the flag and not just by a little, ok so I think lucky swing so I aim againg and it goes over the flag again and this time a little farther, ok now Im getting confused here, so I aim for the 130 ys flag and it flies over that one too, so now Im really confused and im talking to myself,so after a few more swing with the pitching wedge, wich are flying over the 130yd flag, I put the pitching wedge back in the bag and take out my 9 iron. Now the 9 iron is the one I would use for the 130yd flag, so now I dont know where to aim cause the 9 iron is my 130yd club and the next flag is 150 yds, so I aim at the 150yd flag and it almost makes it there!!!!, oook now I am really confused cause my 5 iron is my 150yd club and now Im almost making it there with my 9 iron!!!, so I step away from the mat and go to the range office and ask the guy if they have new golf balls or if they changed them and the guy looks at me and funny and say's no and asks why, so I tell what just happenned, he tells me dont fight it its a good thing. So know I go back to my station and take out my 5 iron and I aim at the 160 yd flag and the ball it flies farther than the 160yds, ok I swing again and it flies farther than 160yds. Ok so I aim at the 175yd flag and the ball flies a little farther than the 175 yd flag. The sound of the iron hitting the golf ball is crisp and louder than before, there is no sound like the sound of a well struck ball with an iron, now I was hitting the ball crisply before too but not as loud and now the ball flies farther than before. All I can say is Bertholy works, for the short period of time that I have been doing the exercises this is great. Now when I left the range a little negative thought crept into my head and it said this "maybe you were just lucky today next time it wont be the same" and I said to myself, maybe maybe not, cause Bertholy has given me something that cannot be taken away, unless I stop doing my exercises, then for sure I will go back to what I had before and I dont want that, I really like this swing and the best part about it is that it is mostly my old swing fortified with BERTHOLY!!!.


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