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Not a trick

September 29 2009 at 8:23 PM

mcirishman57  (Login mcirishman57)
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Response to Re: But the point is

But for it to be the "best way to go" requires that you first have residing in you solid habits that can be called upon and executed by the subconscious. Please understand I mean no disrespect by this next statement. But given your penchant for always jumping around, experimenting, and changing methods, I would be surprised if clearkey ever worked for you.

The reason is simple. When you do employ a clearkey and occupy your conscious mind with thoughts other than executing your golf shot, your subconscious is left to the unpleasant task of trying to sort out which of the half built, habits or swing methods to employ. It goes to "the directory" of habits to find one to execute the shot. Instead it finds not one solid firmly ingrained habit of a golf swing, but a hodge podge of Symple Swing, Trahan, Stack and Tilt and whatever ever other system you have toyed with but never really stuck with. It says "WTF is this mess?" and thus the execution on clearkey is often worse than the execution by conscious direction - in your case. And you declare "It doesn't work".

But for those who have taken the time to develop solid habits through purposeful, correct repetition of the same moves so that they can literally execute the swing without having to think about it, the "clearkey trick" is the absolute, best, and many would say the only way to go.

The reason for this is just as obvious. We know from science outside of golf that any task that can be done with unthinking involvement resides in a place far removed from our conscious memory and direction. Research indicates that attempts to consciously direct a task that is able to execute with unthinking involvement, results in a subpar performance compared to when the task is a executed without thought. The conscious thought creates "white noise" that disrupts the smooth flow of commands from the subconscious.

And that's "the trick". Most people never complete the journey to building a swing that as Bertholy would say functions as a "conditioned response". Or as I would say a swing that you can execute "without thinking about it, a swing that you never forget". happy.gif Clearkey will never work for them.

A lot more on this very soon.

Carey Mumford had discussions with Moe Norman about clearkey principles. Moe remarked that he fancied he had a clearkey...something he said to himself as he swung...."I am Puuuuurrrrrrrrrre energy". How bout them apples?

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