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October 6 2010 at 9:19 AM
Peter  (Premier Login sagf_moderator)
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Response to Fairway bunker help

I've posted before that sand is excellent to provide feedback on your impact position. When the club is even with or ahead of your hands at impact bunker shots tend to be either fat (ball doesn't go) or thin (ball goes like it would from the fairway). You were likely in the second category before. When your hands are ahead of the ball at impact you just need to control where your 'divot' will be: Under the ball and you have a normal, green side bunker shot, In front of the ball and you have a fairway bunker shot. If your fairway bunker shots are flubs now it's undoubtedly because you have the bottom of the club arc too far back. Your perceived bottom of arc when your impact position was poorer will be too far back now that it's better.


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