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New Golf Book / Program Now Available

October 16 2009 at 8:22 PM

mcirishman57  (Login mcirishman57)
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Hi folks! First things first - I cleared this post with Peter as I was unsure whether or not it violated our forums spamming /ad policies. He assured me it didn't as others have in the past made commercial announcements here. So now that that is out of the way -

I have written a book! "A Blueprint For Golf Excellence - Building a Swing You Will Never Forget" is now available. The concept of the book has been percolating for several years and draws on all I have gained from my own personal implementation of Bertholy and Clearkey principles.

For awhile now (actually since first learning of Clearkey principles) I have felt "a gap" existed for people trying to improve their swing and their game. The gap is that any swing system, method or mode of learning has as its primary focus the learning of the physical aspects of the chosen method, while almost completely neglecting "best practices" regarding HOW WE LEARN. The consequence of this is people are always searching for the next best thing - Ed Laskody's merry-go-round - whatever we try eventually ends up "not working".

For example, I experienced this gap myself as I dove in and began the Bertholy programs. I struggled with just exactly how to "play with minimal mental involvement". It wasn't until I learned of Clearkey that I understood that even "minimal" mental involvement is too much mental involvement and inhibits the full release of the swing habits I had been working so hard to develop. I also saw in my own journey and from posts and observations of others how easy it was to "not get it" and practice the wrong way. The only way to fully get it seemed to be to travel to one of the schools or clinics for the chosen method, out of the question for most. And to be honest, though the principles of Clearkey rang true, I struggled with the practical implementation of it's concepts too.

So with my own experience as my proving ground, I determined to produce a course of instruction that addressed all the above and filled or bridged the gaps so to speak. My book gives the student the best chance to build solid universal swing fundamentals AND AT THE SAME TIME teaches them how to turn off the conscious mind during the execution of the swing. They learn the best swing fundamentals found in all swings while also learning how to engage the subconscious mind to allow the freest expression of the swing they have built. But it is more than a book. In what I believe to be unique in the golf instruction industry, I offer a "video checkpoint service". Students receive at no additional charge twelve video analyses as they perform the various exercises...thus ensuring they are proceeding correctly as they move through the instruction...which fills the most important gap!

The book begins with a discussion of skills and habits, and builds the case that a swing can be learned to the point that it can be executed it without thinking about it. I then identify the absolutes found in all great swings. Next is the section on the actual exercises along with the clearkey process. There is an "intermission" of sorts midway though the exercises that addresses grip, setup, and a brief discussion of traditional vs SA alignment The book closes with a section on the mental emotional game, the subconscious, and the automatic principle. And it should go without saying, but it is basically everything I have done, am doing, and will continue to do regarding my own swing and game. The reader will not find that the instruction says one thing and I am doing something else.

Carey Mumford of Clearkey Golf wrote the forward to the book. Here it is:


Some think it is a stretch of meaning to say that the most important issue in golf - the most fundamental principle - lies in "balance." Why? Simply because, no matter how well informed your mind is, or how precisely your body has been immersed in sound habits, unless you can thoroughly maintain your balance in action, all those other good things tend to slide out of kilter.

That's why, when I first heard about Kevin's plan to write the book you are about to read, I was very pleased to discover that he had determined that there must be solid attention to the quintessential need for balance between what goes in one's hands and body and what goes on in the front side and backside of a player's mind.

Not only does his book address this handily, if you bother to check, you will see that no one else, at least since the 1920s, has approached both halves of the matter, completely, carefully and comprehensively. There are literally millions of pages on the golf swing, and even quite a few that seem to address the mental concerns, but the latter always comes up short of how the mind works with shot-execution. Kevin brings the two together, firmly and accurately, with authority and easily understood descriptions that you will find in these pages.

Kevin dares to give any golfer a hands down, heads up, head start on the most desired outcome golfers share when it comes to their most deeply experienced desires - that what all of them really want is a way to make good shots - fine shots - beautiful shots - stiff shots - without getting destroyed by some glitch, some fear, some notion, or some kind of bad judgment that will put the ball in a troubled spot.

So he addresses the need for building sound habits, and the mental acuity for the game that together form a balance of symphonic character. That's a welcome change from the predominance of cacophony any golf forum owner or instructor in the game regularly hears and sees from the majority of enthusiastically dedicated golfers - and it's not limited to amateurs, either.

Having known Kevin for only about 6 years, that's been enough to see that he embraces, in the pages that follow, what he sees, comprehends, believes and can validate. We first met on the internet, but then he came down from Ohio to Tennessee to get a first hand, up close and personal, look at my extensively researched approach to the mental game. It was a short trip for him to see ways he could really improve his game through his belief in Paul Bertholy's approach to the physical game coupled with how my clearkeygolf process fully accommodate the creation and management of an integrated game.

It was not long for Kevin, before the person that lives inside everyman, captured his full, individual attention and impounded his energy and passion into journaling what he found. That became the book you are looking at right now.

Personally, I am pleased that he found it essential to include what I had discovered and confirmed over the past 30 years to accompany what he has gained from Bertholy, but more pleased that he immediately understood the importance of integrating both body and mind into his presentation of "building a game you will never forget." That is literal, not figurative. Should you commit to the course he has described, forgetting is not an option.

So read his book, study it, and learn from its content. It will give you a memorable trip, one that you can finish. There are far too many players out there trying to arrive without taking the trip. If you ever wanted to be an undisturbed, confident, consistent shot-maker and player, this finely tuned book has some finishing touches to help you realize your goals.

Carey G. Mumford
CEO, Clearkeygolf
Director of Game Enhancement, for Bird Golf Academy

******************** End Forward ************************

So there you have it. If you would like more information, I have a package I can send you which includes my first newsletter, an FAQ, and ordering information. I will try to answer as many questions as possible here. Most questions will be answered by the package though. If Peter wants to lock the thread, well, we know he isn't shy about doing that! I will NOT in this thread, engage in any debate about the book, it's teachings or concepts. I've basically done that already in this forum - and that is one of the reasons I wrote the book!

Email me at if you would like a package or want to correspond privately concerning this.

All the best,

Kevin McMullen

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