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I was thinking

October 6 2009 at 5:48 PM

mcirisihman57  (Login mcirishman57)
SAGF Members 2001

Response to Excellent!

as I read your post....

"psssh yeeahh...unless the guitar hero player uses clearkey!"

Anxiety, tension, distraction can hinder the performance of any motor activity no matter how well versed we are in it. Awhile back Peter mentioned Retief Goosen commenting how he "lost it" during the late stages of match and speculated that if he was playing a casual round with folks like us or buds that meant nothing, he'd do that very little if at all. Kenny Perry was hitting his irons flush for 71 holes, but when he only needed one more 8 iron to the center of the green for his first Masters, he yanked it into the worst of spots and couldn't get up and down. I often use the example of a two foot putt....most of us could make 25 of those in a row with our eyes closed (some us even practice them with our eyes closed : ) ) But could we make 25 if we were told that we must or we lose our - **fill in the blank** wife, children, life savings.... That is an extreme example and thankfully we don't play under that much pressure. What is missed by most though is that there is always some pressure resident within us as we play. It might be negligible and barely noticed, but it is there never the less. Even a minuscule amount of anxiety or stress will trigger the flight or fight mechanism in our system. This causes changes to our system that often are just enough to cause a mis-firing of the nerve and muscle impulses used to execute a shot. We need to do whatever we can to quiet the mind. I prefer clearkey. Rem goes to the place of love and no fear, I am sure there are other techniques as well, how well they work and if they have ever been validated I do not know.

FYI - the clearkey process can be used for lots of things besides golf. That is why the book is named the "Double Connexion" because it works in more ways than one. It can be used in tennis to serve and receive service, billiards, darts, bowling, free throw shooting ( ask Dwight Howard ). How bout defending or taking penalty kicks in soccer, same in a hockey shootout. Kicking field goals - one documented case there of an amateur versed in clearkey through golf, applied the principle in a bowl game kicking contest and won $250,000 by making it. Pitching a baseball ( ask Orel Herscheiser ). Archery, target shooting.

A quiet mind, free of thoughts about execution, results past or future, only now..that is what is needed to let your best golf play itself out.

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