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They are pros and you aren't

March 9 2010 at 11:09 AM
Peter  (Login sagf_moderator)

Response to Drawing conclusions

So why would S&T teach what they do when it is clear tour pros (not only the ones they teach but all) don't do it?

The vast majority of ams that I've examined on video do not get their hands ahead of the ball at impact. There are 3 basic causes for the:

1) Allowing the angle between the lead arm and the club to release too soon

2) Not getting the hands far enough forward before impact

3) Not getting the lead shoulder far enough towards the target before impact

A common band aid that ams use to address this and stop the fat shots (though thin can also be a result) is to move the ball further back in their stance. The composite pro developed by Dr. Mann has a 5-iron ball position off the lead breast and you need take a divot from that ball position as well as positions further forward.

As participants here who have followed the Bertholy threads know, fixing #1 requires long term commitment. Not something that will likley give a quick hit of improved performance to generate buzz to sell more videos and stop returns in a 30-60 day evaluation window.

#2 is most often a positure/body movement issue that does not allow the trail elbow to get far enough forward while bent. Bertholy and IMA both address this by providing a specific goal point for trail elbow position.

#3 is most often a result of not getting the weight forward onto the lead foot.

By keeping your weight on your lead foot throughout the swing or tilting towards the target on the backswing you eliminate a lateral move of the lead shoulder away from the target and so eliminate the need for the lateral move to get it back over/past the ball. S&T as packaged would provide this and make for crisper ball striking for most ams in a relatively short period of time (or as Bennett might say - helps you to hit the ground where you want which is a fundamental). BGG addresses this differently by saying you should keep your weight on your lead foot (but without the tilt). Similarly IMA has in all of the 'Impact Backwards' drills direction to keep your weight on your lead foot but again without a tilt of the torso towards the target. The BGG system and IMA drills will, however, result in an address position that is not 'normal' for conventional golf.

This should make it clear why tour pros don't do it - they can get their hands ahead at impact because they don't have problems with #1, 2 or 3 so they don't need an extreme top of swing position to accomplish this. Also reducing/eliminating the shift of weight (which is then arrested prior to impact) reduces the amount of energy available to increase clubhead speed (given a correctly sequenced swing). While this might not be an issue on wedge and some iron shots it would be whenever you wanted maximum distance/distance with minimal effort (to increase accuracy).

So there is good reason you might want to teach ams S&T and there are benefits they could receive. But the 'tilt on the backswing' as explained by Bennett in his YouTube video is demontrably not performed by any tour pro when they are playing in competition. The closest I've seen is a torso that did not move away or towards the target and that on iron shots where maximum distance was not required.


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