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My apologies. You are right.

January 15 2010 at 2:32 PM

mcirishman57  (Login mcirishman57)
SAGF Members 2001

Response to Your Information is Incorrect

I thought you had mentioned years ago that you took the PAT after going to IMA and Bertholy schools and that it lead to your obtaining a position as a head pro. My bad. Please accept my apologies for mis-stating your credentials, or in this case lack thereof.

I guess I am just a little "ouchy" and defensive. happy.gif And while you didn't come out and say anything directly negative, I felt (and still do) that you were going on a "fishing expedition" in the OP by wondering out loud if I'm "teflon" and why nobody has anything ( negative? ) to "say about it". I found it curious because others HAD already said something about the book. I guess I just felt like you were saying, without saying it - "C'mon guys, surely SOMEONE has something bad to say, it can't be the perfect?" Then, 100% of the people who responded to your wonderings were positive - except of course those who don't have a copy of the book!

Then further down in another thread to the same OP you ask if you thought I took Bertholy, Clearkey, and Hazeldine and put it into my own words. I'm like WTF? It's almost like you thought..."damn my first try didn't work, let's wet the line again and give it another go". So I replied to that, and you mis-stated what I said by asking me if I really felt the exercises were original - when it is clear as day both in the book and outside the book that I have never stated fact I state the opposite - as I showed you in my reply.

It just seemed like you were "going somewhere" ( agenda ) with your questions, the way they were worded, and the timing and everything. And so of course, I felt a need to set the record straight to specific questions, and what I (wrongly?) perceived as an agenda on your end. Again my apologies, perhaps I was the only one that perceived the OP and your other posts/questions in this fashion.

As far as questioning what I teach and being able to question me etc. You know full well that people have for years questioned lots of what I teach, particularly as it regards building the swing, habits, and the efficacy of Clearkey - and that I am not shy about defending my position! So fire away I have no problems with that.

What I find particularly pleasing is that some now have moved beyond questioning the things I have been saying FOR YEARS, and have decided to forge ahead and see for themselves. And if folks read carefully, they will realize The Blueprint really is just a very condensed version of everything I have been doing, applying, and writing about here and privately for years. The reader gets the benefit of not having to search through their emails and forum posts to get my take on how to build a swing they'll never forget.

So again my apologies for the PGA comment, and for my "mamma bear" syndrome. The Blueprint is my baby cub you know! happy.gif Near and dear to my heart.

All the best,


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